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These students scaled their stores and achieved huge success in a short period of time. These results aren't average, but we are seeing a lot of massive wins like this from our students!

Adam took his fresh new men’s body wash company and converted it into a seven-figure business in only seven months.

“It’s just an amazing course — everything in it that they teach you, the blueprints they give, the hacks they give... Whether it's finding the right store to work with, how to validate your products idea, or how to post social media ads.

They really can take you from A to Z. ”

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Adam Hendle

Adam Hendle - Ballwash

Yen Japney

Yen Japney - Billionaire Beauties

Yen was able to 10x in her already successful store's growth by tapping in only six months after enrolling on the program.

"You're able to meet all these people who are doing the same thing as you, and a lot of people have certain challenges that they already overcome so you get the shortcut to that as well. That, to me, is so valuable."

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A big win for us was crossing a half a million in sales just a few months after starting the store...

“It was on a regular day where I was checking my phone while walking out of school and it made me realize how powerful having a real brand is.”

- Justin (Brandon’s business partner)

There's a lot of great nuggets that you can take away from Start & Scale.

It's a completely different outlook on how to start a business and scale it quickly and effectively.

There's really nothing else out there like it.

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Brandon & Justin - The Run-Away Success

Shamanth Pereira

Shamanth Pereira - Invisibelly

A first-time entrepreneur found her product idea and launched on Kickstarter, raising over $60,000 and guaranteeing the funding of her project.

"Since finding the course, I just had this amazing step-by-step framework that I could just follow and implement easily.

There was a lot of actionable items afterward that I could just listen briefly and then take action. And also, the step-by-step process where you start off with finding an idea, then you go on to validating it, thinking about branding, and how to go about it."

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These students had started a store already, but weren't happy with their results. After taking Start & Scale, they took their businesses to the next level!

Pinar Parry

Pinar Parry - Delta and Co.

Disappointed from her previous store launch, Pinar was able to 16x her revenue in a few short months after enrolling in Start & Scale.

"After doing the course and Gretta's instructions on how to use influencer marketing, how to brand your product, how to use Facebook ads for retargeting, it all came together, and we had a dramatic, dramatic increase in sales over the last two months."

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From $2,000 a Month to $60,000 a Month

“Your course content is responsible for growing our business 30x -- from $2,000 a Month to $60,000 a Month.

This happened in under four Months...

We were growing like crazy, we sold out and we're on back order the last month, so we've been growing really fast as a result, we've been doubling some months, I mean growing by 50 percent, it's been crazy.”

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Video 1

Gamal Codner - Fresh Heritage

Lindsay Mccormick

Lindsay McCormick - Bite Toothpaste Bits

A full-time TV producer found the way to save time and lower her stress after enrolling in Start & Scale.

"It was kind of like I was making things up as I went along and I knew to have a sustainable business, I needed to know the steps and have a system in place to actually stay in business.

I feel like I have a system and a structure that I can just repeat this over and over again."

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Two seasoned entrepreneurs managed to untap the power of their online store and generate over $20,000 in two months.

"We cannot believe that this thing really worked. 'Cause, you know, we've tried different things, and they've never worked.

The course is just incredible. Our key was that we followed everything that was taught in the course. We never tried to reinvent the wheel."

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Video 1

Monique and Chevalo Wilsondebriano - Charleston Burgers


These students took the leap to start their online store (often as a side-hustle whilst working full-time jobs). From "finally getting started", to making $30,000 a month, there has never been a better time to "just get started"

A side-hustler with two full-time jobs launched a profitable ecommerce store with the help of Start & Scale. Within 6 months, he’s generating up to A$1,477.08 worth of sales per day.

"I've started a business a few months ago. I have never started a business before, never studied it, never had any experience in the field, and have been implementing everything that Greta and the team have been teaching and then slowly, slowly growing it to the point where I'm getting consistent sales."

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Video 1

Lucas Spinella - Candidi

Video 2

Shannon Willoughby - NZ Aromatherapy

“I've just hit $30,000 worth of sales!

I'm averaging $700 to $800 a day and I'm hoping by the end of next week to be averaging $1,000!

...when I saw that they were doing a course in conjunction with Gretta van Riel I decided to jump onboard.

Gretta is obviously hugely inspirational to anyone, whether you want to start an ecommerce site or whether you have your own site that you're wanting to scale. She's been hugely successful, so someone that everyone can learn from.

“I started following the course and as it progressed I launched my website and started implementing the different things that Gretta suggested.”

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“I started the store on July 8th. I tested for the next couple of weeks, and we did $1000 for July with no advertising!"

Piers came up with the idea to make Rosé Gummy Bears, but had no idea how to harness the online market, so enrolled in the Start & Scale Course.

Piers followed the course, tested his new product with family & friends and knew that he would have great results from the excitement that was stirring.

Piers and his wife were ecstatic when the sales quickly started rolling in!

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Video 1

Piers Warren

Video 2

Tia Lloyd - Thread Trip

July 1st this entire brand didn’t exist. That’s 10 weeks ago. Yesterday I sold $240 in product!

To “real" people, not just friends and family. That’s huge for me. I’m not trying to be all dramatic, but that's life-changing. What has happened in ten weeks is something that I hadn’t managed to do in over a year trying to launch another (different) product.

Don’t waste too much time comparing yourself to others or get discouraged by the competition. Especially don't give up on launching something because someone is already doing it.

Just because a product is already out there doesn’t mean the world doesn’t need your version of it!

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