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Meet the crew

Nathan Chan


Angela Aguinaldo

Customer Success Manager

Jesse Song

Email Marketing & Automation Lead

Karan Jain

Magazine Creative Director

Rakesh Lawaju

Senior Developer

Laura Newcomer

Publication Manager

Balazs Felinger

Video & Audio Editor

Charles Richardson

Brand & Content Manager

Mario Agudelo

Video Editor

Angelica Trias

Web Developer

Olha Larina

Graphic Designer

Patrik Estevez

Customer Success Team Supervisor

Nicholas Ho

Head of Operations

Pearl Angelie Mae Rubion

Customer Success Team Member

Marianne Librea

Media Buyer

Charmaine Sabitsana

Media Buyer

Scott Gillies

Video Content Producer

Lee Cohen

Senior Course Producer

Charles Stanly

Senior Product Marketer

Luke Ferris

Contributing Editor

Conan Pobar

Customer Success Team Member

Keith Dizon

P&C Coordinator

Matt Beard

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Performance Officer

Eman Dizon

Customer Success Team Member

Michelle Patino

Digital Graphic Designer

Ellie Calingal

Customer Success Team Member

Karina Lorenzana

Customer Success Team Member

Prince Gamuza

Customer Success Team Member

Dianne Bermudez

Customer Success Team Member

Sherwin Cuevas

Financial Analyst

Arvin Chester Cruz

Email Marketing Automation Officer

Leah Finch

Digital Community Manager

Penny Evangelou

Talent Relations Lead

Christian Tolentino

Social Media Assistant

Luiza Pougy

Head of Marketing

Maggie Scodella

Client Success Specialist

Ian Mark Porras

Client Success

Angus Massie

Social Media Manager & Content Producer

These are the innovative creators that bring you Foundr. They’re obsessed with substance, not just style. Creating content that’s less about a set of rules, and more like a guide. Building a brand that acts as a platform instead of a uniform.

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The Spark
That Ignited

From idea and bootstrapped startup, to becoming a leading entrepreneurial resource serving millions

Sadly the educational market for entrepreneurs had become oversaturated with “guru’s” and people who value squeezing a buck out of you more than they do truly helping you build something that matters.

Fortunately the entrepreneurial kingpin Richard Branson, agreed and his interview kicked Foundr off with a running start. That was 2013.

Today Foundr remains completely bootstrapped. In true startup fashion we’re moving faster than ever and continue to work solely with those who are actual practitioners, real founders. We’re hiring, innovating, taking action, failing, succeeding, and turning around and transparently sharing everything we learn with our incredible community. If you win, we win.