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A couple of weeks ago, we posted this prompt on Instagram: “The most important lesson I have learned as an entrepreneur is…” the response was amazing! The Foundr Magazine community is so full of wisdom that just reading through all of the thoughtful and inspirational posts qualifies as an MBA from the University of Foundr Magazine Followers!


We received over 250 comments that resulted in 135 lessons from those that are living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. These responses are so amazing because they come from real entrepreneurs working everyday to achieve their dreams.

As we read through the posts we found three common themes: Personal Growth, Perseverance and Passion.

So here it is: the top 100 lessons the Foundr Magazine followers have learned as entrepreneurs! Please sit back and enjoy the read of the best collection entrepreneurial lessons you will find on the web.


Personal Growth – 38%

Posts that centered on Personal Growth took the lead. As entrepreneurs it is easy to forget to work on ourselves because we are always working on the business. These awesome tweets remind us that in many ways and especially early on, we are the business so personal growth equates to business growth!

  1. @foundrmagazineI learned successful methods in the past don’t always prove as such over time. You must constantly change and adapt to whatever industry you are in or fall by the wayside. brandonleebeats
  2. take 100% responsibility for everything. It’s the only way to be able to change your situation, results > excuses _justin
  3. Is not to trust other people more than trusting myself. vjsarita
  4. Network = NetWorth shawnsuperior
  5. Constantly research and learn as the market moves today. josuejimenez51
  6. Never stop learning danth3man16
  7. Love yourself enough to never feel satisfied ibeenart
  8. When someone asks you to do something you’ve never done before, roll the dice and do it t_cole_93
  9. Educating yourself is key. _joshbarnes_
  10. When it comes to planning….create a timeline for what u DO know then add 10% for what u don’t know + another 10% for what u didn’t know that u didn’t know. remymeraz
  11. Excel in every field, it may be marketing, technical, finance etc… Just like a king  _rahulgala_
  12. Research, research, research & if your Passionate about it, never give up until you have tried every possible route. edtroxellcreative
  13. Always make sure you learn from your mess ups. andrecampbell –
  14. Only take advice from those you’re willing to trade places with joncarlo.95
  15. Keep getting out to meet people – network building is crucial tech2brand
  16. Master communication skills. smg_miamiPersonal-Growth-and-Development
  17. Personal development lexyanneinspire
  18. Stay humble peraltanet
  19. Never stop learning 1chocolate_drop77
  20. Growth solves everything. beth_corey
  21. Only be taught a lesson ONCE smokinginsavasana
  22. Finding a team that shares and believes in your brand fitterinaballerina
  23. You have to be willing to invest in yourself. multitalented1
  24. give to get. azizhus
  25. Engage others in your journey (bc it can be lonely being an entrepreneur). You’d be surprised how many people want to help you succeed. For the ones who do not, pay attention to them as well. The key is not to take it personally, but seriously. Because of their criticism, you will become stronger and better equip for challenges. ella261
  26. Every day is different… You gotta be ready for anything. hamptel
  27. Evolve lovecarolineo
  28. You can do it all but then whats the fun in that. Learn how others can help you and delegate to them where you know they will be successful. When they do good, reward your team for there hard work, just like you would like to be rewarded. After all they are helping you achieve your dream. daniel_naomi
  29. Wisdom comes with recognition of limitations blank_slate_
  30. Take action alfred_6_
  31. Delegate- It’s ok to ask for help, you don’t have to do it all yourself stace_rs
  32. Keep going but don’t be afraid to use a different route. blackmilkphotography
  33. Never think your beneath or underestimate a particular type of work. Any business is good business, and one day when it’s grown up, you can sit back and bank the clockwork all because you started on your knees and worked up to the sky. Also never compare yourself to others or think less of anyone based on ‘status’, every soul deserves respect. Everyone has a story, untapped potential, and Passion. Harrishanif
  34. Keep challenging yourself, keep pushing yourself, and to always keep God first. msdavis20099
  35. Not comparing yourself to others   @taytran81 bngo1
  36. To never stop believing in yourself and if you want something done you got to do it yourself…never rely on others for your success.@bngo1@mytime2shinefitness taytran81
  37. @mymayraMany things By your side as My mentor  evelynsheput
  38. You have to go deaf, so that you can hear your inner voice and follow your heart. rohitpaniker

Perseverance – 32%

I recently wrote a blog post on facing your fear of failure and using it as a catalyst for growth. This idea is so crucial because it allows you to really embrace the challenges and learn from your mistakes.

  1. Don’t get comfortable in your default cycle, always push your comfort zone limits it’s the only way for progress jpg_1016
  2. There will be times you will get knocked down every day. Failure seems inevitable. It’s not- keep pushing through. elisahw
  3. Keep swinging iwrotethehustle
  4. Temporary defeat doesn’t mean it’s over. dream.chaser96
  5. Trust that things will be ok and keep moving. careerrethinker
  6. Always fail forward. muaaz_d
  7. Success is not given it is achieved, every time you face an obstacle remember that it is an opportunity for you to sharpen your skills and become a better version of yourself. So when you are faced with failure and you must step out into the unknown do so with confidence and a smile on your face. @foundrmagazine luxurybeastssteve-jobs-perseverance-quotes-e1367773016594
  8. Being fearless ans follow my vision. shapeelaek
  9. Take the late night phone calls, don’t be afraid to work anytime, anyplace. ryan_lee_designs
  10. Perspective maieuticllc
  11. Never ever quit! bigbatch1
  12. Persistence & Re-evaluation 777ps
  13. Persistence onmargin
  14. Don’t be afraid to fail drizz_elliott
  15. To enjoy your struggles, and failures. exceedingthelimits
  16. Never give up and believe in your dream!!!! jgoethals7
  17. #persistence jamaalisaacjones
  18. Persistence errobusto
  19. Faith ncncjw
  20. Stay persistent niickhughes
  21. Resilience and Growth mindset is what defines an entrepreneur miguelkalifa
  22. Failure is the key to success rass_king
  23. Fail fast and often rebuckian
  24. Take leaps. There’s a 100% chance you will fail if you can’t work up the courage to fucking try. No one ever got anywhere with a small mentality. al.rakun
  25. Failure is the first step in success! tiempinho
  26. Patience n Faith nikhildhar06
  27. Never quit amosb72
  28. There is ALWAYS another move. starbaby7827
  29. Love what you do, be persistent and consistent maxtheshelterdog
  30. Be persistent. Keep grinding, whatever it is. Just keep doing it without stopping and one day you’ll reach the top. My mentors have taught me this and they have come a long way! johnpid – 11 days ago
  31. Failure is only failure if you stop. If you keep going it’s just one more valuable lesson. shockwave_gosh
  32. Half of something is better than all of nothing. bgleason1

Passion – 30%

If you aren’t passionate about your business and about creating your ideal work situation it will be very difficult to put in all of the hard work that a successful business requires. Harnessing that powerful belief in yourself and in your business creates an environment of positivity in which opportunities are all around.

  1. PLAN for success, PREPARE for difficulties, PROCEED with Passion, PROGRESS rapidly, PROSPER in abundance! Samuel Dalton. M.S fitnowfitlater
  2. Nothing happens by itself. Someone is responsible. Make that someone you. @foundrmagazine martin.s.andersen
  3. Trust yourself and know what you want whatsinthecuprae
  4. You fail 100% if you don’t try! @foundrmagazine laabee26
  5. Self belief dieworiyo
  6. The day you lose the value of 1$ you will fail. Never forget where, and how you started. mattelya
  7. @foundrmagazine is faith! brentabdulla
  8. Believe in my ideas. myrealestatechick
  9. Treat people well and they will return the favor! Playing it safe is the most excellent route to mediocrity. timothyomoniyi
  10. Make decisions based on what’s best for your company not what others want carolyn_golden
  11. Perception is reality backonthistrain
  12. Dream Every Night harrisongerhardy
  13. You are how you think. Want to be a billionaire? Stop thinking like a looser joseandresquint1
  14. Remain consistent and persistent. Don’t tell people your dreams, show them. dabrowneyedbandit
  15. Confidence simrankbindra
  16. The reason why most people fail is because they focus on where they’re at instead of where they’re GOING (their vision)…where there is no vision, the people will perish. jcrystal212
  17. Business is an investment.. Treat it like one nevilleayodo
  18. ‘Nobody cares. Work harder.’ That’s been my lesson 🙂 sheilanmakena
  19. Never stop believing in yourself 🙂 theryanluong
  20. @foundrmagazine: Don’t wait until your idea is perfect to get in action. Apply your initial idea and improve along the way. joppegeluykenspassion-quotes-pictures-8-e79045f8
  21. Have dreams.. lovelife1499
  22. Start TODAY jaime.acostap
  23. Trust myself dysonstyles
  24. Never lose your enthusiasm on this exciting journey soloentrepreneur
  25. Comfort Kills Growth. richie_romero89 – @foundrmagazine richie_romero89
  26. Don’t hesitate to act forward santanainsagency
  27. “You will make it to where you need to be at the right time” yumadofficial
  28. Always bring value to the market iamnac –
  29. To believe in my dream and vision that is much larger than my current reality. maximumvitality –
  30. Listen to the voice inside of you. It is your conscience telling you to keep going @foundrmagazine ongiselleave

There you have it, 100 epic lessons on entrepreneurship from people who are grabbing on to their dream and making it a reality. Implement some of these today and share your own lessons in the comments below!

  • http://www.newstability.com/ Alyce J

    Hi Nathan, Thank so much for sharing what a great list. My favourite is no 71. Plan for success, Prepare for difficulties, Proceed with Passion, Progress rapidly and prosper in abundance.

    I would also include:
    Know your Numbers; and
    Prioritise income producing tasks especially when you are getting started and building your cashflow.

    Thanks again for sharing. Alyce

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      Hello Alyce, great to hear you enjoyed this one! It was amazing the amount of epic responses we got! Knowing your numbers is a great one also!



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