What You Can Learn From ‘Thrive’ By Arianna Huffington

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We live in a world where ‘success’ is governed by money and power. Arianna Huffington has both, being named by Forbes as one of the worlds most powerful women, and selling The Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million. You would think to get to that you must have it all right?


It came to a point where she was burnt out, overworked, and not enjoying her life. One day she woke up in a pool of blood. She realized something had to change, so she re-assessed everything in her life and made a switch. That switch she told me is why The Huffington Post is so successful today. This switch is what she calls the ‘Third Metric to Success’.

To find out the practices and strategies she took, to turn her life around and live a life of wisdom, wonder, giving and well being we have created this super cool infographic from reading her book ‘Thrive’. We have extracted the leverage points to help you live a more rich and fulfilled life.

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To access the full interview with Arianna Huffington be sure to download Issue 17 of Foundr magazine here


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