The Importance of Meditation for Entrepreneurs – Q&A with Deepak Chopra

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Amid the noise of our modern day lives, most of us tend to accept the validity of our internal thoughts and beliefs, recognizing their presence as a normal part of life.

From the daily internal commentary about obligations and relationships, at times encouraging or cajoling us into action, to our grand dreams and aspirations, silent worries or the harsh voice of our internal critic, to the loud, personal motivator compelling us to move forward. For many of us, the internal monologue is ever present.

Given the prominent role thought patterns play, you would assume we all take time out to reevaluate the true nature and origin of such thoughts. Or to regularly stop and question whether the thoughts we’re feeding ourselves are useful. That’s not always the case. We are busy, productive creatures, constantly moving from one thing to the next, more often than not accepting that what we think or feel on the surface is a reflection of our true selves.

When was the last time you stopped, and really listened? Not to those surface rumblings but deeper down, to the core of your being?

The practice of stillness in meditation is about creating space to reconnect with that true self — the one without ego, fear or limiting beliefs. And the beautiful thing is, it’s open to us all.

Through their 21-day program, Manifesting True Success, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra are inviting you to discover meditation and mindfulness for yourself. Through regular practice and self-inquiry, they believe they can arm you with the tools to overcome negative belief patterns and lay the foundations for an authentic, happier, and more successful life.

To give you a clearer idea of what is involved, and what you can expect to gain, we asked Chopra a few questions about the program and the importance of meditation in his own life. Here’s what he had to say.

Foundr: What are some of the common mental patterns that can hinder the pathway to success?

Chopra: Success may be hindered by thought patterns of fear of failure, or a sense of guilt that ”I don’t deserve success.” Or sometimes there is a belief that it is safer to not be powerful and successful to avoid responsibility and its consequences. That is usually tied to the fear of making a mistake or doing the wrong thing, so it is better to not take action or be successful. All these thought patterns are based on a false sense of self. As meditation instills the true self, the false self and its obstructive mental patterns will fade away.

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Foundr: As a public figure, what role has mindfulness and meditation played in your own life?

[blockquote text=”Chopra: Meditation has played a central role in my life, probably even a defining role. Learning meditation in the mid-80’s I connected to my inner self, and that shift from an outward orientation to an inner awareness, transformed my personal wellbeing, the way I valued relationships. It changed my career interests, and became the source of my inspiration and my spiritual aspirations.” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#ff0042″]

Foundr: Is mindfulness meditation more effective as a daily, or at least regular, practice? Why?

Chopra: Mindfulness meditation is a highly effective practice, but I wouldn’t single it out as necessarily more effective than other good meditation practices. What matters is finding a practice that helps you and that you will practice on a consistent basis.

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Foundr: What can people expect to gain by participating in Manifesting True Success?

Chopra: This meditation experience will give participants a deeper experience of their core being and that experience, along with the understanding of how to discover their personal, worthwhile life goals, will provide them the tools to create a successful life on their terms.

Foundr: In what other areas of their life will participants possibly see benefits?

[blockquote text=”Chopra: As participants refine their worthy goals, they will discover that developing certain aspects of their life are vital to who they want to be, to their individual version of success. It may be their creative, artistic side. It might be about becoming a more loving spouse, or taking better care of their health. Whatever areas they determine are key features of their successful life, they will begin to see benefits emerge as conscious awareness is directed to those areas.” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#ff0042″]

To access the full 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak for FREE click here!

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  • Sierra Enticknap

    I love this article! I’ve been interested practicing meditation for years but, never knew where to start or how to apply it to my life. As an entreprenuer, self-care tends to drop to the bottom of my list but, after reading this I’ll surely be putting my daily practice a higher priority!

    • Nathan Chan

      Glad you enjoyed it Sierra! Agreed it’s hard to know where to start but there are some amazing guided meditation tools out there right now! No better time to start 🙂


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