From 0 to 20,000 Twitter Followers – A Guide on How to Get More Twitter Followers

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How to Get More Twitter Followers

Gaining a rock star worthy Twitter following has its advantages. In addition to building relationships and creating brand awareness, a robust and engaged group of followers gives your brand the weight of authority. The more followers you have the more you will get.

To be clear, the Foundr website has very low traffic; so, over the last two months I have focused on tactics that will increase the site’s traffic and as a result, drive new business and increase brand awareness. This focus led me to Twitter, for its power to drive site traffic. But first, I needed a healthy following…and my Twitter hack was born.

Using the precise method outlined in this post we were able to increase our Twitter followers from 2,000 to 21,000 in 12 weeks; the tremendous increase in followers is bleeding over into other parts of our online presence. Most notably is site traffic, instead of 2,000 hits a month we are closing in on 10,000 unique hits every month. Our opt-in rates are also up; the value of a comprehensive online presence can’t be overstressed.

The trick with Twitter is to break through the initial stage and gain some momentum. After that, you will continue to gain followers as long as you remain active. But, how can you quickly increase your Twitter presence and gain a huge following without spending your days chained to your Twitter account?

What follows is a step-by-step look at what we have been doing at Foundr; and the results have been awesome! We have seen an 800% increase in site traffic and I expect that number to keep growing.


So here we go:

First, I opened an account with justunfollow. For ten bucks a month this amazing service has completely streamlined the entire follow/unfollow Twitter process. It allows me to quickly see who has unfollowed @FoundrMag so that I can do the same; but what is really great is that it compiles lists of the followers of other Twitter accounts.


How are we using this list? Well, we know that the Entrepreneur on Fire audience would love Foundr. Using justunfollow we can easily see who is following Entrepreneur on Fire and begin following those people. The great thing about Twitter is that once you start following someone, there is a very high likelihood that they will follow you back.


With a little research you can create a deep pool of potential Twitter followers based on the followers of other profiles. Right now, we are maxing out the number of people we can begin following for three days and then taking one day to max out our unfollows.

The next step was to automate our Twitter feed so that all of the followers we are gaining remain active.  This is accomplished with our Buffer account. Buffer allows us to queue up multiple posts and then schedule their release so that our feed remains active and engaging without requiring us to manually post each Tweet. I must stress the obvious also. Make sure you post content that is relevant and what your audience want to engage with. Probably goes without saying but just thought I would make this clear 😉


Ideally, most of your Tweets will invite your followers to click on a link that takes them to your site. Sprinkled in with the CTA there should be some quotes or images that will resonate with your audience and get those conversational Tweets flowing.

 1              2

This is where we get back to the crux of driving views, followers and friends…if you aren’t providing relevant, valuable content you will lose each one of them faster than you can click. There is just too much great stuff out there for people to waste their time being bored by relentless promotions or weak advice.

So use this (slightly spammy, yet highly effective) method to gain Twitter followers and get them to your site; but, once they are there, you absolutely have to WOW them.

The truth is most people use this strategy, or a combination of sorts, yet no one wants to admit it. So there you have it 🙂

Leave a comment if you found this post valuable and let us know if these tactics help you grow your twitter following, traffic, opt-in’s and leads!


  • Coffee Lovers

    Don’t forget the automatic DM you can set up for people who follow you back – great personal CTA point that can be really effective.

    • Nathan Chan

      Ah yes! Great one, will add it now! Thank you 🙂

      • Kellee Morgan

        just make it relevant, I unfollow auto DM’s that are just pitch posts. Auto DM’s to me are spammy and impersonal. but, that is just my opinion. However, I always respond to ones where its difficult to tell if they had messaged me or Auto DM’d.

        • Tom

          Agreed, I try not to automate personal relationships so have opted against an auto DM and will manually DM followers I would like to connect with 🙂

  • Mel

    Hi Nathan! We actually did this and the company we were copying followers from reported us to twitter as spammers. We checked the twitter rules. By using these follow / unfollow tools in mass (max 999) a day is considered spamming. So be careful, we had to learn the hard way.

  • Nathan Stan (@nstanogias)

    Killer advice, Nath. Buffer and Justunfollow look like great ways to grow a Twitter presence. I’m on it.

  • Ford Girl

    This is called purging by twitter. it’s very much dependent on your site and it’s appeal to other people. The kind of results shown here are extremely unusual.


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