Work Less And Achieve More: How To Become a Productivity Machine

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Let’s be real—we all get overwhelmed these days. That’s especially true for entrepreneurs.

In a hyperconnected world, it’s harder than ever to stay focused, and easier than ever to get sidetracked by endless to-dos and emails and notifications and pretty much everything except your business goals.

Before you know it, the day is gone, and it feels like you haven’t accomplished anything. This is something we all struggle with, including the team at Foundr. But we’re convinced that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can overcome the overwhelm, and take your life back, while building a successful business.

If you’re tired of saying, there just aren’t enough hours in the day

If the never-ending deluge of emails is consuming your life and keeping you from getting your actual work done…

If you wish you could free up even a few hours a day to focus on what you really want to do—whether that’s building your side hustle, scaling your business, spending time with your family, or making it home for date night—we’ve developed a new system that could be a game-changer for you.

Introducing: Productivity Machine

Knowing this is such a challenge for so many of us, the Foundr School of Entrepreneurship set out to create our latest course on this crucial skill in the startup world. I’m thrilled to share with you the result, which we feel sets a new standard when it comes to resources on productivity:

Productivity Machine: How to Achieve More by Doing Less.

To sum it up efficiently (in the spirit of the course topic), this is your one-stop productivity shop for being a more effective entrepreneur. It breaks down exactly how to handle email, project management, automation, delegation, and outsourcing, so that in the end, you can win back the lost hours of your life, and spend that time doing what you love.

Who Teaches Productivity Machine?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with an absolute productivity master who has managed to solve all of the aforementioned problems and grow a global outsourcing business overnight—all while overcoming a serious health challenge that people said couldn’t be beat.

When I first met serial entrepreneur Ari Meisel, I was blown away by his story, and how he went from nonstop pain to seamless productivity. A few years back, Ari was running multiple companies at once—an overwhelming situation for any founder—and on top of that, he was in over $3 million of debt from a business deal gone wrong. He was basically working himself to death. Ari’s body shut down in response to the mountain of stress, and the doctors revealed the diagnosis: Crohn’s disease.

Ari’s debilitating illness got so painful at times that he could physically only work for an hour a day. So he started thinking: If you only had one hour to work each day, what would you do with it? A lightbulb turned on, and the “Less Doing, More Living” system was born.

“If you only had one hour to work each day, what would you do with it?”

Less Doing, More Living

By implementing this productivity system, Ari was able to save at least 5-10 hours per week, spend more time with his family, and ultimately, reprogram his entire life, resulting in full remission of his Crohn’s disease (an incurable illness). The crazy part: He was making more money, in less time, while getting healthier and stronger than ever before.

While sitting down with Ari a few weeks ago, he was kind enough to let us turn the cameras on so that we could share his tried-and-true productivity system exclusively with you, the Foundr community. Voila: the latest video course in Foundr’s online catalog, Productivity Machine.

What Do I Get From This Productivity Course?

Our goal in sharing this productivity course is to help you win back those lost hours and achieve your goals—from developing your startup idea, to growing your business, or even finding that elusive work-life balance so you can actually make it to the gym now and then.

Taught by Ari Meisel, the author, serial entrepreneur, and global productivity coach who dug himself out of debt and started an outsourcing business overnight, this two-hour video series breaks down productivity like I’ve never seen before.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • A foolproof system for managing email, so you can get to inbox zero and gain countless hours of your life back each day;
  • Tried-and-true techniques for keeping focus and avoiding distractions, so you can not only get more done, but get the right things done, more effectively, to grow your business;
  • How to master project management to ensure you’re always moving tasks forward and not creating a bottleneck;
  • How to hack productivity with automations so you never have to do any of those annoying, repetitive tasks again, and you can focus on your true passion that got you into this business in the first place (Ari even shows how to set up an automated PR machine to get press for your business while you sleep!);
  • The art of delegating and outsourcing everything that you shouldn’t be doing yourself. Ari will show you how to finally master the use of Virtual Assistants and other outsourced workers so that you can leverage your time and their skills to scale your business.

This may sound like a lot of information, and that’s because it is. I’ve honestly never learned so much about productivity in one single sitting. Ari truly is the master—that’s why we call him the Productivity Machine.

What This Course is NOT

This is NOT just another listicle of random productivity tips and lifehacks. Nor is it a video series about “the morning routines of successful CEOs.” In fact, as the father of four children all under the age of five, Ari admits to not having a morning routine at all (the kids tend to keep him on his toes!).

This course is also NOT just about the best apps, digital tools, and browser plugins to eliminate distractions. Sure, Ari is a huge fan of technology and automations, and the course certainly covers these topics, including several step-by-step technical walkthroughs. But these tactics alone can be like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg.

Rather, Productivity Machine is a comprehensive framework that will get you thinking deeply about the “why” behind productivity, and then teach you how to actually become a more effective founder by optimizing, automating, and outsourcing everything in your business.

Become a Productivity Machine

If you want to reclaim hours of time and become a more effective founder and ultimately reprogram your entire life, then you’re going to want Productivity Machine.

Don’t wait any longer!

Yes! I want to learn more about the Productivity Machine course

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, or contact us directly at [email protected].

  • Phil Serino

    Super inspiring, thanks Zack!

    • Zack Kinslow

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Phil! Hope you enjoy the Productivity Machine course.


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