Tony Robbins Reveals How To Ditch Financial Worry And Become Financially Free

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Tony Robbins advises billion-dollar CEOs, celebrities, even heads of state, but today, he’s going to show you how to become a master of money.

The New York Times-bestselling author has once again topped the charts with his latest book Unshakeable, and to date, the world-renowned speaker has inspired tens of millions of people all over the globe. Successful people from Bill Clinton to Oprah have sung his praises, and he’s had sit downs with the likes of Nelson Mandela.

What you might not know, however, is that before it all, Tony was a penniless kid growing up in Azusa, California. After leaving home at 17, Robbins decided to skip college so he could start working, which at first meant sweeping the floors as a janitor. But he constantly strove to continue learning and feed his voracious curiosity.

Every millionaire finds their start somewhere, and for Robbins it was in the pages of endless books that he found himself glued to. He was determined to be a millionaire, and he wasn’t going to let a lack of formal education be a barrier, eventually working his way to the top.

Today, he’s the one writing the books, sharing all the wisdom he’s collected over all those years. And his latest topic of obsession is finance—how to master money and become truly free from worries about wealth.

Robbins has decades of experience in business and investing himself, but in recent years, he’s been questioning the world’s greatest financial minds to get to the bottom of that question. Many of the answers are in his new book, but fortunately for Foundr fans, Tony Robbins joins us today to share some of his most important lessons.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The secret to living well, no matter how much money you have
  • How to spot a million-dollar opportunity
  • The simple strategy that has led Robbins, and millions of his followers, to financial freedom
  • Financial advice specifically targeted at startup founders
  • Hidden principles of finance Robbins has discovered in his research
  • & much more!

BONUS! See the video of the interview I recorded with Tony Robbins.

  • Hi Nathan,

    Fabulous interview! Tony is a hero of mine. I model much of what I do on his morning routine, and his energy maintenance. Even down to the cryotherapy bit. Although I do the bush league Cryo LOL, jumping into an icy cold shower every morning.

    Immense joy is found in giving. Look at this comment. As I am watching the video, I can get massive value from you and Tony talking about emotional wealth, and enjoy that ride, but I really get off on giving through my comments. Feels amazing. And the bonus? I get crazy exposure, expanding my online reach, and yes spreading the word on the Blogging From Paradise brand.

    Good note being unshakeable in regards to fear. I fear less and less daily. I still fear. I still get afraid but not only do I fear less, I feel the fear and do it anyway as Tony said AND I also dive more deeply into my strongest, most powerful terrors. Regularly. Which helps me have more fun, impact more folks, write more eBooks and make more money. Win-win for all of us. It is fun for all of us too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Thank Nathan for video


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