107: Mastering PR & Why Ego is Your Worst Enemy with Ryan Holiday

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No one ever “gives” an entrepreneur a job, they make one for themselves.

Entrepreneurs don’t ask for permission, they just do. And no one exemplifies this better than Ryan Holiday, who has made an entire career out of refusing to play by the rules.

As a writer, he started by dropping out of college to apprentice under Robert Greene as a research assistant. He’s since published five bestselling books, and his first book is now being taught in colleges around the world. As a marketer, he got his first job as the director of marketing at American Apparel by starting off as a marketing consultant and catching the eye of the company founder.

Today, he works as a world-renowned media strategist, his list of clients including the likes of Tim Ferriss, Tucker Max, and Linkin Park just to name a few. So how did he manage to achieve so much all before turning 30?

For Holiday it’s mastery of two things: the media and your own self-development.

I found that the more that I go out and learn stuff on my own, the more opportunities I create through me, then the better I am at my job,” he said.

We talk with Ryan about everything from his process to media strategy to his advice on how to always keep learning in order to be successful.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The secret to driving attention to your business with social proof
  • How to pitch journalists and bloggers from major media channels
  • The importance of self-reflection and humility in order to succeed
  • What works and doesn’t work when it comes to successful PR
  • Where to go and what to do when you need a mentor
  • & much more!


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