133: Building a Fertile Future For All Women with Piraye Beim of Celmatix

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The phrase “game-changing” gets bandied about a lot in entrepreneurial circles. And certainly, in this era of landmark technological change, we’ve watched more than a few people and products alter our day-to-day lives.

We’re about to introduce you to a woman who raises that bar to life-changing—paving the way for millions of women to have more personalized, accurate fertility care. Piraye Beim, a leading biotech entrepreneur and molecular biology PhD, is founder, CEO, and chief scientist of Celmatix, a firm that is putting big data to work to develop better reproductive treatment for women.

Since launching in 2009, Celmatix has released two groundbreaking products. The first is Polaris, a cloud-based platform that uses data analysis to optimize the treatment of fertility patients. Its creation was what Beim refers to as a “happy accident” on the way to solving the company’s number one goal—building the first genetic test for reproductive health. Fertilome, the realization of that mission, was released early this year.

Today, Celmatix is well on its way to empowering an entire generation of women to proactively manage their fertility. And Piraye Beim is just getting started.

In this week’s episode:

  • How critical it is to your success to be a part of a shared community
  • What the business of medicine is like
  • The importance of understanding the story of your customers
  • How Piraye settles the debate between growth and profitability
  • How to find the time to be both a parent and a game-changing entrepreneur
  • & much more!

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