FP031: Buying Your Time Back With Outsourcing Guru Chris Ducker

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37,000 feet high in the air. Hurtling forward at hundreds of miles per hour.

This was it. This was the scene. This was where Chris Ducker sat when he wrote his resignation letter – a step that helped his career take off and reach new heights.

“I got my job because I ultimately become unemployable,” he says. His current job: CEO. But as he sat aboard that plane to Hong Kong in 2006, Chris wasn’t the boss – he was being bossed around. He says that the head of the company he worked for was “such a pain-in-the-butt boss, just a micromanaging boss.”

Living in the Philippines, Chris worked for a Florida-based infomercial company. But his work earned the company half a million dollars per month in sales, which was far more than his salary. Throw that fact on top of the fraught feelings he bore towards his boss’s management methods, and Chris was itching for something different.

So he crafted his resignation letter on an airplane flight to Hong Kong. When the plane landed, he sent the email, officially resigning. He didn’t intend to return to the world of work as someone else’s employee, so he entered entrepreneurship.

Having been involved in the Philippine call center market for several years, Chris decided that the niche could support a new company. He launched with seven staff and a lot of courage.

Eight years on, Chris still works as CEO for his Live2Sell group of companies. Composing the group is a call center, a business to help people find virtual staff, and a co-working space. Starting with seven staff, the group now boasts 270 employees.

To get there, Chris worked hard. He poured time and effort into his companies, striving to build them up to where they are today. And he pulled it off.


In this interview you will learn:

Productivity hacks

How to attain virtual freedom

Chris's strategies and tactics on buying your time back as a business owner

How to outsource & train overseas staff

The 3 lists you need to create to attain freedom

& much more!

  • Sabita

    The podcast is awesome. I would love to read his new book as I’m making the leap from being a freelancer to an entrepreneur. With the background of working in an outsourcing division of consulting firm, it’d be really interesting to see how I can apply the advice to my own business. I want this to be a game changer from the very outset. And I’m pretty sure, Chris’ new book will help me learn the ropes to shorten the learning curve. Thanks for doing this podcast Nathan!

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      Super happy to hear you enjoyed this one Sabita! Chris a serious rockstar full of knowledge. I highly recommend his book Virtual Freedom! It’s taught us a lot for our business!


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