FP027: Curing Stress & Anxiety as an Entrepreneur with Charlie Hoehn

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Eight years ago, Charlie Hoehn had no job. He submitted application after application to no avail. Only two companies offered him employment. His choices? “Back-breaking labor and a pyramid scheme,” he says.

Today, Charlie turns down work. He is a speaker, an author, and a marketing strategist. His recently-released book is Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety. At one point, the former unemployed man worked so much that it burned him out – but he triumphed over that, too, and wrote a book about curing stress. The turnaround is dramatic, and Charlie attributes his successful employment to his signature strategy: work for free.

He didn’t figure it out immediately. Charlie graduated in Colorado State University’s Class of 2008 and soon faced a job market mired in recession. Bleak. Job-seeking millennials know it well.

“I was just blasting out my resume to all these companies for jobs that I didn’t really even want …  because that’s what everyone was doing,” Charlie says. “All my friends were doing that and that’s what I was told would work.”

Conventional wisdom wasn’t working. Go to school, submit applications, get a job – Charlie rejects that.

“We get caught into these dead-end careers, and once we start buying a bunch of stuff with the money that we’ve earned, we’ve built ourselves a golden cage … that’s surrounded by nice furniture and all these nice things,” Charlie says. “And then after five or ten years we think, ‘Well, I can never go back, you know, I can’t give all this stuff up.’”


At that point, Charlie says, “you’ve built your own prison.”

He looks back to his days of blasting out job applications and sees a mistake. Life isn’t a sprint, he says: it’s a marathon. There’s no need to rush for a mediocre position that doesn’t interest you. He found this out firsthand – his work-for-free strategy required patience, but it took him from being an unemployed college grad to working for Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He later landed jobs with Tucker Max and Tim Ferriss.

In this interview you will learn:

Tactics and strategies for curing stress and anxiety

Why we work so hard and how to slow down

Ways to connect with highly influential people

What Charlie learnt from working with world re-knowned entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin & Ramit Sethi

How to become a recession proof graduate

& much more!

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