FP008: The Making of a Young Millionaire – The Neil Patel Story on marketing, content , startups and musings of a successful entrepreneur

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Neil Patel is the cofounder of two well-known and highly successful analytics companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He is based in Seattle, Washington and wears many hats including that of an entrepreneur, analytics expert, blogger (www.quicksprout.com) and angel investor.

Neil’s story is interesting with lots of takeaways because of how he attained his success. For example, he started selling $1,600 vacuums at the age of 16. From the outside looking in, this venture was a failure. Of all the doors he knocked on, only one person said yes. However, that person would later return their $1,600 vacuum and ask for a refund. He did learn some key lessons from this venture that would serve him well in the future. Namely, be aggressive, be persistent and never give up.

In this interview you will learn:

Neil's secrets to driving traffic

What good marketing is, and how to do it

Thoughts on content marketing and the future

Start up tactics for growing and scaling

Key entrepreneurship lessons that Neil learnt from losing millions of dollars with his first business

& much more!

  • Ulyses Osuna

    Neil has a massive amount of knowledge on internet marketing. Just picking his brain here and there can help any marketer out. I’ve followed Neil for a while and about a year ago I started getting serious with online marketing. Primarily I want to specialize on personal branding so I made this video for Neil because a video will always bring more engagement to the visitors than plain text will.

  • http://www.pvariel.com Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Nathan,
    What a joy to be here today!
    An informative an inspiring interview!
    Lot of things to pick up from this amazing personality!
    Though I have been to his page several times, I have never heard of that 16 year old lad’s amazing story. Thanks Neil for sharing that. Never quit is the keyword here! Oh my What an incredible and motivating story.Thanks Chan for sharing this.
    May you both have a great time ahead.


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