101: How to Build a Service-Based Business Empire with Brian Scudamore

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Brian Scudamore of O2E brands knew all along that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Relying on that sense of determination, he’s built up a sprawling multimillion-dollar business empire, with franchises all over the world. But it all began with junk.

To be specific, it all started in a McDonalds drive-thru, with Scudamore sitting in his car trying to figure out how he would pay for college. What he saw was an old pick-up truck filled to the brim with junk, and he immediately knew that this would be his ticket to chase his entrepreneurial dream.

“A week later, I had a business hauling away junk, and that was the way into my job and a career path that’s now been 27 years of pure entrepreneurial passion,” he says.

The first business he founded was 1-800-Got-Junk, which has since turned into multiple franchises all around the world and spun off into three more business in the home services niche. Altogether they generate a revenue of $250 million per year!

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing over the past 27 years, with many ups and downs along the way and some valuable lessons learned. We’re very lucky to learn those lessons directly from Brian today through this week’s podcast episode.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to get your first round of customers within your first day of business
  • The secrets to building a successful international franchise
  • What the franchise business model looks like and how you can make it work for you
  • Why you need to always hire for culture and fit rather than skill
  • Traps and pitfalls to look out for when running such a large international conglomerate
  • & much more!
  • Kyle Stone

    This was a great interview. This conversation was confirmation for me in the direction I am heading in with my new business venture. I’ve been reading “The E Myth” for a few weeks now. It not only opened my eyes to everything I was doing wrong, but it also gave me the motivation and direction I needed. It will teach you who the three people are inside you and which one is running your business!

    If you have not read this book yet GET IT! It is a must read for anyone that is struggling with their business and can’t figure out why it’s failing and also why an overwhelming number of startups end up shutting down. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when there are so many examples (Templates) out there like “McDonald’s” for you to use as your wire frame.

    Thanks again Nathan for getting these insights from success stories like Brian Scudamore, and shedding some light into the mystery of building a successful business.

    • Thank you @disqus_DkzCMRo6yL:disqus – So glad you enjoyed this one, it was an amazing interview with Brian!

  • It’s great to see that you and Brian connected! I’m listening to the interview now. Great stuff =)

    • Thank you Tyler! Brian was an amazing guest. True world class founder.


    If all people could be ready to learn, the world could be better. Teach them anyway

  • Udo Ijibike

    This was the first podcast i ever listened to and it got me hooked on foundr. The podcasts are so rich and always sharing “a ton of gold” from very pragmatic and experienced minds in the most relaxed way that takes away all the importance around a successful entrepreneur and leaving you with just the bare truths of their success. That was really beautiful and pivotal for me. Listening to the foundr podcasts is my first mentorship experience and it has been revolutionary in every way since I clicked on that first link….the E-myth is a powerful book for anyone who wishes to learn about entrepreneurship, many thanks to Brian for sharing, and thank you Nathan for doing all of this. I love and appreciate your work.


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