89: The Power of Embracing Vulnerability as an Entrepreneur with Brene Brown

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Brene Brown was a meandering youth in her 20s, doing more traveling and bartending than she was building a business or focusing on school. As a result, she didn’t graduate college until she was 30. Nonetheless, after finishing her bachelor’s in social work, she quickly gained her masters and PhD and started a career as an academic at the University of Houston.

But something was rustling beneath the surface for Brown—being a quiet academic and publishing papers wasn’t enough for her. That something was entrepreneurship. Brene Brown started publishing books and doing talks and coaching for executives and successful entrepreneurs.

But Brown is best known for her unique message, calling for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike to open their hearts and minds to vulnerability. What many avoid and even look down upon, Brene Brown insists is a key to success, real intimacy, and happiness.

Brown is a thought leader of our time. In an entrepreneurship community dominated by masculine values and “tough guy” attitudes, she breaks the noise with her message to accept and even embrance discomfort. And she isn’t just preaching: throughout her works, and her now famous TEDx talk, Brown exposes her own vulnerability. This refreshing, data-based take on life and success has resonated with millions of people who have watched her TED Talk, and the many successful entrepreneurs she currently works with. It also informs the way she runs her own business, and was in full display during her interview with Foundr.

In this interview you will learn:

Why vulnerability doesn't have to be a weakness and how you can turn it into your strongest weapon

Where to find the strength to get back up when you've fallen further than ever before

The right way to deal with all the pressures of being an entrepreneur

How to take the data you have and turn it into a profitable business

What it truly means to be vulnerable

& much more!

  • Beck Ray

    This is one of my favourite Foundr episodes! Congratulations Nathan on speaking about such an incredibly important topic of vulnerability and courage in entrepreneurship. Brene’s work is brilliant and I loved hearing her valuable insights when it comes to business. Great work!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words @beckray:disqus – So great to hear you enjoyed this one. I fell in love with Brene’s work a while back via her Ted Talk then her books. It was amazing to get her on the show and speak to her!

  • Andreea Macoveiciuc

    Nathan, thanks for featuring Brene, she’s such a wonderful person and her talks and books are so true and inspiring! I love this episode, great work!

    • Hey @andreeamacoveiciuc:disqus – You’re most welcome. It was such a pleasure chatting with Brene! She is truly inspiring 🙂

  • Sarah Green

    Chan I absolutely LOVED this podcast. Loving all of them in fact…but this was a definite fav, I have shared it around to a few friends too 🙂 Keep up all your amazing work!

    • Thank you so much Sarah! It was an amazing conversation with Brene with so much GOLD shared! Thanks again for helping spread the word! You rock!


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