86: The Secrets on How Triple Your Leads, and Close 90% of Sales with Gary Tramer of LeadChat

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From a very young age, it was clear that selling was encoded in Gary Tramer’s DNA.

His aptitude for sales emerged early when he was a scrappy little kid riding his bike around the neighborhood with his friends. He and his gang would steal their neighbors’ plants, re-pot them into yogurt containers, and sell them back to the same neighbors. With the money they made, Tramer and company would indulge in Fizz Wiz, Warheads, and other junk from the candy shop.

“We were crafting our humble entrepreneurial beginnings,” Tramer says.

From these humble beginnings, Tramer has evolved to start and run several successful sales-focused businesses, up to today’s LeadChat company, where revenues reach over $1 million. He’s become a true master, with roots in face-to-face selling that he adapted and scaled up using cutting-edge digital tools. And he dished all of his secrets for us in this interview.

In this interview you will learn:

From start to finish, what goes into making and closing leads

Dozens of helpful tools you can start using today for your own sales strategy

The different ways you can test your ads without breaking the bank

The process of utilizing traditional marketing techniques in a digital setting

What it takes to train your salespeople with no experience into becoming absolute sales machines

& much more!

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  • Jenny Sun

    Hi Nathan and Gary – Thank you for a monster of an episode and sharing all the tips and tools you use in your business. I had my notebook out and scribbled down a ton of notes. I even had to rewind the episode several times.

    A couple of questions:
    – Do you have suggestions for following up with a former client? One that was extremely happy with our service, but they are running a hugely successful business and is just too busy to respond to any emails, phone calls, or texts?
    – I tried emailing the address you provided to get the autoresponder, but I must have copied it down wrong. I’d love to see what your automated email series look like.

    Thanks again for sharing your awesome expertise.

    • Gary Tramer

      Hi Jenny,

      Glad you liked the episode and only too happy to help!

      Firstly, shoot me an email at [email protected] to get one of our top email scripts.

      Regarding your other question… My rule of thumb for people IN pipeline is 5 contact attempts and then nurture.

      So, 5 times you should call and then email saying you tried calling.

      Perhaps wait 3 days in between each.

      A couple tips:

      1. Leave a voicemail saying “Please call {name} on {number}” and nothing else.

      2. Assuming you’ve already tried a few times already to contact (it sounds like you have) you could send an email saying:

      “Hey {first name},

      I’ve tried a couple times to get in touch, but haven’t had much luck. I don’t want to be THAT sales guy that keeps trying to reach you.

      Let me know and I’ll take you off my follow up list, no problem :)”

      • Jenny Sun

        Thank you, Gary, for the step-by-step tips for people in pipeline. I’m going to give it a shot. One of my biggest fears to overcome is feeling like I’m hassling people too much.

        I’ll be sending you an email shortly!

      • Hi Gary,

        Love the follow up approach.

        I’m a persistent SOB but things fall together easily for me when I follow up, so I follow up. Clarity thing. Confidence thing. Knowing you’ve something sensational to offer, wow it gets easier to follow up with clarity on what you offer.

        Sales and selling carry a strained energy in most cat’s eyes. Or people. I get jazzy sometimes. Seriously, because we offer an energy called money to receive something this exchange gets all screwy in some folk’s minds, but if you see value and immense benefits in your offering you have no issues following up, nurturing and connecting.

        All about the individual’s energy.

        Great stuff guys.

        Tweeting to my followers.

        Signing off from NYC!


        • Gary Tramer

          Thanks Ryan!

  • Silva Wei

    hey Nathan and Gary, I really enjoy this one. do you mind also listing the tools that you used to scrape lead data.

    • Gary Tramer


  • Absolutely loved this episode, thanks guys!


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