81: 15 Million+ Followers on Instagram & Counting! Interview with The Instagram Queen Gretta Rose van Riel

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Every day there’s an entrepreneur out there who believes that they’ve found the golden ticket. The one idea that is so revolutionary, it’s going to change the landscape of their niche and bring them huge success.

Unfortunately, no matter how great of an idea it may be, nothing happens unless you have a brilliant plan to execute it.

So where to start in this crazy startup world?

Well, according to Gretta Rose van Riel, it starts off with finding not just the right product idea but the perfect one. By using a bit of research, and a little bit more patience, she was able to find the type of product that took her to over $600k in revenue in just under a year!

By utilizing Instagram she managed to spread her brand’s message and exposure, growing to over 15 million followers in just a few years! It is very rare you’ll find anyone else as savvy as the founder of SkinnyMe Tea when it comes to the world of e-commerce.

In this interview with Foundr Gretta breaks down for us the nitty gritty details of the e-commerce world and shows us just what it takes to make it as a 21st century entrepreneur.

In this interview you will learn:

Learn the easiest and cheapest way to build a website for your business

Important Insights on how to use Instagram to help start, grow and build up your brand account

Learn how to identify trends and physical products that you can successfully sell online

How to get your perfect funnel for you to start selling immediately

The do's and don'ts of E-commerce

& much more!

  • EPIC EPIC EPIC interview with Gretta. I rarely have time to listen to podcasts, I knew this one would be good, but I didn’t realise it would be earth-shattering – literally. Brilliant and Thank You Nathan for coordinating the inteview, with the very busy lady, who is Gretta.

    • Thanks @michellecarden:disqus – Glad you enjoyed it! One of the best yet I think! Gretta is an absolute super star entrepreneur!

  • Amazing podcast, you and Gretta dropped some knowledge bombs! Going to take action and implement asap. Would love another episode with her on how she manages and runs all those businesses! Impressive to say the least.

    • Thank you @arillera:disqus – So great to hear you enjoyed this one! Agreed! We will have to invite Greta back for sure!!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Thank you Nathan, I love all that you share, you are so generous but this podcast was so amazing, Gretta’s success is nothing short of incredible! I would love another episode too:), blessings!!!

    • Thanks @disqus_GYd3KJW5ZG:disqus – So great to hear you enjoyed this episode with Greta! She is an absolute master at everything social media, startups, growth and physical products!

  • Listened to this one whilst travelling the other day, great interview with a very driven woman. What an amazing and inspirational story, Greta’s success can only be put down to one thing, HARD WORK.
    Great stuff!

    • Thanks @disqus_ELQ5Csf8az:disqus – Glad to hear you enjoyed this one my man! Greta is an absolute weapon!

  • That is just her personal account Emma, check out Skinny Me Tea, or Vines, or Drop Bottle and many others detailed in the interview!

  • watexreborn


    • Glad you enjoyed this one @watexreborn:disqus 🙂

  • Anna

    Liked it so much! you guys just blew my mind. Nathan I wrote you an email, sent to your main address I guess. Thank you very much!!!

    • Thanks @annyryzhkova:disqus – This was an epic one!!

  • will.bd

    Is this still working? “Like Bombs” Hasn’t been successful on my end…

    • We’ve found Like Bombs to still be working for us @will_bd:disqus

  • Hi Nathan, Gretta, amazing interview. Nothing like a woman (or man!) that just gets sh** done. Well done on the successes of your businesses. Although I have to admit I had initially confused Skinnyme Tea with SkinnyMint Tea or are they both owned by Gretta?

    I have signed up to VIP list for start and scale your online store programme and personally I would love to know what is the actual profit margin (not just sales figure) and what was spent on product, marketing, social media ads etc.

    Also, I would be interested to know about the product manufacturing end. Gretta is straight up about the fact that her products are not new inventions, just improved upon and I think it might be interesting to find out her manufacturing process; are the products white labelled or designed and manufactured from scratch?

    Apologies for the questions bombard, just so many things to know! 🙂


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