71: Mastering Social Media & Evangelism with Guy Kawasaki

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During one of Guy Kawasaki’s first marketing assignments in the early 1980s, he would knock on the doors of startup software companies across Silicon Valley armed with a stack of non-disclosure agreements and a prototype computer in a bag. “We would say, ‘If you sign this, we’ll show you what’s in the bag,’” he says. The prototype, Kawasaki explains, was a top secret project that, if knowledge of it was widespread, would cannibalize sales of their main computer hardware product. It’s name? Macintosh—a project run by a team of developers at Apple, headed up by Jef Raskin and a then 29-year-old Steve Jobs. As far as marketing a computer is concerned, “it was hand-to-hand combat.”

Of course, Kawasaki was successful in his efforts marketing the Macintosh, and the rest is history. Today, Guy Kawasaki is a famed tech startup guru who notoriously spearheaded the marketing cause for Apple in 1984, before going on to work on a number of startups, a venture capital firm, and a stint at Google.

It’s a title that stands out, because when you think evangelist, the image that often pops into mind is that of a middle-aged man with slick hair, a pink suit and a Texan accent on late-night television, prancing about on a stage and shouting about the bible. In Kawasaki’s case, that couldn’t be further from the mark.

In this interview you will learn:

How to inspire and convert your audience.

Learn the importance of Visual Marketing.

The importance of building your brand's social media platform.

Techniques on how you can evangelize for your startup without a huge budget.

Learn about the Two simple ‘tests’ to apply to any content your company shares on social media to ensure that it has maximum traction online and has the maximum benefit for your business.

& much more!

  • Telika Mcdonald

    I absolutely love this interview! You guys really hit home with the topics most entrepreneurs really need help with. Keep doing what you do!

    • Thank you @telikamcdonald:disqus – At Foundr we’re here to support entrepreneurs however we can!

  • Felix Opande

    In Kenya, the market of social has not been utilized fully. There is a huge vacuum that need to be filled. I’m sure i gonna be the one to fill that gap very soon from such discussions. Love it, geat job.

    • BOOM! That’s what I’m talking about @felixopande:disqus Keep up the great work!

  • Rohan Verma

    Absolutely Love this guy! Thanks for covering him and more importantly you’re touching the RIGHT topics that any entrepreneur would want to hear about.. time is precious. Keep rolling such awesome stuff!

    • He’s amazing he @rohanverma:disqus – Glad you enjoyed this one! Thank you! We’ve got so many more epic episodes coming your way!

  • Guy Kawasaki rocks social.. plain and simple!

  • Vuk

    Your podcasts are just amazing Nathan, so much great stuff to hear and to write down:) (if you are not lazy) 🙂 Thank you a lot for sharing this with us. Probably one of the greatest free content that can be found online.

    Stay awesome 🙂 as you would say.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words @disqus_mrLHc2AZQJ:disqus – At Foundr we’re here to help and support entrepreneurs however we can! We want to make our content so good, it’s better than most stuff out there people pay for!

  • Miguel Angel Martinez-aleman

    How about we join together to end homelessness? Who is in?

  • Really enjoying listening to this! About to start using Facebook’s live stream! I love Foundr in general. Great interviews. Great content.

    • Thank you @bolasol:disqus 🙂 We’re here to serve!!!


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