63: The Secret Weapon to Success is No Longer a Secret with Tony Stubblebine from Coach.me

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Tony Stubblebine was not one of those 22-year-old tech startup CEOs, wearing hoodies and distributing profane business cards. He got his start as a sharp programmer, working alongside people like Ev Williams and Biz Stone, and has been steadily climbing his way up the ladder since.

The path to becoming a successful CEO involved a lot of growth and personal development for him, almost like an athlete in training. One thing he could have used much earlier is a good coach.

“I didn’t get my first coach until it was way too late. Why didn’t I have an exec coach grooming me to be an executive, to be a CEO?”

Follow Stubblebine’s journey as he took, what others perceived to be, his weaknesses and turned them into strengths that made him a force to be reckoned with.

Stubblebine shows just what it takes to become a great leader and a CEO of a multimillion dollar business.

In this interview you will learn:

A full breakdown of all the elements that make up a great leader and CEO

The secrets to utilizing meditation in order to stay grounded and tackle any and all challenges

Why you don't need to be a jerk, and there's nothing wrong with being the 'nice guy'

The process of building a great product that drives social change

How to bring out that 'elite performance' mindset from yourself and achieve it

& much more!

  • Bill Patterson

    Podcast with Tony was great. Downloaded the app coach.me while still listening. If you are an owner you should get the app. I have been looking for a coach that fits my budget.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      It’s amazing hey @disqus_lSxpisNSPx:disqus so great to hear you got a ton of value out of this one!


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