56: The Foundr Incubator (Business Breakdown) with Derric Haynie & Mathew Michalewicz

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A couple of months ago we sent an invitation to all the readers of our weekly newsletter. We asked if there was anyone who would like to have a one-on-one with tried and true entrepreneurial professionals.

Out of the hundreds of responses we received we picked out Derric Haynie, former professional poker player, and today the founder and CEO of Splash. An online marketing consultancy based in San Diego.

He sat down with Foundr’s own CEO, Nathan Chan, and Mathew Michalewicz, author of Life in Half a Second and entrepreneurial genius to talk strategy. You might remember our previous interview with Matthew where we talked about the science of success, and his journey in building 4 incredibly successful businesses.

What happened was a full breakdown of Derric Haynie’s business, his goals, what he wanted to achieve, and the steps he needed to take in order to get there.

There has never been an episode before where we’ve given away so much actionable advice and strategy, invaluable guidance, and lessons in entrepreneurship.

We’ve also included a special deal for the first 50 listeners of this episode which you can access here!

This is an episode you definitely don’t want to miss.


For your reference here’s a before and after display of Derric’s goal pyramid (once you listen to the interview you will understand better)

20150430_115024 (1) Before

20150511_105934 after

In this interview you will learn:

Invaluable insight on how to exponentially scale your business with the goal pyramid

The best way to pitch potential clients and investors

How to generate the right leads

The steps you can take today to become a successful entrepreneur

Multiple marketing strategies for online, cold calls and emails, referals

& much more!

  • Aurorah

    This by far is the most awesome interview! “see the end from the beginning” I had to learn that in the most unpleasant way and it’s definitely a lesson that I take with me when entering into every endeavor! Great job once again Jonathan!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words @disqus_cCkJEoC09B:disqus – We will look to do more episodes like this in the near future!

  • Thank you so much Nathan and Matt for the opportunity and the advice. I stare at the goal sheet every day. Hit the goal or not, the work we did is really keeping us on target.

    • You’re most welcome Derric! Very cool 🙂

  • Missy

    Excellent article. WOW. The best actionnable article

    • Glad you enjoyed this one, was a ton of fun!

  • Great discussion – thanks Matthew! This really helped me make sense of the lessons in “Life in half second” in context.

    • Agreed @influential:disqus – Matthew did such a fantastic job, and there was so much to take away drawn from ‘Life in half a second’

  • Loved this podcast, Matt is a weapon

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Matt is a serious weapon indeed!

    • So great to hear you enjoyed it @raycorcoran:disqus – Matthew is a serious Weapon!

  • We need the form as a download on foundr.com; i can’t seem to get his site up to download the file 🙁

  • I could use that business breakdown pyramid to grow my freelance business as well. 🙂 It’s true: when you keep your business goals in front of you, making important decisions becomes easier. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked and waste energies then.

    Loved the interview! 😀

    • It really works, and when your business pivots, you can also pivot the goals. For me, I crossed off “cold lead generation” because we decided to only use an inbound strategy (because that is what we sell and we must practice what we preach).

      • Great way to stay on track! It’s so tempting to try everything instead of keeping the focus on one or two core strategies. I’m still struggling with that.

        • I think trying everything is ok. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest factor that got me from zero to whatever I am at right now. But you have to have a bankroll of time and money, have a great ability to filter out the good from the bad, and most importantly, “fail fast, well, and cheap.” That’s actually advice I got from some serious experts in my industry. Its all summed up in this blog post I just released: https://splashopm.com/startup-advice

          To give you a couple of examples of what I mean. First, I started a YouTube series, did 30 or so episodes, I knew I had a mediocre strategy, but I didn’t care. But after about 30, I had a very mediocre amount of views and decided to quit. But the experience prepped me for all sorts of things: video ads, being on camera, speakingspeaking publicly, editing video, structuring an educational talk. So while the videos were in themselves a failure, I learned enough to re-apply it in other areas and now speak publicly about once a month. I could go on with a few more examples, but my point is, sometimes testing out all the cool things is a plus, but you have to walk a fine line between testing and wasting.

    • Mos definitely! This stuff works!! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Matthew Michalewicz

    Great feedback everyone, and if anyone needs a link to the goal pyramid template, please go to: http://www.lifeinhalfasecond.com/Images/Goal-Pyramid.pdf

  • Hey @rjjohnston:disqus – You can save image as on the goal pyramid on this blog post 🙂


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