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  • Age 30 & Above

    Over 50% of TikTok users are 30 or older, it’s not just for teenagers anymore.

  • #1 in spending

    Global spend on TikTok for Q1 2022 was the biggest quarter for any app or game ever. people buy here.

  • Most engaging

    Average users spend 25.7 hours per month on TikTok, more than Facebook and Instagram combined

If You're Running Ads, You Know This:

Growth has stalled, even 
for the best advertisers

Even the biggest platforms are seeing declining user growth for the first time in their history. And with paid ads being more crowded than ever, it’s too risky to rely on just one paid channel.


How To Run TikTok Ads

“Don’t make ads, make TikToks”

A step-by-step proven framework to creating TikTok ads that sell. You’ll learn how to create valuable, high-converting ads that emulate the look and feel of organic posts.

This new course will help you...

  • Create winning ads faster: By using Gerardo’s proven framework, perfected from over $2M in TikTok ad spend, you’ll have everything you need to create winning ads faster.
  • Accurately test and scale: You’ll learn how to properly split test, what metrics matter, and how to easily optimize and scale your highest-performing winners.
  • Acquire in-demand skill: No matter the economy, there’s always a need for good media buyers. Master this high-paying skill to grow your own business or get hired to help others.
  • Drive more high-quality traffic: You’ll learn how to target TikTok’s massive audience by age, interests, gender, location, and more. They even now offer geotargeting for local businesses.
  • Multiply your brand reach: You’ll learn how to combine both your paid and organic strategies so you can multiply your reach, increase conversions, and decrease your costs.
  • Enjoy more free time: With a repeatable sales system in place, you’ll have more free time to launch new products, scale your team, or spend more time doing what you love.

What’s Waiting

Part 1: Ads That Sell
  • Module 1: Ads Setup

    Understand your business manager, set up your ad account and get your pixel installed.

  • Module 2: Campaign Level

    Learn how campaigns work, their different objectives and how to structure your first one.

  • Module 3: Ad Group

    Define what pixel event to optimize for, your targeting interests and set the right budget.

  • Module 4: Ad Toolbox

    Walkthrough all the different ad types, audience options and different asset tools.

  • Module 5: Suggested Setup

    Use top of funnel, lookalike audiences and retargeting for low cost conversions.

  • Module 6: Campaign Walkthrough & Optimization

    Learn how to optimize any campaign based on time, ad spend and conversions.

Part 2: Developing Creative
  • Module 1: The Importance of Creative

    Make TikToks not ads, creative best practices and high-converting ad structures.

  • Module 2: Winning Ads & Why They Work

    Discover the 7 key elements of nearly every winning ad on TikTok and why they work.

  • Module 3: Scripting Your Ads

    Write your first script and film your first ad using the most successful frameworks.

Part 3: Organic Content
  • Module 1: Your Profile

    Set up your analytics and learn how to use spark ads through brand profiles.

  • Module 2: The TikTok Algorithm

    Leverage what the algorithm likes, find top hashtags, brands, and tre

  • Module 3: Your Brand On TikTok

    Develop your own brand style following 3-4 main content pillars.

Just one good ad
can change everything

  1. 1.

    Your first TikTok Ad

    Follow Gerardo’s proven framework and confidently create your first ad, no guesswork.

  2. 2.

    Your first sale from TikTok

    Get your first sale and start optimizing your winning campaign, more sales are on the way.

  3. 3.

    Build a community of raving fans

    You’ll gain new followers and build the most valuable asset in business today, a community.

  4. 4.

    Do more of what you love

    With your ads dialed in, you can launch new offerings or simply do more of what you love, daily.

  • 67% Of users say TikTok inspired them to shop even when not intending to do so.
  • 2X The average TikTok campaign ROAS was 2x the median performance benchmark.
  • 8X Average engagement rates for short form videos on TikTok get up to 8x other platforms.

Meet your world-Renowned instructor

Gerardo Perez

Foundr Of “Marketing&” A Leading Tiktok Digital Agency & Top Tiktok Marketing Influencer

Running a digital agency focused on driving paid results on TikTok, Gerardo has already spent more than $2M on TikTok advertising and even worked with the largest influencer on the platform with more than 130M followers.

He’s been the go-to TikTok growth expert behind some of today’s fastest growing brands on the platform and now he’s showing you exactly how he does it.

  • 5M views in
    2 months


  • 3.3X ROAS


  • 1.1M installs
    in 2 ½ months


  • $4.92 CPA

    graphic design

  • $0.42 CPI

    photo app

    in 2 months

    safety tech

  • 2.07X ROAS

    acne prevention

Partnered with:

A proven practitioner, not some self-proclaimed “guru”

But more importantly, not only is Gerardo helping all kinds of different brands grow and sell using TikTok ads, he’s also on the platform daily using it to grow his own brand.

Most brands haven’t started running ads yet, you’re still early

A perfect platform 
for ecommerce brands…

Where entertainment meets commerce

TikTok Shopping creates an in-app shopping experience that takes social commerce to a whole new level. Join brands like Kylie Cosmetics, GymShark, HiSmile, and sell more products.

27% higher ad recall when collaborated with creators and TikTok gives you a global community of them.

Consumer spending on TikTok increased by 77% in 2021 and many believe it’s just getting started.

TikTok’s algorithm democratizes content discovery, allowing you to compete with established brands on the same level.

Don’t wait
JOIN now!

All kinds of businesses and brands are crushing it on TikTok


Nerdy Nuts Peanut Butter

$2,500 into $500k

sales in one month

Smyth Jewelers Jewelry

779k local views

spending $40 a day

aerie apparel

7.78 roas

with a 2.93% conversion rate

Agencies, consulting, services, and more

the nyc agent real estate

up to 400 inquiries

per day on one apartment

blaze your own trail consulting

two videos generated

3 new high-paying client

real tiffany tombs coaching

TWO 10K clients

in first 4 months

learn from practitioners, not gurus

Foundr instructors are world-renowned entrepreneurs and practitioners of their craft, never gurus. They’re industry experts who’ve actually built the exact business they’re teaching about.

Nathan Chan

CEO of Foundr, Instagram & Product Development Expert

Gretta Van Riel

5x Multi-million dollar ecommerce start-up founder, featured as a Forbes 30 under 30

Nick Shackelford

Founder of Structured Social, Facebook Ads Expert

Dee Deng

Co-founder of Right Hook Media, one of Australia’s fastest growing start-ups

Melisa Vong

3x Multi-million dollar Amazon FBA ecommerce brands founder

Vinay Patankar

Founder of, operations & scalability expert

Tommie Powers

Founder of Tommie Traffic, Youtube Ads expert, over $30M in media buying spent on the platform

Joe De Sena

CEO of Spartan, author of the New York Times best-seller, Spartan-Up

Alexa Von Tobel

Founder of Inspired Capital, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist & New York Times Best-selling author of “Financially Forward”

Arman Assadi

Former “Googler” & Indiegogo $1M+ record breaker

Ulrich Boser

Founder & CEO of The Learning Academy, focused on developing the future through advances in the science of learning

Daniel DiPiazza

Bestselling author of “Rich20Something”

Daymond John

Founder of the 6 billion dollar icon brand FUBU

Eric Bandholz

Founder of Bearbrand, a multi-million dollar ecommerce business

Jimmy Kim

CEO & Co-founder of Sendlane, the 10-billion email sending expert

Steve McLeod

Founder of Fire & Safety Australia, that does +$20M in yearly revenue, listed on Australia’s 30 under 30, bestselling author of “Courage for Profit”

Bronson Taylor

Founder & Host of Growth Hacker TV, Founder & CEO of Growth Geeks,, Rhino Laces

Ari Meisel

Serial Entrepreneur, expert in productivity

Oli Gardner

Co-founder of Unbounce, the landing page expert

Stuart Mckeown

Founder of, the lead generation expert

Mitchell Harper

Co-founder of the $100M a year SaaS, BigCommerce

Chase Dimond

Founder of Boundless Labs, a top ecommerce email marketing agency

Rob Ward

Founder of Quad Lock, a company bootstrapped from 0 to $9M in 4 years

Rich Li

Co-founder of the luggage startup July & online furniture retailer, Brosa


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How to Run TikTok Ads

4-Month Payment Plan

Over 65 different videos covering everything you need to create TikTok ads that sell


How to Run TikTok Ads

1 Single Payment

Over 65 different videos covering everything you need to create TikTok ads that sell


Bonuses included 
in the course


create organic content

Gerardo shows you how to create authentic content that the TikTok community loves, while combining your organic and paid strategies to grow your brand even faster.


anatomy of viral video

While no one can predict what video will go viral, Gerardo breaks down the hidden elements found in all of them, so you increase your chances as much as possible.



Gerardo’s fill-in-the-blank creator reach out scripts help you to more quickly both find and land the best brand partnerships.



You’ll get access to Gerardo’s own detailed database of trending sounds that can help your ads convert better, get more views, and potentially go viral.



You’ll get Gerardo’s library of highest-performing TikTok effects that not only add engaging visual cues to your videos, but also boost viewership and conversions.



To save time and get your first ad up and running, you’ll also receive all the creative shortcuts Gerardo uses to consistently produce high-converting ads in all kinds of niches.



You’ll learn how to find creators, which ones are best for your brand, what price they should be charging and more in this additional training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Run TikTok Ads

  1. What kind of businesses can use TikTok ads?

    With over one billion active users, there’s a target audience for just about any business you can think of. From physical products like ecommerce brands, to service-based businesses like digital agencies and everything in between.

  2. Can I do local marketing with TikTok Ads?

    Yes, as of May 2021, you can now use geotargeting to advertise locally on Tiktok.

  3. Will this help grow an ecommerce business?

    If you already have an ecommerce business, big or small, running ads on TikTok is one of the fastest ways to reach a new audience, grow your brand following, and generate new sales. It’s a top priority for many ecommerce entrepreneurs we know.

  4. Can I target TikTok users on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube?

    You certainly can. By installing your TikTok pixel you’ll be able to create a retargeting audience on all your other ad platforms and increase your conversions.

  5. How can we track sales accurately with TikTok Ads?

    Just like Facebook, TikTok uses pixel and event tracking so you’ll be able to know which ads are working and which aren’t.

  6. Can I sell digital products with TikTok Ads?

    Yes, many people build large followings on TikTok just for this purpose.

  7. Do I need to be a creator?

    Not at all. In fact, in this course you’ll learn how to partner with other creators and get them to create content for you. If you’ve ever created a video on your phone, you can create a TikTok video ad.

  8. Do people actually buy on TikTok?

    Global spend on TikTok for Q1 2022 was the biggest quarter for any app or game ever. So yes, people are buying on TikTok at historic rates.

  9. Will this help me go viral?

    This course is about running ads, but since one viral video on TikTok can add more followers and sales faster than pretty much anything else we’ve seen, Gerardo has included his “Anatomy of A Viral Video” training as a special bonus to this course. He breaks down the hidden pieces found in almost all viral videos.

    While no one can predict what video will go viral, this training ensures you’re creating content in the right way to increase your chances as much as possible.

  10. I’ve seen other TikTok courses, what makes yours different?

    Most of the TikTok courses out there are taught by self proclaimed “gurus” who hop from one hot trend to another creating a course about it instead of actually mastering it. Foundr doesn’t work with “gurus”, only world renowned instructors like Gerardo.

    Running a digital agency focused on driving paid results on TikTok, Gerardo has already spent more than $2M on TikTok advertising and even worked with the largest influencer on the platform with more than 130M followers.

    But more importantly, not only is Gerardo helping all kinds of different brands grow and sell using TikTok ads, he’s also on the platform daily using it to grow his own brand.

  11. Does TikTok integrate with my Shopify store?

    Yes, with TikTok Shopping, Shopify was the first commerce platform to bring organic product discovery and shopping tabs to TikTok.

Pricing & Payment

  1. How soon can I start once I have access to the course?

    Upon purchase we’ll automatically send your login details giving you full access to the entire How To Run TikTok Ads course. You can start right away.

  2. What if I need extra support beyond the course?

    Our Foundr support staff stands by 24/7 ready to answer any additional questions or help you with any technical support needed.

  3. Are there any bonuses included?

    Yes, there are 7 special bonuses included in this limited time offer to help you create high-converting TikTok ads even faster.

Foundr+ Membership

  1. What is foundr+?

    Foundr+ is your all-access pass membership to a cutting edge entrepreneurial education. You get unlimited access to our full course catalogue, world renown instructors, proven frameworks and like minded communities, with ever expanding courses and experiences.

  2. I’ll also receive access to all future Foundr courses?

    Yes, as a member you’ll also automatically get access to every new course we release at no extra charge as long as you stay subscribed.

  3. If I cancel, do I lose access to other Foundr courses I purchased before my membership?

    If you choose to cancel you will still have full access to any Foundr courses you purchased prior to your foundr+ membership. You will only lose access to the courses you haven’t individually purchased that were included in your membership.

Take advantage of the marketing opportunity of the decade

All kinds of brands are growing faster on TikTok right now than anything
else we’ve seen in more than a decade. Now it’s your turn.


Of users say they like, follow, share, buy or take some kind of action after watching a TikTok.


On average retargeting ads CTR perform 10x better than a regular display ad.


Q1 2022 global consumer spend on TikTok was the biggest quarter for any app or game ever.

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