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  • Vinay’s revolutionary “10-Minute MVP Method” that turns quick 10-minute a day “braindumps” into detailed processes that allow your business to run on autopilot…

  • A proven step-by-step process for turning your owner-reliant business into a systems-driven machine that runs better without you...tested by 450,000+ different businesses!

  • Why Vinay believes every business owner should create systems to “build themselves out of a job” if they want more freedom, free time, and control.

  • 3 easy steps to get your very first “time saving system” up and running by the end of the training!

  • How to use and identify the “80/20 Processes” to quickly create the most impactful processes and workflow first which require the least amount of time and work.

  • Why you should never micro-manage ever again! Instead have the system run the business and the people run the systems...

  • How to actually achieve “hands-off scaling” by creating a super simple process playbook…

  • How overwhelmed and overworked solopreneurs are using clear processes to increase profit without increasing their workload…

  • The top “systems insights” from more than 450,000 different businesses that use Vinay’s industry leading software!

  • And so much more during this special FREE masterclass...

Vinay Patankar
Co-Founder & CEO

Meet your instructor

Vinay Patankar

My goal is to help business owners build themselves out of a job.

Vinay Patankar
Co-Founder & CEO

My goal is to help business owners build themselves out of a job.

Meet Vinay Patankar, founder of Process St, the world’s leading process and workflow management software used by companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, The Gap, Spotify, and 450,000 others!

An alum of the famous Silicon Valley AngelPad Incubator, Vinay has raised more than 13.3 million dollars in funding from respected brands like Salesforce, Accel, and Atlassian.

Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and Entrepreneur…

Today Vinay is widely regarded as one of today’s leading experts on using systems and processes to grow businesses and help entrepreneurs “take back control” of their lives.

With more than 450,000+ customers, Vinay knows exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating a systems-driven business.

There are many authors and self-proclaimed “gurus” who preach the philosophy of systems but can’t show you the nuts-and-bolts of how to actually use it in your own business...

Instead Vinay is an actual founder who is not only doing it himself, but helping tens of thousands of business owners do it too.

There’s no one better to help you use systems to optimize your business for both maximum growth, profitability, and free time!

Customers include:

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How improving content creation processes resulted in saving $5,000 per month

Before: Content Allies was undergoing rapid growth and its founder needed to build the business capacity. The aim was to move away from project management per se & focus on the process.

After: In this way they managed to improve their processes & streamline them so that they did not need to hire an operations manager & thus cut their hiring cost, while tripling their revenue.

How Streamlining Employee Onboarding Leads to Happy Customers

Before: Wodify have handled 4,000 gyms in 90 countries. Their own challenge was long employees onboarding, and their rapid success resulted in outdated processes that were implemented wrongly by their veteran employees.

After: By documenting their core processes, they were able to create a knowledge base that their employees could reference if they were unsure of how to perform their tasks. This has allowed them to scale while providing the same quality service to their customers in several new ways. Also, their onboarding process halved.

How Paperless Employee Onboarding Cut $30,000 in Staff Expenses

Before: A-Team Lending is a California-based mortgage broker with over a dozen full-time employees and 20 commissioned salespeople. They were estimating an extra $30,000 monthly in staff expenses to support their growth with manual processes.

After: Within the first month of working on their processes, they have managed to fully automate a large chunk of their HR onboarding systems and elude any extra expenses. Hence they are rapidly scaling up and adding new salespeople to its team, with direct impact on the revenue.




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