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Jalil Rahman,

Licensing Executive, Olympic Games

I worked with Kian whilst he designed, developed and launched a range of official licensed products for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. The execution, distribution and overall management were a massive success. Kian’s professionalism and keen eye made the difference. The licensed range were sold across all Games Venues and in major retailers.

Kevin King,

Amazon Thought Leader, Helium 10 Mentor

If you want the best-of-the-best for sourcing in China, Kian is your man. He’s lived and breathed sourcing for years and knows his stuff better than pretty much anyone else on the planet. And he genuinely loves helping people succeed by going beyond what is expected in everything he does.

Aleisha McCormack,

Podcast Producer of Oberlo + Shopify Start Yours

Kian joined me as a guest on the Shopify/Oberlo podcast Start Yours, to share his valuable insights into product sourcing and manufacturing. We had such wonderful feedback from our listeners and I learned so much about the intricacies of product development. Kian was so very generous with his time and knowledge. I look forward to working with him again soon and am grateful that Kian shared his time with me.


Director of Training, Helium10 & Host of Serious Seller Podcast

He is one of the most well know pretty much in the world as far as the go-to guy for sourcing. He’s sourced thousands and thousands of products not just for the everyday person like you or I but you know like Neymar or Steph Curry or other superstar need their product made, who do they go to, they go to Kian.



In a post-pandemic supply chain, the manufacturing process isn’t always easy or transparent and the “average” Alibaba suppliers know it. Your unfamiliarity becomes their profitability. And for a new entrepreneur who needs to get it “right” on day one and can’t afford mistakes or misunderstanding, nothing is more expensive than ignorance at the factory.


That’s why the “old way” of just ordering a generic product from Alibaba is long gone. There’s too much competition to succeed with copycat products and dangerous suppliers. The wrong supplier will copy your idea, use cheap materials, or find a hundred different ways to put their bottom line above yours.

Today, you need to work with a proven and trusted supplier partner who can guide you in creating unique products that not only sell, but sell at a profit. Because as a small business, revenue means nothing unless you’re profitable, and your profitability starts with understanding your supply chain and your margins! 

But just because some self-proclaimed “guru” has used Alibaba to source one product, from one factory, in one niche, sometimes even just one time, doesn’t mean their advice is safe to follow.


Which is why after visiting more than 500 factories while living and working in China for 9+ years, Kian was fed up with watching new entrepreneurs fall prey to incomplete and dangerous sourcing advice.

Because even the most innovative products fail without the right supplier and competitively negotiated margins. While it often feels like there’s a million ways to do ecommerce, every product’s profitability and viability starts at the factory on day one.

When you partner with the right manufacturer, your life changes forever. Your new online business will explode out of nowhere, allowing you to live and work from anywhere in the world. Finally you can stop trading your time for money, and instead get paid to simply create products people love!



The Supply Chain Blueprint
Behind 2,500+ Successfully
Sourced Products

A step-by-step, repeatable process for quickly helping you manufacture and source your first product the right way from start to finish. Perfect for total beginners and early stage entrepreneurs.

This proven blueprint will take you from “overwhelmed with ideas'', to finally having your own unique product manufactured, shipped, and sold. All while avoiding the normal time-consuming and costly mistakes that 99% of entrepreneurs make. Plus you can use it to source any kind of product from any country!



    No matter what you sell, Kian’s process will help you find a trustworthy and experienced supplier for your unique product and situation.


    A profitable business starts with your margins at the factory. Kian’s “Cost Calculator” helps you get the most aggressive price possible without sacrificing quality.


    Don’t get taken advantage of. Kian will help you structure your payment and shipping terms so they support your business and optimize your cash flow.


    Kian will help you manufacture the best product in your category, setting you apart and giving you a clear competitive advantage no matter the industry.


    Instead of trusting blindly, you’ll use Kian's templates and checklists to ensure quality control from your samples to your final shipped product.


    Having your product “copied” by a supplier is a real threat. Kian shows you exactly what you need to do to prevent that from ever happening.

And much more...

What’s Waiting

MODULE 1: Kian's Unbeatable
Supplier System

Reliable suppliers help grow your business for free. In this module, you’ll get started by going through the foundational aspects of sourcing like a pro and dive deeper into Kian Golzari’s unbeatable supplier system.

  • Lesson 01: Introduction to Supply Chain

    Discover why it’s important to develop great supplier relationships and business processes for your ecommerce business and how Kian’s vast knowledge can help you shorten the learning curve.

  • Lesson 02: Product Development course summary

    Get a brief overview of product development, branding and packaging secrets to help you go from idea to brand real quick. No more expensive product development projects that suck your budget dry. 

  • Lesson 03: Find the best suppliers online

    How to find suppliers—the single most important aspect of an e-commerce business that if you ignore can slow your growth and cause unending manufacturing woes. You’ll go through a few real-life examples of how it’s done.

  • Lesson 04: Your First Message (that builds leverage)

    Better than your own employees. Generate interest and engagement from the best suppliers and make them feel like long-term partners of your business without sacrificing on profits. Get off on the right foot.

  • Lesson 05: Dig Deeper Than the Competition

    Do this to avoid spending thousands on products that don’t give you any edge in the marketplace. Learn where to find your competitor's favorite suppliers, match and exceed their quality and price, and enjoy better terms.

MODULE 2: Finding Suppliers
Outside of China

Never rely solely on China for all your manufacturing needs. In this module, you'll learn how brand new businesses are sourcing products outside of China and sometimes even the USA in order to sell more and scale faster.

  • Lesson 01: Sourcing Outside of China

    Did you know that sourcing raw materials or even finished goods outside of China can dramatically lower your costs in some cases? If you're not getting quotations from countries like Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh, you’re missing out on your potential competitive edge.

  • Lesson 02: Sourcing from the USA

    It doesn't just reduce America's dependence on foreign suppliers. Big institutions are moving their supply chain back to the USA as it gives them shorter lead time, stronger relationships and often, a clear boost in consumer confidence.

  • Lesson 03: Trade Shows

    Not all trade shows are equal. Discover the 3 most important Chinese and domestic trade shows that will empower you with the highest quality info on the markets, trends, competition, prices, products, consumers and standards.

MODULE 3: Price and Quantity

Have you ever wanted to be just right on the price and terms when you speak to suppliers? No going back and forth, haggling. Well, don't miss a minute of this module. This speeds things up like nothing else.

  • Lesson 01: How to negotiate your price

    STOP if you think you can't be an expert negotiator. Once you know the actual price of the product you're sourcing and understand the manufacturing steps, you'll instantly become one. All while building long lasting relationships.

  • Lesson 02: External Factors that Affect Price

    Even total beginners can negotiate much better than older, established businesses. The secret lies in knowing the cost of raw materials and labor in their local currency. Help them help you.

  • Lesson 03: Costings - Using Kian’s calculator

    Just think about how you can’t ever overpay for your products. With Kian's costing formula and calculator, you'll instantly gain confidence to stop guessing and ask for the right price for the right product.

  • Lesson 04: When to negotiate the Price

    Don’t leave your hard-earned money at the table. Unlike your competitors, you will know when to negotiate not only the product price but also freight price, freight terms, payment terms, packaging, warranty and lead times.

  • Lesson 05: Low Minimum Order Quantities

    Want a lower MOQ? Just show them the spec sheet and highlight your strength as a potential long term partner without any such commitment. You'll be surprised at how flexible an MOQ policy can be.

  • Lesson 06: Working with multiple factories

    The moment you realize that your business can grow or die with your supplier, you’ll agree that you should have a backup supplier just in case. You don't want to wake up one day feeling like it's too late.

MODULE 4: Supplier and Order Management

You're getting that extra information you probably can’t find anywhere else. Discover the absolute easiest way to build relationships with suppliers and manage the transfer and transformation of raw materials into finished products in your warehouse.

  • Lesson 01: Benefits of Building Relationships

    Exciting new ways of building relationships with your supplier. This will create a win-win situation with superior products, faster lead times, less returns, better reviews and more market share for your business.

  • Lesson 02: How to Build Relationships

    You can build an excellent relationship with your supplier(s) without spending time and money frequently visiting them at their factory. Learn simple gestures that make a big difference.

  • Lesson 03: Align with the manufacturer that fits

    What you'll discover is that when you are aligned with your supplier's business goals and values, it will completely change your business career for good. No one will take better care of you than your supplier.

  • Lesson 04: The Sample Process

    Has it ever happened that you got all excited about your supplier's explanation of a new product and ordered it right away? I'm sure it has. Well, don't do that. Never place an order without a confirmed sample. 

  • Lesson 05: Packaging, Labels and hangtags

    It goes without saying that your product unboxing experience should be memorable. In addition, all your labels, hang tags and boxes should meet the packaging requirements where you're selling into.

  • Lesson 06: The Purchase Order and SC

    Yes, your business needs them. Purchase orders create a legal contract between you and your supplier. And you’ll get a service confirmation in return. Both documents must be a 100% match.

  • Lesson 07: Terms and Conditions of Order

    You'll need to clarify what happens in any given situation. That's what the terms and conditions are for. You'll know exactly what to put in yours and have Kian's template as a starting point.

  • Lesson 08: Carton markings

    Do not skip this. All it takes is a few errors in your carton marks and labels and you'll have wrecked your supply chain completely. If you’re shipping to Amazon, they’re going to mark all your units defective.

  • Lesson 09: How to Minimize Going Out of Stock

    Delays must never cause you to go out of stock. While no one can predict shipping delays, you can minimize production delays by planning ahead on the raw materials used. Also saves money in the long run.

MODULE 5: Quality Control

Prevention is better than cure. When you implement a step-by-step quality control system, it eliminates the need for expensive product recalls and manufacturers are less likely to shortcut processes when they know you take it seriously.

  • Lesson 01: The Quality Fade

    Cut your risk of product quality fade. After a successful initial production run, it's not uncommon for manufacturers to start substituting slightly cheaper materials or cutting corners to get work finished quickly.

  • Lesson 02: Product Certifications

    Certification improves trust. What kind of legal or industry standards can you get your products certified for? It can be a mandatory requirement depending on where you sell what. Can your supplier do them for you?

  • Lesson 03: Pre-Shipment Inspections

    Stop product mistakes before they start. Routine product inspections means that you nip any creeping product quality degradation or genuine mistakes due to miscommunication in the bud. There's no way around it.

  • Lesson 04: What to do if your inspection fails

    Correct mistakes without damaging relationships. This handy lesson shows you how to get to the root of the mistake, whether genuine, casual or deliberate and salvage it at the supplier's expense.

MODULE 6: Cashflow & Compliance

It’s un-entrepreneurial not to look at your cash flow. (And it's just as unresourceful not to stretch it.) This together with compliance are the keys to eliminating stress and mess when working with manufacturing.

  • Lesson 01: How to pay your suppliers

    How and when you pay your suppliers makes a big difference in your cash flow. So be sure to explore all options while placing emphasis on being a reliable partner that cares. You don’t want to go the extreme.

  • Lesson 02: credit terms from your supplier

    Take the maximum time allowed and it can be an interest-free line of credit. And work with your supplier’s limits over a number of years so you can place bigger orders for events like Black Friday without paying for it all upfront.

  • Lesson 03: Contracts, NDAs, NNNs, and IP Protection

    Making contracts that cover various NDAs and IP protection clauses is fast, very easy, and nearly foolproof, and it works to prevent your competitors from cajoling your supplier to produce your products for them.

  • Lesson 04: HTS codes

    It’s a 10-digit system used by governments to identify and classify imported items for duty and tax purposes. And sometimes, just these tariffs alone can make your product uncompetitive in the marketplace.

MODULE 7: Shipping and Receiving

The success and scalability of your business is only as good as the weakest link. And for many, it's the logistics. The global shipping industry and supply chains have undergone some transformations recently and it’s good to pay attention.

  • Lesson 01: Transport Methods

    How the world moves products: air, road, sea and rail. The rookie almost always choses air because of speed whereas this lesson helps you choose the right one based on the situation, product size, weight, value and supplier proximity.

  • Lesson 02: Incoterms

    There are a set of 11 internationally recognized rules that interpret common trade terms for commercial buyers and sellers. While these are not compulsory, you want to use these terms in all your contracts.

  • Lesson 03: Shipping Cargo

    Now you can skip all the days you'd spend Googling container sizes, container loads, sea freight times, ground transportation costs, BL, CI, PL and COO and go straight to using the best options when necessary.

  • Lesson 04: Selecting a freight forwarder

    At some point in your e-commerce growth journey, you'd wish someone was there to professionally manage the shipping lines, transit times, modes of transport, routes, and document submissions. That's a freight forwarder.

  • Lesson 05: Shipping hacks

    Oh no, not again! What happens if your goods arrive damaged, your container rates shoot up or your competitors spy on your shipping activity? There are ways to anticipate these and take pre-emptive actions.

  • Lesson 06: 3PL

    If they say, "we'll store your items, pick and pack your orders and handle your exchanges and returns," can you trust them? Well, here's where you'll learn how to properly communicate with and rate a 3PL partner. 

  • Lesson 07: Chinese Holidays

    You're waiting for your goods to get shipped and you realize...'tis the season—but for them. What do you do? Watch this lesson and never get caught in Chinese New Year shipping delays and production halts.

  • Lesson 08: Summary

    You just saved thousands of dollars in costly supply chain mistakes (presently or in the future) thanks to Kian’s systems and processes. Now, how do you make it easy to remember and easier to implement? What if you want more?


Sometimes it's not your fault. Suppliers are not perfect. The complexity of the supply chain industry can be a magnet for mistakes. But you can stay safe and win the long game if you follow these tips from Kian.

  • Bonus 01: Molds

    The molds must be easy. Yup, thanks to the advancement of molding technology it's cheaper and faster to copy molds. However, there are ways to prevent your suppliers from sharing mold designs with others.

  • Bonus 02: 10 Questions to ask your supplier

    To the fast-growing e-commerce entrepreneur: you'll soon be outgrowing your supply chain and looking for new partners you can scale with. Do you know how to evaluate them for your needs? Here are 10 questions to help you.

  • Bonus 03: Sustainability

    Consumers care about sustainability in an increasingly climate-challenged world. What simple steps can you take to ensure that you're aligned with the trend and actually profit from it without taking on additional supply chain complexity?

  • Bonus 04: 7 Rookie Sourcing Mistakes to avoid

    True, everyone makes mistakes when it comes to an e-commerce supply chain. But this may help you catch yours early and course-correct so that you avoid going through a harrowing experience like losing a million dollars.

  • Bonus 05: Sourcing Terms explained

    Meet the great supply chain wizard that doesn't exist. This short glossary will help you break down a multitude of terms that are commonly used in the industry and make you look sophisticated in the eyes of a supplier.



Used to source 2,500+ different physical products, Kian has you follow an easy, step-by-step process so you take the right step at the right time. No more feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or stuck because you don’t know what to do next. You’re finally doing it.


Working with suppliers can be a dream or a nightmare depending on who you choose. Fortunately, Kian’s visited 500+ factories and even lived in China. With his help, you’ll build real, trusting relationships and profitable partnerships.


Most struggle with scaling because they think about it too late. Now using Kian’s connections and experience, you’ll create a system that allows you to scale faster and more profitably than your competition right from the start.


kian golzari

“Use Your Supplier To Fund Your Scaling Plan.”

Kian Golzari is one of the world’s leading sourcing experts who has personally visited over 500 factories and sourced over 2,500 products.

He’s manufactured products for the NBA, United Nations, Olympic Games, US Ministry of Defense, as well as for some top athletes such as Neymar JR and Kobe Bryant. He’s even created brands for UK big box retailers such as Tesco, Argos, Aldi and more.

He’s mentored over 200 Amazon entrepreneurs on better sourcing practices and he has spoken at international ecommerce & sourcing events in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, China, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and many more.













that the


Mark Mastrandrea,

Co-founder of IKONICK

I met Kian almost 4 years ago now through a mutual friend. Having worked with hundreds of service providers in my career, Kian approaches business in a much different matter. Kian is your partner. The first project we did was for an NBA licensed product, which he overly communicated, was thorough and educational in nature. We learned a lot, and received a great product at a great price. Since then, we have become friends through the years, and gone to trade shows together where I have seen how he operates at a deeper level. Kian is a guy with a growth mindset, that will put your business in the best situation to succeed, regardless of the market conditions. I highly recommend working with him.


Co-founder of Titan Network

There’s nothing this guy that doesn’t know, it’s not just about Kian’s knowledge with Sourcing or Logistics and how to work with suppliers and relationships. His creative flair makes him keep him the best in the industry because no one can match his creativity when it comes to product sourcing and development. Every time I hear Kian speak, he then impresses me again.

brandon nixon,

Strategy and Scale, Google

Kian is an expert when it comes to product sourcing and development, but it’s his discipline and dedication to the craft that still amazes me. I’ve known Kian for a few years now and never seen him let up on his dreams and passion.

justin dyson,

Sold His Amazon Business for $6M+ in 2020

We met Kian while visiting the Canton Fair in April 2018 and he gave us the blueprint for everything we do now to source products. There’s so much more to it than just going to and asking for quotes or telling the supplier we need our stock ASAP. After listening to Kian speak we also realized that the supplier we were using just wasn’t big enough to keep up with our own growth, which led to us finding a secondary factory that actually had better pricing, faster production times, and quality. We coupled that with the help of a sourcing agent who began handling all of the logistics for us, which reduced our shipping cost across the board. So we had a huge win of lower unit costs for almost every one of our 60 SKUs at the time and lower shipping rates.Kian also recommended we maintain the relationship with our suppliers despite working with a sourcing agent and this actually had a profound impact on our business. The sourcing agent dealt with the day-to-day operations, but we treated the factories like our business partners and friend. We even got to give one of their newly born children an American name, which was an incredible honor because we actually got to meet her in person that next year.Sourcing can be intimidating and even frustrating but Kian breaks it down and helps you realize that you’re dealing with real people who have hopes, dreams, and their own business goals. When you understand that it changes the game and enables your own business and profit to grow almost instantly!


In our post-pandemic world, ecommerce is exploding. First-time entrepreneurs are quitting their jobs and enjoying a fully-remote, location-independent income, many selling just a single successful product. And they’re doing it faster than any other time in history. Now it’s your turn.

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Foundr instructors are world-renowned entrepreneurs and practitioners of their craft, never gurus. They’re industry experts who’ve actually built the exact business they’re teaching about.

Nathan Chan

CEO of Foundr, Instagram & Product Development Expert

Gretta Van Riel

5x Multi-million dollar ecommerce start-up founder, featured as a Forbes 30 under 30

Nick Shackelford

Founder of Structured Social, Facebook Ads Expert

Dee Deng

Co-founder of Right Hook Media, one of Australia’s fastest growing start-ups

Melisa Vong

3x Multi-million dollar Amazon FBA ecommerce brands founder

Gerardo Perez

Founder of Marketing&, a leading Tiktok digital agency & top Tiktok marketing influencer

Vinay Patankar

Founder of, operations & scalability expert

Tommie Powers

Founder of Tommie Traffic, Youtube Ads expert, over $30M in media buying spent on the platform

Joe De Sena

CEO of Spartan, author of the New York Times best-seller, Spartan-Up

Alexa Von Tobel

Founder of Inspired Capital, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist & New York Times Best-selling author of “Financially Forward”

Arman Assadi

Former “Googler” & Indiegogo $1M+ record breaker

Ulrich Boser

Founder & CEO of The Learning Academy, focused on developing the future through advances in the science of learning

Daniel DiPiazza

Bestselling author of “Rich20Something”

Daymond John

Founder of the 6 billion dollar icon brand FUBU

Eric Bandholz

Founder of Bearbrand, a multi-million dollar ecommerce business

Jimmy Kim

CEO & Co-founder of Sendlane, the 10-billion email sending expert

Steve McLeod

Founder of Fire & Safety Australia, that does +$20M in yearly revenue, listed on Australia’s 30 under 30, bestselling author of “Courage for Profit”

Bronson Taylor

Founder & Host of Growth Hacker TV, Founder & CEO of Growth Geeks,, Rhino Laces

Ari Meisel

Serial Entrepreneur, expert in productivity

Oli Gardner

Co-founder of Unbounce, the landing page expert

Stuart Mckeown

Founder of, the lead generation expert

Mitchell Harper

Co-founder of the $100M a year SaaS, BigCommerce

Chase Dimond

Founder of Boundless Labs, a top ecommerce email marketing agency

Rob Ward

Founder of Quad Lock, a company bootstrapped from 0 to $9M in 4 years

Rich Li

Co-founder of the luggage startup July & online furniture retailer, Brosa

AJ Cassata

B2B sales maverick, consultant and founder of Revenue Boost, a leading sales accelerator

Kian Golzari

One of the world’s leading sourcing experts who has sourced over 2,500 products for various brands.


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The Product Sourcing Blueprint

(1x Single Payment)

Over 40 different videos covering everything you need for a scalable and profitable supply chain for all your ecommerce products


The Product Sourcing Blueprint

(4-month Payment Plan)

Over 40 different videos covering everything you need for a scalable and profitable supply chain for all your ecommerce products


Included free for
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  • Unique and exciting q&a where Kian answers specific questions and offers personalized advice for students of The Product Sourcing Blueprint course. This will help you avoid costly mistakes while getting your unique product idea sourced, manufactured and shipped to be sold online.

  • This is a recording of a live event with our students.


The Product Development Blueprint Course

  • Learn how to develop your first best-selling product with Kian Golzari. Go from "just a vague idea" to a rock-solid product concept backed by in-depth market research and reliable product-market fit validation...all in record time.

  • Includes 8 easy-to-follow, in-depth lessons to guide you through everything you need to know about creating a product that sells.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Aren’t there problems with the supply chain after the pandemic?

    While the supply chain has certainly been impacted, it’s actually created a massive opportunity for startups or smaller brands. That’s because big brands are struggling to get their huge orders fulfilled, but it’s much easier for smaller brands who don’t need as much product in one go.

    So right now, more than ever before, as a startup or “smaller brand”, you can swoop in and actually steal market share from other larger competitors who are out of stock and can’t move as fast as you can!

  2. What is included in this course?

    As a special offer, today, you get the Product Sourcing Blueprint course that details step-by-step Kian Golzari’s precision method to finding the perfect supplier and you also get his other course The Product Development Blueprint FREE. Also included are all the course bonuses and templates and resources featured in both courses.

  3. Can anyone just go on Alibaba and source suppliers easily?

    Most people have no clue how vast the manufacturing industry in China is. You’re dealing with a complex system of Chinese businesses with an endless sea of options. After living and working with suppliers in China for years sourcing and/or developing more than 2500 products, Kian has broken it down to a science. And this course will deliver it all to you on a silver platter so you can focus on what you do the best—building a great ecommerce business.

  4. Do I need an ecommerce business already?

    No, you don’t. This is perfect if you’re exploring your ecommerce product business and have a product in mind but you haven’t found the perfect supplier yet. It pays big time to start on the right foot when it comes to your supply chain because the problems concerning the supply chain aren’t easily evident at the beginning stages. So when you tick all the right boxes at the start, the odds are stacked in your favor.

  5. What will this course help me do?

    Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner or in the process of becoming one, this course will help you gain a definitive edge in your product quality, cash flow, logistics, and systems. While your competitors look for their edge in the front end where they’re trying to squeeze that extra little bit of ROI, this helps you gain a massive edge that will establish yourself as a leader in your category and fund the growth of your business.

  6. Do I have to be an Amazon seller for this to work?

    Not really. You can be a seller of physical products on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, Poshmark, Swappa or anywhere else for that matter. The same principles apply.

  7. Why is Kian qualified to teach about this topic?

    Kian has dedicated his entire professional life helping ecommerce and non-ecommerce entrepreneurs systematize and scale their physical product supply chain, developing and/or sourcing over 2500 products, visiting more than 500 factories, and more than 20 Canton fairs. His clients include everyone from small family businesses all the way to big brand retailers like the Olympics, the MBA, the United nations. All this is to say that when it comes to sourcing the best possible product from the best factory, at the best price, Kian is the best. And your business whether new or existing will benefit immensely from his knowledge.

  8. What if I’m brand new and don’t have any idea what to sell?

    If you’re completely new, we recommend you start with Kian’s other course The Product Development Blueprint which will help you brainstorm new product ideas and develop a unique product that you’re passionate about. Luckily for you, that course is included as a special bonus when you enroll in The Product Sourcing Blueprint. So yes, if you’re brand new and don’t have an idea what to sell, you should enroll now because you’ll be blown away by Kian’s wisdom in both courses.

  9. Could I leverage this course and offer a supply-chain as a service to clients?

    Yes, absolutely. Even if you’re a professional sourcing consultant, you’ll benefit from Kian’s depth of knowledge in every aspect of the global supply chain industry. And you boast to your clients that you’ve learned it all from Kian Golzari who’s the brain behind more than 2500 products with big and small brand retailers.

  10. How much time do I need to finish this course?

    The course can be completed fairly quickly. If you watch 1-2 video lessons a day, you’ll be able to complete it in under a month. Once completed, you may have to revisit specific lessons while you’re applying and implementing the strategies. Plus, your sourcing needs don’t just end once you place your first order. So you may have to revisit as and when you need specific help in any area of your supply chain. It’s like having Kian Golzari, the world’s best supply chain expert as your personal consultant. If you take the time to finish the course now, it will pay you over and over throughout your business career.

  11. How fast can I find a perfect supplier for my product?

    It really depends on the type of product you’re sourcing and the customizations needed. But generally you can find a great supplier within a month. This is to give time to place sample orders from short-listed suppliers and to analyze the results as per what Kian is teaching in this course.

  12. Can this course help me source suppliers from outside china?

    Yes, you’re in the right place. In addition to China, you can also source your products from low-cost other countries in Asia like Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Thailand. The same principles apply, although Kian urges you to approach with caution and understand the supply chain in these other countries are not as developed as that of China.

    Further, if you want to source locally in the USA, Kian has also dedicated lessons on the topic. It is always a teething process when setting up a new manufacturer and especially if this is in a new country – always start with a trial order before committing to large orders.

  13. Does this course help me source eco-friendly products?

    You bet! Making your brand more eco-friendly is one of the easiest ways for brands to stand out in these challenging times. As more and more retailers are cutting costs trying to stay afloat, you can take the other route of adding more eco-friendly features to your product even though it might increase the cost a little. But yes, everything is covered in this Product Sourcing Blueprint with Kian.

  14. Will this course help me start my own ecommerce business?

    If you’re familiar with basic ecommerce principles like setting up your store on third-party marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc. and have an idea for a product to sell, then you probably only need to nail the sourcing right to get started and make it in ecommerce.

    If you need help on those other areas of ecommerce like developing your brand and setting up your own sales and marketing channels, then our flagship Start & Scale ecommerce course can be of immense help.

  15. Is this something I can hand over to my team and have them go through it?

    We always build our courses with busy business owners in mind. However, it’s extremely actionable and could easily be handed off to someone on your team to execute, so they can skill up your company’s supply chain without you having to do it.

  16. I’ve seen other supply chain courses, what makes yours different?

    Most of the supply chain courses out there are taught by self proclaimed “gurus” who hop from one hot trend to another creating a course about it instead of actually mastering it. Foundr doesn’t work with “gurus”. Instead we work with proven practitioners like Kian Golzari who has developed and/or sourced more than 2500 products in more niches than you can think of and have visited more than 500 factories and attended more than 20 Canton fairs.

  17. How soon can I start once I have access to the course?

    Upon purchase we’ll automatically send your login details giving you full access to the Product Sourcing Blueprint course and all the bonuses. You can start right away.

  18. What if I need extra support beyond the course?

    Our Foundr support staff stands by 24/7 ready to answer any additional questions or help you with any technical support needed.

  19. Are there any bonuses included?

    Yes, there are 2 special bonuses included in this limited time offer to help you master your supply chain.

  20. What is foundr+?

    Foundr+ is your all-access pass membership to a cutting edge entrepreneurial education. You get unlimited access to our full course catalog, world renown instructors, proven frameworks and like minded communities, with ever expanding courses and experiences.

  21. I’ll also receive all new courses for free?

    Yes, as a member you’ll also automatically get access to every new course we release at no extra charge.

  22. If I cancel, do I lose access to other Foundr courses I purchased before my membership?

    If you choose to cancel you will still have full access to any Foundr courses you purchased prior to your foundr+ membership. You will only lose access to the courses you haven’t individually purchased that were included in your membership.

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