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Yes! I’m ready to build!

Imagine If You Could Launch Your Own Brand & Build Something
You’re Actually Passionate About…

To say the world is changing is an understatement…

Millions of people have lost their jobs and others are adjusting to working at home indefinitely, leaving confusion and uncertainty in its wake.

Now more than ever people feel insecure, are looking for ways to take back control, and are asking themselves:

How Can I Make Extra Money Online?

With many physical businesses shutting down and going out of business, people are questioning what the future will look like.

It seems more people than ever before are starting side hustles, creating additional revenue streams, and building online businesses to have some control over their financial futures.

But even with all that’s going on in this “new world”, there’s still one thing that’s thriving - ecommerce.

The potential for ecommerce will just keep growing…

Ecommerce businesses are booming even though other businesses are being forced to close their doors. And they’re only on track to continue growing!

In fact, global ecommerce sales are expected to grow another 50% by 2025…in just the next 3 years alone! As online shopping booms into a 7.4 trillion dollar industry, it continues to prove that “borderless ecommerce” is the future of business.

Which means now could be the perfect time for you to get into ecommerce…

Introducing: The 7-Day Find & Validate Your Product Idea Challenge

Use The Same Proven Frameworks That Have Already
Worked For Thousands Of New Entrepreneurs

Find your winning idea, validate it, start turning it into a profitable online store, and confidently take control of your future

  • Daily live coaching calls offering guidance, proven frameworks to follow, and step-by-step actions for each day.
  • 7 days free access to foundr+: our all access membership to all 26+ courses
  • 7 live interactive coaching calls led by Foundr CMO, Jeff Dinsdale or Foundr CEO, Nathan Chan
  • Access to the industry-leading Start & Scale private community with 20k+ supportive ecommerce entrepreneurs
  • Unique opportunity to network with other successful community members and business owners
Find & Validate Your Product Idea In 7 Days Is No Ordinary Training…

You’ll Learn How You Can Find the Right Idea for You & Start A Profitable Ecommerce Store From Practitioners, not Gurus

Instead of guessing, we know exactly what successful ecommerce founders do when they launch a business…

We compiled and created 26+ courses with leaders in different niches, industries, and backgrounds...and turned it into a repeatable step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

During the 7-Day Live Challenge you will:

  • Find your perfect product idea from the start

  • Validate your idea so you know it’s worth building

  • Start building a real brand that solves real problems

  • Get your first sale and learn how to do it systematically

  • Simplify the ecommerce process with a step-by-step blueprint

  • Start to escape the 9-5 and build a life of freedom, control & abundance

When you start the challenge you will join thousands of students who’ve studied this same system and launched their own successful stores

You’ll Get Access To ALL foundr+ Courses For 7 days During The Challenge

Everything you need to find your idea and get your first sale.

This video above is the 1st welcome lesson from Start & Scale, our industry leading ecommerce course with more than 19,000 students. This full course normally sells for $997.

During the 7 days challenge you are getting access to the whole course and to all the other 25+ foundr+ courses with leaders in different niches, industries, and backgrounds. All for just $97 for 7 days.


Day 1: How To Come Up With The Idea
Day 2: How To Make Your Product Different & Better
Day 3: Choosing The Right Idea
Day 4: How To Validate Your Product & Get The 1st Sale
Day 5: Developing Your Perfect Customer Persona
Day 6: How To Plan A Profitable Idea
Day 7: Bringing it All Together

Get Your Access 
To All The Courses 
You Need

Today I want to

Nathan Chan

CEO of Foundr, Instagram & Product Development Expert

watch course trailer
Oli Gardner

Co-founder of Unbounce, the landing page expert

watch course trailer
Stuart Mckeown

Founder of, the lead generation expert

watch course trailer
Jimmy Kim

CEO & Co-founder of Sendlane, the 10-billion email sending expert

watch course trailer
Eric Bandholz

Founder of Bearbrand, a multi-million dollar ecommerce business

watch course trailer
Arman Assadi

Former “Googler” & Indiegogo $1M+ record breaker

watch course trailer
  • Instagram Domination
  • Landing Page formula
  • List building mastery
  • Advanced email marketing
  • Blow up your brand
  • 7-figure copywriting
Daniel DiPiazza

Bestselling author of “Rich20Something”

watch course trailer
Nathan Chan

CEO of Foundr, Instagram & Product Development Expert

watch course trailer
Dee Deng

Co-founder of Right Hook Media, one of Australia’s fastest growing start-ups

watch course trailer
AJ Cassata

B2B sales maverick, consultant and founder of Revenue Boost, a leading sales accelerator

watch course trailer
  • Start your Side Hustle
  • Rapid Course Formula
  • Ignite Your Digital Agency
  • Find Your Dream Clients
Gretta Van Riel

5x Multi-million dollar ecommerce start-up founder, featured as a Forbes 30 under 30

watch course trailer

Gretta Van Riel, Instructor of Start & Scale
Nick Shackelford, Facebook Ads Expert
Robe Ward, Founder of Quad Lock
Chase Dimond, Founder of Boundless Labs
Rich Li, Co-founder of the luggage startup July & online furniture retailer, Brosa

watch course trailer
Melisa Vong

3x Multi-million dollar 
Amazon FBA ecommerce 
brands founder

watch course trailer
Kian Golzari

One of the world’s leading sourcing experts who has sourced over 2,500 products for various brands.

watch course trailer
  • Start and Scale
  • Ecommerce Masters
  • Infinite Income on Amazon
  • Product Development
Alexa Von Tobel

Founder of Inspired Capital, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist & New York Times Best-selling author of “Financially Forward”

watch course trailer
Vinay Patankar

Founder of, operations & scalability expert

watch course trailer
  • Finance for Founders
  • The Systems Driven Busines
Nick Shackelford

Founder of Structured Social, Facebook Ads Expert

watch course trailer
Tommie Powers

Founder of Tommie Traffic, Youtube Ads expert, over $30M in media buying spent on the platform

watch course trailer
Gerardo Perez

Founder of Marketing&, a leading Tiktok digital agency & top Tiktok marketing influencer

watch course trailer
  • How to run Facebook Ads
  • How to Master Youtube Ads
  • How to Run TikTok Ads
Ari Meisel

Serial Entrepreneur, expert in productivity

watch course trailer
Daymond John

Founder of the 6 billion dollar icon brand FUBU

watch course trailer
Joe De Sena

CEO of Spartan, author of the New York Times best-seller, Spartan-Up

watch course trailer
Ulrich Boser

Founder & CEO of The Learning Academy, focused on developing the future through advances in the science of learning

watch course trailer
  • Productivity Machine
  • Deal Flow
  • Mental Toughness
  • Master Any Skill
Bronson Taylor

Founder & Host of Growth Hacker TV, Founder & CEO of Growth Geeks,, Rhino Laces

watch course trailer
Steve McLeod

Founder of Fire & Safety Australia, that does +$20M in yearly revenue, listed on Australia’s 30 under 30, bestselling author of “Courage for Profit”

watch course trailer
Mitchell Harper

Co-founder of the $100M a year SaaS, BigCommerce

watch course trailer
  • Growth Hacking Playbook
  • Triple Your Business
  • 60 day startup
  • foundr+ goes beyond
    just online courses

    Because insights without action aren’t enough to change the world. Foundr+ gives you the content, community, and guidance needed to help you take action and remove the limits to your business and personal growth.

It’s Worked For Thousands Of Foundr Students


AU$3,000 of sales in first week


$335,000 in a single month


$500k in just a few months.


$11,000 a month


$1,000,000 in just 6 months


$71,000 in 11 months


$60,000 a month


$50,000 a month

Leo & Cat

$4,000 in a single month

Find & Validate Your Product Idea
Will It Actually Help Your Start Something From Scratch?

Whether you have an idea you just don't know how to get off the ground…

You have an idea, but you’re not quite sure if it's a winner…

Or even if you don't have an idea yet, but know you want to launch your own brand to become your own boss...

You'll be able to bypass the common beginner mistakes and get the exact steps to making money online, leaving your 9-5, and creating a profitable online business.

We are not gurus, the strategies and tactics found in these trainings are evergreen, in-depth, and detailed.

Now Is The Time...

Finally, Launch Your Online Side Hustle, Or Get Your Idea Off The Ground

You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams…you deserve to be happy, living the life of your dreams, and being in control of your time.

Life is too short to not go after your dreams. And now there’s no excuse not to.

Really stop and think about this...

Where do you want to be six months, one year, or two years from now?

If your answer doesn’t align with where you are right now…

Then something needs to change.

This is your chance…

For less than $100, you’ll find millions of dollars worth of ecommerce training inside the foundr+ courses and the LIVE Challenge training.

Training that comes directly from the founders of million dollar brands. They’re sharing their experiences with you in our foundr+ membership, their repeatable frameworks, so you don’t have to go through it alone.

Inside these courses, you’ll discover key lessons to help you build a thriving business faster.

standard job vs ecommerce salary

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Find & Validate Your Product Idea 7-Day Challenge

The Find & Validate Your Product Idea 7-days Challenge is broken down into 7 LIVE trainings of action-packed strategies that will help you get clear on your product.

Then the video lessons within foundr+ cover everything you need to know about finding the right idea and creating a valuable brand around it that’s different from anything else out there.

Get a step-by-step plan to jumpstart your ecommerce business thanks to exclusive lessons from successful entrepreneurs that are woven into each chapter and lesson. And find out:

  • How to find your own "Winning Product Idea", even when it seems like they're all taken.

  • How to validate your product ideas, so you don't risk time or money on something that won't work.

  • Prototyping & manufacturing your product - simple, cost-effective for making your product come to life.

  • How to build "buzz" around your brand - before you even launch it.

  • A proven launch strategy - so you're guaranteed to make sales on day one.

Ready to Launch Your Own Brand?

Become Your Own Boss today

In case you were wondering…

Seriously, There is No Catch!

Books and online training packed with insights and knowledge like these, could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars…Start & Scale alone normally costs $997!

There are even some brands out there that offer you something like this and have some sort of hidden fees or hold the actual “good stuff” back…this is not one of those.

But with all the craziness going on in the world right now, we want as many people as possible to experience freedom through ecommerce entrepreneurship. Which is why we’re offering it for only $97 - less than the cost of a university textbook, but far more valuable.

In case you’re wondering why we’re offering live trainings & access to all our courses for such an affordable price, there are a few reasons actually…

  1. Starting a business is easy. Building a business is hard. If you want to build something that matters, you know you’re going to need all the help you can get. And that’s where we come in.
  2. Proven advice and ideas from the best in the industry, who only got to their position by first being in yours - we love being helpful.
  3. This is our way of saying thank you to the dedicated entrepreneurs who are willing to work hard for their dreams.
Why Wait?

Millions Of Dollars Worth Of
Information Packed Inside A $97 LIVE Training

The information found in the Find & Validate Your Product Idea 7-days Challenge is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

Get key advice from multi-million dollar founders who were once in the same spot as you–a beginner looking to build their dream business from nothing…

And discover why there is no better time than right now to start your own ecommerce business!

Spending $97 right now on this LIVE training can put you on a new path that will allow you to…

  • Work for yourself…
  • Make more money…
  • Travel where and when you want…
  • Spend more time with your family…
  • Enjoy the finer things in life…
  • And live life on your own terms!
By Joining Today

“Fortune Favours The Bold…”

If you’re still on the fence about investing in Find & Validate Your Product Idea in 7-Days Challenge, just know that, since this includes LIVE training, we have a limit to just a couple of hundreds of attendees.

If you knew how to start your own ecommerce business, then you wouldn’t need this. This live challenge and foundr+ courses modules literally lays out every step of starting your own ecommerce brand from scratch today.

And if you’re worried about the time it’s going to take to start, relax. This will show you everything you need to know from finding a winning product idea to the marketing tactics that breathes life into your business. This will work for you! If you have 60 minutes a day, you can start building this business.

All you have to do is fill out the order form with your information. Then start the challenge on February 24th!

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