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  • The New Science of Motivation: How to light a fire under your butt so hot it practically forces you to focus on and complete important tasks – even when you feel “lazy” or “unmotivated”

  • The Olympian’s “Secret Weapon” – the secret behind the achievements of some of the world’s most productive, successful and happy entrepreneurs (this is the real secret to getting anything you want in life)

  • Richard Branson’s Unstoppable Mindset Formula
    A simple framework Joe discovered while sailing through a storm with Sir Richard Branson that will help you smash through any road blocks holding you back

  • 12-Seconds to Unbreakable Motivation! Studies from Stanford and Cornell prove this “exercise” gives you the power to motivate yourself on command

  • Give Yourself The Edge: Two ancient techniques Spartan warriors used to permanently reprogram their minds that made them fearless…

  • Plus: How to do twice the work in half the time… How to unleash the real you… overcome almost any obstacle… and more!



Spartan CEO Joe De Sena Is the author of the New York Times best-seller, Spartan-Up: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles a nd Achieving Peak Performance in Life…

And he is one of the world’s leading experts on Mental Toughness…

  • When the Olympic wrestling team needed to take their mental game up a notch, the coach sent them to Joe…
  • When several billionaires found their kids on drugs, and heading down the wrong path, they sent them to Joe…
  • When active military personnel couldn’t get in shape on their own, they went to Joe…

Why? Because over the past 20 years, Joe has helped 7 million+ people in 45 countries change their mindset to change their lives.

And because of his experience and knowledge of what it really takes to push ordinary people to get extraordinary performance, Joe has been invited to speak to employees and executives at dozens of companies, including Apple, Google, Mercedes, and BMW Japan…

He even gave a TEDx Talk on how to push past your limits and test your mental and emotional toughness...

In short, if you’re ready to get off the couch, get into the game, and start achieving more success in your life and business than ever before, Joe can show you how to get there.

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Obstacles are often put in our way to show us what’s really worth fighting for. And there’s no one – I mean NO ONE – who knows this better than Joe De Sena.
Dr. Oz
Joe De Sena is a maniac. He is a crazy man… And I find that Joe is very tactical, very astute, and he has very pragmatic philosophies of life that you can apply. He’s a very strategic businessman
Tim Ferriss
Joe is a living example of how we can redraw the borders and boundaries of what’s possible.
Jim Kwik, author of Limitless
Very thought provoking and interesting… something completely different to what you’ve experienced previously.
Jim Young, Google


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