Introducing Our New Instagram Domination Course

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Regular readers will know how much we love Instagram over here at Foundr. For new readers, all you need to know is that a lot of Foundr Magazine’s growth can be traced back to a pivotal moment when we decided to try this Instagram stuff out and promptly generated 10,000 followers in 2 weeks!

Since our mission is equipping entrepreneurs with the best tools, advice, and strategies, we quickly realized we couldn’t keep this to ourselves. So we’ve regularly been using our own blog and some of our favorite hangouts around the internet to share many Instagram secrets with our community.

However, there is a lot to learn on this subject, and our posts are only able to scratch the surface. That’s why we launched our Instagram Domination course about eight months ago. Since then, we’ve built an amazing community of entrepreneurial Instagrammers all supporting one another. We’ve seen the rise of at least one student hitting the million-dollar mark, and have proudly witnessed the growth of many other students’ businesses, in large part due to Instagram and our course.

Today, we are super excited to tell you that we’re rolling out Instagram Domination 2.0!


What’s Instagram Domination 2.0?

Instagram Domination 2.0 is the latest update to our already killer course!

In the past five months, everyone at Team Foundr has worked tirelessly to put together a massive collection of new secrets and tools for anyone who wants to start crushing it with Instagram. We’ve introduced more templates and advanced strategies, but have still kept our user-friendly experience designed to take anyone from Instagram novice to Instagram expert.


So, What’s New?

20+ new videos on everything from shoutouts, the best tools to use, hashtags, content creation, growth hacks, and analytics. As Instagram gets more traction and the market gets more complex, we’ve updated and introduced new lessons to help you stay on top.

A whole new module on Instagram Ads. Ever since Instagram has introduced paid advertising as part of their platform, we’ve had people constantly asking us how to take advantage of it. Experimenting with our own account we’ve found and developed the best strategies for every business no matter the niche, type, or size.

An upgraded platform for a more user-friendly experience and a new feature that allows all Instagram Domination students to connect with one another as well. Developing the best kind of community is super important to us at Foundr and we’re always looking for better ways for our community members to form strong partnerships with one another.


Onward and Upward

A large part of Foundr’s vision is that we’re constantly giving our audience strategic, relevant and actionable advice for all occasions. That we’re always providing value and giving you the right tools for you to achieve your own success.

We love Instagram here at Foundr because it really has been a key to our success and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it, which is why we want to share our experience and the lessons we’ve learnt to you.

With Instagram Dominatino 2.0, we’re taking things to the next level, and we can’t wait to make the Foundr community even larger and more successful!

You can immediately access Instagram Domination 2.0 by purchasing the course here:

Please leave any questions or comments you may have below, or contact us at

  • Eli Seekins

    Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. I’m just starting to get into blogging, so I’ve been interested in learning how to use Instagram professionally. I’m excited to check this out.


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