Facebook Ads 2022 - Top Questions & Answers:
How To Do Advertorials

About The Instructor


Nick Shackelford, founder of Structured Social

Meet Nick Shackelford, founder of Structured Social and one of the world’s leading authorities on Facebook advertising. To date, Nick has spent more than $100M on Facebook ads alone!

His agency currently manages $10,000,000 a month in ad spend for 150+ different brands across all niches and industries.

From Apple and Snow Teeth Whitening, to Vessi Footwear and Step Banking, Nick has been trusted by businesses to help them grow in ways they didn’t know were even possible.

Using the exact ad strategy you’ll learn inside this course...

He helped PupSocks launch as a new business and do $13,000,000 in just 32 days...

And helped Diff Eyewear launch as a new business and do $255,000 in less than 24 hours!

Back in 2015 Shackelford was just ending his career as a professional soccer player for the LA Galaxy II. He was in debt and needed money. While coaching high school soccer he soon realized “trading time for money” wasn’t going to help him fulfill his goals.

So like any self-made entrepreneur, he decided to invest in himself and develop a skill set that could alter his financial future forever.

After working on Apple’s team to help them get new customers for its iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch...

Shackelford started his own fidget spinner business called Fidgetly which went viral throughout the world. Yes, he’s widely known as the person who helped popularize the fidget spinner!

After the close of Fidgetly, Shackelford launched Structured Social to start helping other brands scale online by using Facebook ads the right way.

Today, he sits atop a short list of the best Facebook marketers on the planet.

When it comes to running Facebook ads for all kinds of different businesses and budgets, there’s simply no one better to learn from.

Nick Shackelford, founder of Structured Social


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