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  • See how one business generated $10 million in sales in 32 days with Facebook ads (you can copy this exact campaign)
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  • The power of Facebook advertising explained for 2021
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HOSTed by

nick shackelford

one of the top Facebook marketers in the world today
Nick Shackelford,
Founder of Structured Social

Nick is the ex-Apple marketer who helped sell the iPhone 7, the Apple Watch and the iPadPro.

His Facebook advertising sent the Fidget Spinner viral.

He is also the managing partner of Facebook’s premier growth partner, Structured Social.

Nick has personally spent over $100 million on Facebook advertising for himself and his clients over the past six years…

His agency currently manages $10 million a month in ad spend for 150+ clients across all niches and industries.

Facebook has even featured his marketing campaigns as case studies for business owners… including …

  • Snow Teeth Whitening – who Nick helped sell 23,000 units with their product launch (a 1.7X return on ad spend).
  • Pupsocks – who Nick helped launch and do $13 million in sales in 32 days (a 3.7X return on ad spend).
  • Diff Eyewear who Nick helped launch with $255,000 in sales in the first 24 hours… and ultimately 16,000 units in under two weeks (a 2.6X return on ad spend)

Nick has tested over 100,000 different ads, and helped scale his clients from $500K to $1 million, $1 million to $10 million, and $10 million to $50 million.

And in this video, you’ll see exactly how he does it.

Nick Shackelford,
Founder of Structured Social




    "$1M IN 14 DAYS”

    He calls Nick Shackelford’s ad methodology the “secret sauce” to his success.

    He went from spending $2k a day in finding a “winner”...and in just 14 days was able to make $1,117,383.12 from using Facebook ads. Over $1M in 2 weeks!



    He warns that if you use Nicks ads strategy, you will sell out of inventory.

    After using Nick’s ads strategy he now not only consistently sells out of all his inventory, but even has to keep upgrading his warehouse. He recently moved from his 8,500sf warehouse into a brand new 36,000sf warehouse. More than 4x the size! All thanks to Facebook ads.



    Using Facebook ads he’s been able to scale up to six-figures a day in ad spend.

    “Nick is one of the best Facebook strategists I’ve ever met. He’s helped us in scaling and strategy to move up to six-figures a day in ad spend! I can’t speak more highly of him.”


The Facebook
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