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1-On-1 Ecommerce Coaching Program

Get personalized coaching from a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who shows you what to do, holds you accountable, and helps you build your dream online business month after month.

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Real People, Real Results

"Our Revenue Increased by 582% in 6 Months with Our Best Month Hitting $11,700"

Stephanie Puiservert

"We Doubled Our Revenue Last Year"

Chris Hunn

"Our store has been open for 6 weeks and we’ve made $6,000 in revenue"

Erin Brown

"We Launched Our Product in India and Made $3,600"

Anshul Jaipuria

"We Went from Ideation to Launching in 5 Months and Made $2,000"

Becky Verma

"Our Numbers Are Way Up & We're Profitable"

Chris Benson

we've helped thousands build 
profitable businesses they’re proud of

For nearly a decade we’ve been helping people from all backgrounds and experience levels build businesses they’re proud of.

Now with this unique 1-on-1 ecommerce coaching program, we’re giving you a life changing opportunity so you too can create freedom through a profitable online store.

ready to build? we’re here to help

Kashif joined ecommerce and went from $0 to $400,000 in a few months.


Having broken into ecommerce, The DNA Company went from $0 in revenue to $400,000 in a few months. They now partner with IBM Watson to fight COVID-19 which Kashif says wouldn't have been possible without their wins from course. The company has also been approached by the governments of several countries for their product.

Rachael went from $5,000 every 6 months to $16,000 in the first 6 months.


Rachael is the founder of Ecopompom, a keyring that holds a re-usable bag within. She had an existing business but didn’t know how to brand her product in a way that attracts retailers and online customers. She went from a few sales of a product with no real brand presence, to building a brand presence that has achieved $16,000 in sales and has sold thousands of units into retail stores across New Zealand.

Drina launched during the pandemic and saw $800 in sales in the 1st day.


Drina is a Croatian living in Canada and proud of it. She wanted to make Croatian inspired cloths for people to wear proudly during sports games. However she didn't want to waste time with trial and error on her ecommerce store. She wanted to learn from someone that's already done it. Gretta taught Drina the entire launch process, and how to build a landing page as well as an email list. Because of this, Drina was able to launch to a pre-existing audience.

Lisa Lin's first business, Hey Mama, is set to hit 7-figure sales in its 1st year.


After Lisa's sister first gave birth, Lisa noticed there was a definite gap in the market for lactation products for new mothers. She decided to take the plunge and start her own business selling postpartum lactation products and is now on track to hit 7-figures in revenue before her company hits its first birthday.

In just months Nikki went from no idea to $10,000 in a day.


Nikki is the Foundr of Iresue2, an ecosustainable cutlery set. Nikki had just retired from being a restaurant owner and was looking for a business to pass the time. Nikki neither had experience in ecommerce nor a product idea. The course gave her the blueprint to create and develop a winning product. Using Gretta's influencer marketing and product ideation framework, Nikki was able to launch and receive $10,000 in sales in just 24 hours.

Josh's new store sold over AUD$3,000 in the first week and a half.


Josh knew he wanted to start an online store to sell his innovative balcony bar, but, with no prior experience in marketing or business, he didn't know how to bring this dream to life. The step-by-step nature of the course removed the overwhelm Josh was initially experiencing when he decided to start a business, and gave him the confidence to take the next steps in bringing his ecommerce store to life.

Jax found her idea and sold out her first run making $5,000!


Jax launched Moosey Moose in November 2020 and sold out of stock in less than 6 months. She has big goals to grow the business in year 2 while living up to Moosey Moose’s ethos of reducing waste and creating a sustainable baby clothing line.

Sam went from $0 to six-figures in just 4 weeks!


Sam created Naked Sundays SPF, the first sunscreen product designed to be worn over your makeup. By following Gretta’s framework and launch checklist, she went from $0 to six-figures in just 4 weeks.

Kelsey went $18k a year to $18k a month!


Kelsey, used Start & Scale to take her existing business Kavala Collective - a luxury activewear inspired by yoga, surf, & wanderlust lifestyle…from doing $18k a year, to $18k a month.

coaching accelerates every step of your ecommerce journey

whether you’re starting…

  • create products that sell on day one
    You’ll follow proven frameworks for quickly finding life-changing product ideas, used by thousands of entrepreneurs to build six, seven, and even eight-figure brands from scratch.
  • work only with the best manufacturers
    Your ecommerce mentors will share their manufacturing contacts and help you properly “vet” any potential suppliers, so you never waste money working with the wrong people.
  • quickly grow your Instagram following
    Few things are as powerful for your ecommerce store as a growing Instagram following. We’ll coach you through the shortcuts we’ve used to grow our own following to 3.6M+.
  • create loyal fans using a content strategy
    Follow the proven advice as your mentor shows you how to build a “non-boring” ecommerce content strategy that makes your customers fall in love with your brand.
  • convert more visitors on your site
    Conversion experts will coach you in the small tweaks you can make to your store’s website to improve the user experience and easily convert more visitors into sales.

or you’re scaling…

  • drive massive traffic to your store
    With coaching from world-renowned ecommerce advertisers on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, you’ll use “what’s working now” to sell more products faster.
  • sales on demand with automated email marketing
    The top 1% ecommerce email marketers will coach you in setting up your entire automated email marketing strategy, so you can build brand loyalty and make sales on autopilot.
  • unlock explosive growth with influencer marketing
    One influencer can blow up your store overnight. You’ll get coaching around everything you need to know about finding, working with, and paying the right influencers.
  • build a systems-driven business for more free time
    Your coach will give you the systems and structures so you can profitably scale faster the right way, without getting overwhelmed or burned out.
  • intentionally create a brand you can sell
    This coaching program gives you a roadmap from mentors who’ve started, scaled, and sold multi-million dollar brands from scratch, who can show you how to do it when that time comes.
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Here’s Some Of What You Get In The Program

  • Personal Ecommerce Coach:

    You’ll have your own 1-on-1 coaching with a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who guides and holds you accountable the entire way.

  • Live Ecommerce Group Coaching:

    You’ll join live q&a group coaching sessions with an ecommerce expert as your cohort works through the curriculum together.

  • Live Topic Expert Workshops:

    You’ll join weekly live workshops with the top 1% of industry experts ranging from Facebook ads, email marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

  • Weekly Accountability:

    You’ll get weekly accountability check-ins with your coach to accelerate your progress and ensure you’re staying on the right track.

  • Detailed Program Curriculum:

    You’ll receive a detailed step-by-step program curriculum so you can move fast in the right direction without getting stuck or overwhelmed.

  • Private Coaching Community:

    You’ll join the private 1-on-1 coaching community where you can network, ask questions, learn what’s working for them, and stay motivated

  • Full Foundr+ Access:

    You’ll receive full access to our premium foundr+ membership which includes our entire course catalog and access to each new course we release.

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more than just coaching,
join a like-minded community…

Building a business is harder alone. Surround yourself with 30,000+ talented peers and get support, motivation, and advice whenever you need it.

products created inside 
the community

SupplementsACV GummiesMaurah Ruiz made $2k in less than a week
BeautyBall WashAdam did 7 figures in 7 months
ClothingWool FedorasTania received 20 orders on launch night
BeautyBeard OilGamal went from $2k to $60k a month
Active WearBikini’s & Active WearKelsey went from 80 sales a year to 120 sales a month
BeautySea Cucumber CollageRenee did $12,000 in one day
FoodHot SauceAllan made $2,000 in his first month
SupplementGut Health SupplementReever made $500k in his first year
FitnessFoam Roller BottlesCory & Georgia made $33k in first 5 months
FoodPremium French RoséPiers did $12k in just his 3rd month in business
BabyAdjustable JumpersJax found her idea & sold out with $5k in sales
BeautySPF SunscreenSam went from $0 to six-figures in 4 weeks
  • ACV Gummies - Maurah Ruiz made $2k in less than a week
  • Ball Wash - Adam did 7 figures in 7 months
  • Wool Fedoras - Tania received 20 orders on launch night
  • Beard Oil - Gamal went from $2k to $60k a month
  • Bikini’s & Active Wear - Kelsey went from 80 sales a year to 120 sales a month
  • Sea Cucumber Collage - Renee did $12,000 in one day
  • Hot Sauce - Allan made $2,000 in his first month
  • Gut Health Supplement - Reever made $500k in his first year
  • Foam Roller Bottles - Cory & Georgia made $33k in first 5 months
  • Premium French Rosé - Piers did $12k in just his 3rd month in business
  • Adjustable Jumpers - Jax found her idea & sold out with $5k in sales
  • SPF Sunscreen - Sam went from $0 to six-figures in 4 weeks

…And countless others in all kinds of niches and industries!

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surround yourself with 
talented peers

foundr graduates have consistently achieved real results they never thought possible. ready to join them?

$18,000 in 3 months


Increased ROAS by 15X


From idea to finished product


Sold a $250k truck on Instagram


$71,000 in 11 months


$1,000,000 in just 6 months


Increased orders by 701%


Increased ROAS by 3-5%


Boosted email revenue by 55%

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three reasons to invest in ecommerce coaching

  • unlock your full earning potential

    People pay $40,000 for a degree they don’t use or to be underpaid at a job they don’t like. Instead you can invest in a coach who will not only show you what to do to quickly create an online income, but hold you accountable so you stay focused and do it.

  • you don’t need to spend $100M or waste 10,000 hours

    Nick Shackelford and Tommie Powers have both spent $100M+ each on paid ads. Gretta Van Riel has been building brands from scratch for nearly a decade. They’ve already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

  • recession-proof skills that make money in any economy

    The best time to start preparing for a possible recession was yesterday. The second best time is right now by building your own profitable online business.

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“The best protection against inflation is investing in your own skills.”

Warren Buffet

real people, real businesses, real ecommerce results

Scaled from six to seven figures


From 0 to $2k in sales per day


$500k in just a few months


$3,000,000 in sales in one year


Scaled email revenue to 30%


Grew following to nearly 200K


$3,000 in first week



From $5,000 to $50,000 a month


71-yr old gets first online sale


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should apply?

    If you’re interested in the freedom an ecommerce business can provide and you’re willing to put in the work, follow the process, and be coachable, we invite you to apply.

  2. What happens after I apply?

    After you apply one of our course consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible over next steps.

  3. Are spots really limited?

    Yes. We intentionally keep this program smaller for more personalized interaction.

  4. What if I already have a store?

    Then your coach can help you scale it even faster. Plus they’ll help you build the right systems so your business can run seamlessly with or without you involved day to day.

  5. Is this in person or fully remote?

    This is currently fully remote so you can do it anywhere in the world.

  6. What's the estimated time commitment?

    Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but we advise students to always plan for at least 30 minutes a day. If you can do more, great. But this at least keeps momentum going.

  7. What if I don't have any experience in ecommerce?

    You don’t need any as long as you’re willing to learn, take action, and follow your coach's advice. Many of our most successful students started as complete beginners.

  8. Will this help me with Facebook ads or Instagram?

    Absolutely. Not only will your coach have priceless experience they’ll share with you, but you’ll also receive live group coaching and training from the top 1% of social media marketers.

  9. What’s the foundr+ membership and is it extra?

    Foundr+ is our premium annual membership which gives you access to our entire course catalog plus each new course we release. It’s included for free during this coaching program.

  10. Why are you doing this?

    The opportunities in ecommerce are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. People are building profitable stores and creating lives of freedom and abundance faster than ever before.

    Plus our community has been asking for this kind of 1-on-1 coaching for years now. While it’s not for everyone, it is for those who want to move fast by getting personalized coaching from proven entrepreneurs who’ve actually done exactly what they’re coaching you to do.

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