• Kick-start Your Agency With 2-3 “Lighthouse Clients”!

    Discover who they are and how to leverage them for fast & headache-free growth.

  • The #1 metric you must prioritize in your agency’s first 6-9 months

    ... in order to build a sustainable business (hint: not # of clients closed)

  • No network to send you warm referrals?

    No problem! Dee will reveal how to connect with and close cold prospects in a non-pushy way.

  • Why the “close more clients” advice could end up hurting your agency.

    Dee urges you to do this instead before your next discovery call...

  • 2 critical (yet often ignored) roles your agency must play while working with clients.

    Get this right and they will love you for it!


Dee deng
Co-founder of
right hook digital

Meet your instructor

Dee DEnG

I wanted to make a course for new agency owners who want to focus on building a high-quality, sustainable business…by acquiring the right kind of clients, setting expectations with them from the start, and over-delivering.

I wanted to make a course for new agency owners who want to focus on building a high-quality, sustainable business…by acquiring the right kind of clients, setting expectations with them from the start, and over-delivering.

He is the co-founder of Right Hook Digital, a digital agency which hit $250,000 per month in sales... within its first 14 months!

Recognised as Australia’s top 100 fastest growing companies in 2020 and 2021, it achieved year-on-year growth of 266% and 81.9% respectively.

Dee is also a leading authority in the digital marketing world. He has spoken on stage at Affiliate World Conferences and Ad World Conference.

Along the way, he launched the “Growth & Greatness Show” where he interviewed top minds like Ezra Firestone, Justin Brooke, Tom Breeze, Nick Shackelford and many more.

Inspired by these conversations, as well as his first-hand experience, he now mentors agency owners to avoid common pitfalls and speed up their learning curve.

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Jason how - Managing director of agency J

He Created

“Dee is the real deal. When I reached out to consult him on how he structured his agency and hired talents, he shared generously. It was his sharing that led to a breaktrough in our agency operations, aloowing us to scale past the intial ceiling we were stuck at.If you get a chance to learn from Dee,dont give it up!”

DEpesh manadalia - Founder and CEO of SM COmmerce

He Created

“Dee Deng’s rise from curious media buyer to an operational leader has been phenomenal to watch. He’s gone from scaling ad accounts to scaling people, systems and his own agency. All with a big smile and heart to help others along the way. An inspiration for newbies and OGs alike.

More results?
Here are the receipts:

  • Dee’s agency is faciliating impressive growth for their clients, like this 
    30% month on month growth.

  • Dee is a sought after speaker at digital marketing conferences 
    throughout the world.orkshop with Shopify

  • Just another impressive result achieved by the 
    Right Hook team for one of their clients.

  • Dee Deng and the ecommerce legend Ezra Firestone.

  • Dee hanging out with fellow digital marketers 
    Nick Shackelford and Jake Schmidt.

  • Dee on the stage at Affiliate World Asia.

  • Dee’s public knowledge sharing is well received 
    by audiences around the world.

  • Yet another impressive Right Hook result: 
    10 ROAS for one of their client’s campaign.

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