The #1 Skill In This “New Economy”...

How Everyday Entrepreneurs Are Using
“Conversion Copywriting”
To Write Fast & Simple Messages That Make Thousands Every Month!

This Marketing “Superpower” Allows You To Bring In New Leads, Sales, & Followers Every Month From Something You Wrote Just Once!

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Behind-the-scenes Of A Thriving Business Today...

Imagine two identical businesses...

Both selling the exact same thing to the exact same people.

While one is having record month after record month…

The other is closing their doors never to return.

While one can’t stop hitting refresh on their Paypal account…

The other is wondering how everything went so wrong.

One’s turning everything he or she touches into gold…

And the other’s just plain tired of trying to make anything work.

Same product.

Same process.

Same profits.

But what makes one successful while the other struggles? What one thing could possibly be powerful enough to transform two identical businesses in two totally different ways?

How Anyone
Can Sell More

Of Anything…

The often overlooked difference between the businesses above -- along with the thousands we work with -- was one knew how to craft fast and simple messages that were laser targeted to their audience.

Simple messages that felt authentic, valuable, and like they were “reading the minds” of their audience.

While the other relied on the hype-filled, cookie-cutter, over-the-top-promise-making kind of marketing communication that’s become pretty much the norm for today.

One could quickly write emails, Facebook ads, Instagram captions, landing pages, and all other kinds of marketing messaging that connected with readers and consistently converted leads into lifelong fans.

They knew how to create the kind of marketing and unique campaigns people actually look forward to reading instead of deleting on demand without a second thought!

While the other always sounded forced , “too salesy”, or just plain boring.

Or worst of all...they sounded exactly like everybody else in their market!

That’s why we’re seeing the business owners who are crushing it during these unique times all seem to know one thing...

It’s not what
you sell,
but how you
sell it!

That one insight can turn normal or “boring” products and services, into “sold out” shelf items and unforgettable buying experiences that get talked about at the dinner table.

It’s how...

Squatting toilets become household names.

Dollar razors turn into billion dollar companies.

Normal people become “insta famous” with a single post.

And how everyday coaches & consultants become global brands.

Mastering The #1 Marketing Skill In This “New Economy”

And right now having this unique ability to consistently turn words you write just one time…

Into a team of “digital salespeople” working for you 24/7/365 in every part of your business - from ads & emails to videos & product listings - has never been more critical than it is today!

Because it’s truly “survival of the fittest” for every entrepreneur out there right now.

There’s no room to take chances with a bad or boring marketing message which completely misses the mark with a prospect. There’s no room for wasted opportunities today.

And there’s certainly no room for a bad hire. Because unless you have a multi-million dollar business with plenty of profits to spare (or waste)…

It can be a bigger risk hiring an expensive “hit or miss” copywriter to write your messages than it is to just quickly get your own copy skills up to speed. Skills that can produce returns for you for a lifetime!

Because the truth one knows or cares about your business as much as you do.

And the ability to quickly punch out money making emails, posts, and ads that bring in consistent business is like having the ultimate “sales insurance” when times are tough.

It’s why we believe bootstrapped business owners should always learn to write copy until they can comfortably afford to hire it out. The skillset is priceless in so many ways.

Because in the words of Shark Tank investor and billionaire Mark Cuban…

There’s no room to take chances with a bad or boring marketing

“Sales Cures All”
And Copywriting is Simply Selling
With Your Words

It’s why after interviewing thousands of some of the most successful founders of our generation and helping more than 10,000 people start their own online businesses…

We’re absolutely convinced…

“Conversion copywriting” is the #1 skill
for making sales in the new economy.
  • Not design.
  • Not video.
  • Not funnels.


“Conversion Copy”
Vs Boring Copy

And specifically what we call “conversion copywriting”.

The unique blending of both the science and the art of writing persuasive sales copy.

Too often it’s only “the science” of copywriting that gets all the attention. The formula’s, the templates, the structures and the rules, etc.

But without combining those things with “the art” of copywriting...

...finding your own unique voice and “writer's confidence”, being refreshingly different, and communicating your message in a real and authentic way…

Your copy falls flat and gets ignored. And ignored copy doesn’t convert!

It’s like having the recipe of a master chef but wondering why your dish doesn’t taste as good. You can copy the “science” but it’s the “art” that brings it all together.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, short staffed, or just flat out busy.And up until now there just wasn’t anything that combined both the science and the art of copywriting in a way which could instantly help their copy really hit home for their customer.

Leading them to take a “one size fits all” approach to both writing copy and using it the same way in all kinds of mediums. Something that can massively hurt conversions.

Because without knowing the CRITICAL DIFFERENCES in copy when writing a landing page, Facebook ad, launch emails, video script, etc...even the best copy gets watered down.

So while they’re crystal clear on the leveraging power great copy has on any kind of business, it can be a bit muddy on exactly how to use it to its full potential.

But luckily when you unlock your own style of copy, you don’t need to wait weeks, months, or “10,000 hours” to start seeing the results of your efforts…

You can hit publish and start seeing new sales in just minutes!

You’re Just
One Piece
Of Copy Away...

Best of all, with copywriting you can write something once and profit it from it for years to come!

And you don’t even need a “big” audience or well known brand.

We’re seeing it help all kinds of businesses even in these uncertain times...

  • New entrepreneurs launch businesses with sales on day 1 using landing page copy...

  • Coaches make six-figures from posting simple messages on their facebook pages…

  • Ecommerce stores sell to the same small email list month after month…

  • And Influencers blow up their followings by crafting better captions...

Today any business owner can quickly turn words into wealth by mastering both the science and the art of “conversion copywriting”.

Just one piece of copy can change everything almost overnight.

Taught By Former Googler & Indiegogo $1m+ Record Breaker
Meet your instructor

Arman Assadi

Arman Assadi, Instructor of the 7-Figure Copywriting Program
former “Googler” and the Copy Strategist behind 12 Different 7-Figure Product Launches

Years ago Arman quit his secure six-figure job at Google and jumped on a one way flight to Cuba. With latin music in the air and an ice cold Hemingway daiquiri in his hand, he knew the time had come to answer his own entrepreneur calling and start creating life on his terms.

It was at that moment when he decided he’d take complete control over his financial future and freedom, by beginning down the empowering path of entrepreneurship.

So with no business idea, no backup plan, and zero technical experience...he turned to mastering copywriting as the skill that would help him turn his dreams into reality.

Little did he know it was an investment in time and energy that would go on to forever change his business and life.

Since that single turning point in Cuba, his resume has become a laundry list of “Who's Who” filled with Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, celebrity thought leaders, and New York Time bestselling authors.

He became the go-to copywriter for influential thought leaders like Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Jason Silva, Lori Harder, Timothy Sykes, Gerard Adams, and more.

While also having companies like IBM, T-Mobile, PayPal, Century 21,, and implement his own educational programs.

Along the way he’s helped craft multi-million dollar copy to sell everything from agency services, software, books, and everything in between.

But most importantly, Arman’s not just a copywriter. He’s also a founder.

He’s an entrepreneur who fell in love with copy to grow his own businesses and launch his own ideas, not just to immediately rush off to become a “guru” and sell empty courses.

As the co-founder & CEO of Project EVO, he broke records by raising more than $1,000,000 to become the most crowdfunded planner of all time!

And that’s in large part to the effectiveness of Arman’s 10-Step Copywriting Framework!

Now after years of being a highly paid and sought after copywriter, he’s worked with us here at Foundr and taken everything he’s learned, developed, and perfected…

...and captured it ALL into one of the most unique copywriting trainings we’ve ever seen or put together!

Arman Assadi, Instructor of the 7-Figure Copywriting Program
Enterprise Brands Arman Has Worked With
Enterprise Brands Arman Has Worked With


I've worked with 50+ copywriters before and nothing has converted as well as Arman’s.

Our most recent live event sold out in just one week using Armans copy and tactics!”

I continue to be amazed at his insights, compelling strategies, & tools for creating flow in your life

What’s Waiting For You


Module 1:

The Critical “Conversion Copywriting” Fundamentals

In this module you’ll learn the “unconventional” foundation Arman says is responsible for his incredible copy success: Art + Science + Authenticity. This unique framework will forever change the way you view and write your copy.

Module 1: The Critical “Conversion Copywriting” Fundamentals
  • Lesson 1: 7-Figure Copywriting Overview
  • Lesson 2: Philosophy On World Class Copy: Science + Art
  • Lesson 3: Quickstart Copywriting Formulas
  • Lesson 4: “Mind Reading” Market Research
  • Lesson 5: Crafting Your Customer Avatar
  • Lesson 6: Selling Transformation Not Information
  • Lesson 7: The F.A.B. Principle To Simple Selling
Module 1: The Critical “Conversion Copywriting” Fundamentals
Module 2:

The 10-Step Copywriting Framework

This module you’ll take a deep dive into Arman’s proven 10-step framework for writing compelling copy. From start to finish he shows you everything you need to write copy that converts for any kind of promotion.

Module 2: The 10-Step Copywriting Framework
  • Lesson 1: Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines
  • Lesson 2: How To Set Up The Problem & Solution
  • Lesson 3: Selling Benefits & Results
  • Lesson 4: Mastering Credibility & Social Proof
  • Lesson 5: How To Make Your Offer
  • Lesson 6: Using Bonuses To Stack Value
  • Lesson 7: The Right Way To Reveal Your Price
  • Lesson 8: How To Authentically Inject Scarcity & Urgency
  • Lesson 9: Creating Your No Brainer Guarantee
  • Lesson 10: A Powerful & Clear Call To Action
Module 2: The 10-Step Copywriting Framework
Module 3:

Writing Copy For Different Mediums

In this module you’ll discover all the critical nuances of writing copy for different mediums. From writing sales pages to webinars, it’s all here. With multi-millions in sales data, Arman knows the exact “quick tweaks” you should make to see the greatest results.

Module 3: Writing Copy For Different Mediums
  • Lesson 1: Writing Headlines For All Kinds Of Copy
  • Lesson 2: Headline Examples & Exercise
  • Lesson 3: High-Converting Sales Pages
  • Lesson 4: Simple Landing Page Copy That Works
  • Lesson 5: Scripting A Video Sales Letter
  • Lesson 6: Writing Winning Webinars
Module 3: Writing Copy For Different Mediums
Module 4:

Email Copywriting

Since email remains the #1 driver of sales for online businesses, this module shows you how to make more money from it right away. You’ll learn how to quickly write both campaign and broadcast emails that your subscribers are eager to read and excited to buy from

Module 4: email copywriting
  • Lesson 1: Email Copywriting Secrets
  • Lesson 2: How To Sell With Broadcast Emails
  • Lesson 3: Automated Multi-Email Campaigns
  • Lesson 4: Different Email Stories & Narratives
Module 4: email copywriting
Module 5:

Powerful “Touchpoint” & Micro Copy

In this module you’ll discover how to use short “touchpoint” copy to boost conversions throughout the entire sales process. From button copy to thank you pages, you’ll be able to gently “nudge” your prospects to take the next desired action without it feeling forced.

Module 5: Powerful “Touchpoint” & Micro Copy
  • Lesson 1: Ecommerce “Conversion” Copy
  • Lesson 2: Leveraging Confirmation & Thank You Pages
  • Lesson 3: Micro Copy To Help Solve Mistakes
  • Lesson 4: Bringing It All Together
Module 5: Powerful “Touchpoint” & Micro Copy

Student Case Studies

Marcha Henderson

“Our Average ROAS was 300%”

Marcha is the CEO of Mochi Social, an agency that helps coaches, ecommerce businesses, photographers and so much more to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Her business was at a stage where she needed a replicable copywriting framework to help them produce more high converting copy and she stumbled upon Arman’s course.

After implementing the framework taught in the course, her agency was able to produce a lot more copy that produces great results for her clients.

In her own words: “The course is worth every penny because it makes you money instead of costing you money”

David Aranzabal

“We just did a
launch and it wouldn’t be possible without Arman’s course”

David is an experienced entrepreneur running an investment education company with clients based in Spain and Latin America.

Before taking the course, writing was never his strength zone and found it tough to make copywriting work for him.

After taking the course, he now writes everything from FB ads, sales page, landing pages and even webinar script.

In his own words: “Even if you started as a newbie in copywriting, you’ll end up an expert after taking the course. I can guarantee you that”

Giota Kalogirou

“We were getting
the right customers
and our sales cycle has become so much shorter”

Giota is the Director of Marketing & Business Development for Definitely Greece, a luxury travel agency.

She felt that there was so much to be done to increase sales so she decided to take Arman’s copywriting course.

The 1st thing she did was to redesign the welcome email sequence. The result? Their open rates increased, they generated more visitors to their blog which eventually led to acquiring more high quality leads.

In her own words: “We were getting seen by our ideal customer who was ready to book a trip with us. It was amazing”

Sam Obrart

“Our page converted at close to 40%”

Sam Obrart is the founder of Atomic Marketing, a digital agency based in London.

Before taking the course, Sam was very dependent on his clients’ ability to produce copy which often led to ineffectiveness.

Sam decided to pick up copywriting skills by learning from Arman’s course and he can now produce high converting copy fast for his clients without any guesswork.

In his own words: “It’s all about doing the research, understanding your audience and writing in your own voice without trying to force it into a pre-built template. This is the most important lessons I learned from the course”

Travis Percy

“Our open rates are averaging around
70% range.
It’s crazy.”

Travis is the Founder of Congruence Institute. He works with founders and creative visionaries in the executive coaching front to help them take their performance to the next level.

Before the course, Travis was writing a lot of content but it all fell flat because it lacks empathy and connection with his audience.

After taking the course, Travis found massive success in his writings as he was able to transfer feelings & emotions to his target audience. The results? Higher open rates and more engagement for his emails.

In his own words: “There’s pacific ocean gap between good business writing and good copywriting and I thought they were the same, until I took this course”


Amir Salim

“If you haven’t written a lot of copy before, the course is going to blow your mind 110%”

Amir manages millions in ad spend and he’s good at what he does, but copywriting was a big pain point.

The course gave him an easy-to-follow framework to do market research, coming up with good hooks and messaging and it completely changed the way he approached copywriting.

In his own words: “The course was short, nice, easy and straight to the point. If you haven’t written a lot of copy before, this course is going to blow your mind 110%”

Level Up Your Copy Skills
For Less Than The Price Of An Email

Do you know what it costs to hire a high level-copywriter (someone like Arman) to write just a single email? We’ve seen anywhere from $300 all the way up to $500 and more.

Sometimes for a single email!

And while this course isn’t about turning you into the next top-gun copywriter for hire, although you can certainly use it in that way if you choose..

It’s a proven blueprint for you to quickly, easily, and inexpensively LEVEL UP your copy skills without any of the typical guess work or years of blind trial and error.

Instead of paying $15,000 for your upcoming launch copy package…

$10,000 on your next webinar script…

Or even $500 on a winning email…

For just $297 or less than 83 cents a day...

You’ll get instant access to the entire 7-Figure Copywriting Course where you’ll learn how to quickly write a single email that can make you far more than just $500 one time!

You’ll get instant access to the entire 7-Figure Copywriting Course where you’ll learn how to quickly write a single email that can make you far more than just $500 one time!

Plus all the exclusive bonuses.

So instead of you spending thousands to hire a master copywriter like Arman - who currently charges and gets $1,000 per hour - to sit down and teach you everything inside this nearly 5 HOUR IN-DEPTH COURSE...

We bought Arman’s time for you! Plus we brought in our entire video team so the program was professionally produced and easy to follow along.

And because we’re on a mission at Foundr to become the leader in business building skills, content, and proven how-to entrepreneurial frameworks…

We want to give you the opportunity to get world-class copy instruction, from a one of most well respected copywriters and entrepreneurs we could find…

An Investment
With Almost Instant Returns

There are few investments we know of where you can experience “instant” returns. At least not if the “guru” is actually telling you the truth.

Warren Buffett, “The King of Wall Street” whose performance history is among the best in the world, has an average rate of return of 20.8%...per year.

Put simply? Throw in $1,000 on Jan 1 and you’ll have an extra $208...365 days later! And while we’d never tell someone not to invest with good ol’ Warren...

Improving your copywriting is one of those rare types of investments that can pay off almost immediately…

And then continue to produce huge returns for the rest of your life!

Imagine jumping into the course today and then writing a Facebook post that generates new customers or clients only hours later?

How would it feel to quickly and confidently hammer out tomorrow’s email, then sit back and witness record setting open rates, click-throughs, and best of all...increased sales?

Can you see all the positive engagement your next Facebook ad will have as you write it following a proven formula using your own unique and authentic voice?

30 days...60 days...90 days goes unchanged but continues to produce consistent conversions because you know how to write in a way that actually resonates.

Or even scripting a powerfully compelling webinar which sells your products or services on auto-pilot. Setting it up once and leveraging it for months at a time.

At the end of the day, having the ability to write the kind of “authentic copy” Arman has mastered, just simply gives you a level of confidence in your business like never before.

It’s the ultimate “business building insurance”.

Because as long as you’ve got something to write with, you’ve got a way to make money or produce whatever result you desire.

For some it’s just having the ability to generate more trust, connection, and engagement with the next thing they post on social media. For others it’s building a 6, 7, or 8-figure business.

However you choose to leverage it, fast and simple upgrades in your copy can produce huge upgrades in your life.

By Joining Today

You’ll Also Receive Instant Access To These
6 Awesome Bonuses Worth $3,513


7-Figure Swipe File

The 7-Figure Swipe File allows you to write faster without ever getting stuck staring at a blank screen! It contains word-for-word sales pages, email campaigns, upsell and video sales scripts, and everything in between!

You can use them as a guide to help you write faster and easier.

Plus you’ll get private access to the exact 7-figure sales pages that thought leaders like Neil Patel and Lewis Howes have used to generate millions of dollars.

$1,000 FREE

7-Figure Sales Letter Template

The 7-Figure Sales Letter Template ensures you never miss an important sales element when writing your letter. Effective copywriting the sequence of your writing is just as important as the substance.

This step-by-step script follows Arman's proven process for turning strangers into new customers without ever feeling over the top or “salesy”.

$1,000 FREE

$50,000 4-day email
promotion campaign

Swipe, tweak, and deploy! That’s all you have to do to start making sales with this 4-day email campaign. We’ve used this exact campaign to generate $50,000 multiple times in a single weekend.

It was designed by a high-paid copywriter to generate sales no matter your product, service, or even list size! Just fill in your unique messaging and send it out.

$497 FREE

7 Proven 6-Figure
E-commerce Sequences

These 7 plug-and-play ecommerce email sequences allow you to set them up once, and have them “sell for you” day after day. Each one covers a different part of your customer's journey, helping you not only to make more sales, but build greater trust and loyalty to your brand and product.

$497 FREE

Landing Page Formula

To help your copy convert even better, you’ll also receive instant access to another entire Foundr course absolutely free!

The Landing Page Formula is taught by none other than the founder of UnBounce, Oli Gardner and is a complete guide for optimizing all of your most important pages online.

Also known as “Mr. Landing Page” Oli has analyzed, critiqued, and broken down more than 100,000 landing pages! He knows exactly how to make pages covert.

And we’ve packaged all of his priceless insights on how to create conversion focused pages into this breakthrough course called The Landing Page Formula. This course normally sells for $497, but it’s included totally free with your investment in 7-Figure Copywriting.

$497 FREE

12-month Digital Subscription to Foundr Magazine

The go-to resource for self-made entrepreneurs all over the world, Foundr Magazine delivers monthly content to help you succeed faster. By joining today you’ll receive a 12-month digital subscription with issues featuring the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Daymond John, Tim Ferriss, and more.

$21.99 FREE
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“I'm SO impressed”

Im SO impressed with Foundr. Instagram Domination is an amazing program. I am in awe of the quality of the content, the fact that it is not just theoretical, its backed with real life proof , is practical and actionable. Thank you Nathan Chan

Bernadette Janson

“Owner of 8 figure business and wouldn't go to war without Foundr”

Long term subscriber to Foundr have engaged in a number of their courses and naturally a reader of their online content and magazine. My organisations have grown exponentially over the past 3 years and it is no coincidence during this period my team have eaten everything up that Foundr has to offer.
Start and Scale course and Sabri's course are the two standouts for me.
Cant recommend enough, Foundr is a must have if you really want to hustle in biz.

Rory Boyle

“The courses are some of the best
on the web”

Hugely impressed by all of the brilliant content that Foundr continues to creates and share. The courses are some of the best on the web and the magazine itself is so brilliantly put together. Top quality content and teachings all round.

Sue Hay

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  1. What type of copy will I learn to write?

    Direct response style copy for all different kinds of mediums. From writing emails and landing pages, to social media captions and video scripts, 7-Figure Copywriting will help you write it all!

  2. What if I’m just starting out and have never written any copy before?

    Then you may actually be ahead of the game because many people have to actually “unlearn” bad copy habits if they’ve been taught them elsewhere. If you’re just starting out, you have a blank slate and can learn incredibly fast!

    Remember, copy is less about being great at writing or being a “wordsmith”, and more about being able to clearly articulate how your product or service solves the problem of your audience.

  3. What if I don’t have an audience/email list?

    Everyone starts without an audience or list, don’t they? So if that’s where you are that’s totally fine. By learning “conversion copywriting” you’ll be able to write in such a persuasive and authentic way that you can start building a list today by writing better captions on your social channels!

  4. How do I know if this will work for my industry?

    Effective marketing is needed in every single industry or niche. And since copywriting is at the core of all marketing, there’s no industry where it won’t make a massive difference.

    Will you have to change the “tone” or style of how you write based upon your unique industry? Of course. Someone in a corporate financial setting will communicate differently than someone selling to teenagers on Tiktok.

    7-Figure Copywriting shows you exactly how to match your own unique voice and message to whoever your audience may be.

  5. I’ve tried other courses. What makes 7FC better / different?

    Most copywriting courses are taught by copywriting “gurus”, not actual founders. Maybe they had some flash-in-the-pan success one time in one single industry and then rushed off to start selling courses.

    At Foundr we have a strict “No Guru Policy” and that’s why we chose Arman Assadi to teach this course. Because not only has he been a go-to copywriter for some of the biggest names online, but he’s also a record breaking entrepreneur with his own multi-million dollar business.

    Plus 7-Figure Copywriting is the only “conversion copywriting” course that combines both the science and art of copywriting. It doesn’t rely on hype, fake promises, or overly salesly messaging to force someone into action.

  6. What if I’m an artist, musician or performer?

    Copy can work for you too! Oftentimes even faster than other industries (like online courses) that are more saturated with copy already. Look at YouTube or other places and see how the top videos have great headlines. That’s copywriting in action!

  7. Do I need a lot of money to get started?

    To start bringing in new leads or sales with great copy you don’t need a single penny to get the ball rolling. Many successful businesses today were built from simple posts on Facebook. As long as you’ve got something to write with, you’ve got a way to make money or produce whatever result you desire.

  8. Will there be plenty of examples to illustrate the points?

    Yes! There are entire walkthroughs, copy teardowns, cheat sheets, and step-by-step templates to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Plus we even paid someone to make a professionally produced workbook so you can follow along and do the copy exercises lesson by lesson!

  9. Will this work in other languages besides English?

    Yes. The language you're communicating in may change, but the principles of “conversion copy” are the same and will easily transfer to whatever language you speak.

  10. How soon could I recoup my investment in this course?

    Whether it’s writing a new email or a Facebook post to drum up new business, just applying one of the lessons in 7-Figure Copywriting could quickly pay you back the investment. The skill of copywriting pays financial returns your entire life.

  11. How long will it take to do the course?

    The course is roughly 5 hours long. So however fast or slow you want to take it is totally up to you!

  12. How soon can I start once I have access to the course?

    Instantly. As soon as you invest in 7-Figure Copywriting we’ll email you your access link to course so you can get going writing better copy right away.

  13. What if I get busy and fall behind?

    No problem at all. You can go as fast or as slow as you choose. The main key is to apply what you’re learning.

  14. Why is it worth the investment?

    There are no investments that provide a return as fast as copywriting can. Think of it. For only $397 you can learn a skill that you can begin using right away! A skill that can be used to write emails, Instagram captions, or Facebook posts which can generate new leads and sales out of thin air. You could pay for this entire program by sending out a single email!

Foundr. Learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.