FP051: How to Start Your Own Social Enterprise and Make a Big Impact with StartSomeGood’s founder Tom Dawkins

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He was told it couldn’t be done. Social good was meant for nonprofits. Businesses were for making money. But Tom Dawkins always felt like there was a puzzle to be solved, that he could put the pieces together and run a profitable business that created change in the world.

A serial entrepreneur from a young age, Dawkins worked in both nonprofits and tech startups before finally  solving it. The result was StartSomeGood, a crowd-funding platform for anyone—nonprofit, for profit, or individual—with an idea to make positive change in the world.


In this episode you will learn:

How to start your own social enterprise

How to measure your impact and why

The true definition of social entrepreneurship

How find a problem that needs solving

Budgeting 101 with a for profit social enterprise

& much more!


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