177: How Shannon Willoughby Turned Her Passion Into a $30K/Month Business (Start & Scale Student Spotlight – Part 2)

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Shannon Willoughby, Founder, NZ Aromatheraphy

Welcome to part two of our three-part podcast series that’s shining the spotlight on successful entrepreneurs who hail right from our very own Foundr community! These passionate people are in the trenches daily doing what it takes to make their startup dreams a reality.

If you haven’t listened to part one, featuring Gamal Codner, you can check it out right here.

Today, we talk with Shannon Willoughby, a courageous entrepreneur who started from zero and scaled her ecommerce business to $30,000+ per month and growing. Using the principles she learned in our Start & Scale ecommerce course, Shannon was able to surpass $250,000 in sales since starting her aromatherapy business just four months ago.

This episode is packed with advice on how anyone can scale a profitable ecommerce business, but it’s also an inspiring story. Not only did Shannon build a business from zero, she’s also recovered from two strokes and won the New Zealand rugby National Championship.

Her “never die” attitude will have you dreaming bigger than ever. Learn the strategies that led to Shannon’s success and how to follow in her footsteps. We are extremely proud to share her story with you!

Key Takeaways

  • The one avoidable mistake Shannon made that slowed her progress and how she turned it around
  • How passion and personal experience plays into business success
  • The most important factor that fueled Shannon’s early success (it’s super easy to replicate)
  • The pre-business step all ecommerce shop owners should take to ensure people will buy their product

Key Resources From Our Interview With Shannon Willoughby

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  • Kanokporn Wanjitwong

    Loved the episode. I’m working on my own store and this is inspiring. Keep more coming please. 🙂

    • Thanks @kanokpornwanjitwong:disqus this has been a very fun series, stay tuned for 1 more to this 3 part series 🙂

  • Eavanna Breen

    Another great interview, it is so interesting to hear how people are building their brands. Putting a voice to the brand makes it so much more accessible, real people, real lives, real success stories.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed this one @eavannabreen:disqus – Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  • Holly McKeon

    love this! You are such an inspiration!!

    • It was a great episode and a ton of fun @hollymckeon:disqus


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