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Learn How to Find & Validate Your Ecomm Product Idea in 5 Steps

Join Us In This Free 5-day Challenge To Learn The Exact Framework To Find Your Niche, Validate Your Unique Product Idea And Make Your First Sale

Starts on July 14th (7PM EST🇺🇸) | July 15th (9AM AEST🇦🇺)

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Is the FREE 5-Day Find & Validate Your Product Idea Challenge For You?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to finally launch your dream ecomm business, but you don’t know where to start or even which product to offer.
  • Even if you DID know what to sell, you’re worried that getting into a crowded market will just make your product flop.
  • You’re ready to diversify your income and do something more meaningful with your career—your 9-to-5 just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • You’re worried that bootstrapping your own business will just put you into debt with your money & time down the drain.
  • You’ve got a limited budget and you don’t really know how to make ends meet while starting your business and juggling your day job.

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right place.

By the end of this 5-Day challenge, you will learn how to VALIDATE your product idea so you can finally have the CONFIDENCE to start your ecommerce journey.

Are you ready for the challenge?

When You Join The 5-Day Find & Validate Your Product Idea Challenge, you will:

Learn the exact steps that experienced ecomm entrepreneurs and field experts take when it comes to finding the right niche, validating their product idea and defining their ideal customer.

Learn how to use the PSSP model, AI tools and various apps to find the right product without spending any money.

Use the customer outreach process to start validating your idea with the right audience.

Make sure your product stands out from the competition using the Product Innovation Framework to define its USP (unique selling proposition).

Gain confidence in your ability to keep being successful with your ecomm sales, even in a saturated market.

And so much more.

Learn From World-Renowned Ecommerce Practitioners, Who Have Been In Your Shoes.

Our instructors are world-renowned founders and practitioners of their craft, never gurus. They’re experts who’ve actually built the exact business they’re teaching about. This means, you will be learning from the best, adopting strategies that have been tested and proven.

Nathan Chan

CEO of foundr

Gretta Van Riel

5x Ecommerce Founder

Shay Mitchell

Celebrity & founder of BÉIS

Guy Kawasaki

Chief evangelist of Canva

Jake McKeon

Founder of Coconut Bowls

Ash Bent

Founder of Sketch & Etch

Adam Ellis

COO of Writual Planner

Rachel Crawford

Co-Founder of HARLOW HARRY

Here’s What Our Students Say

Loved hearing from the coaches.

5-Day Challenge Attendee

Loved hearing from the coaches.

5-Day Challenge Attendee

Changed my thinking on how to find products

5-Day Challenge Attendee

Loved…really easy, actionable…energy was outstanding

5-Day Challenge Attendee

Loved hearing different mentor’s perspectives

5-Day Challenge Attendee

This Is What Our Students Have Achieved

Violetta Mamone

The Gem Drop

Erin Schmidt

Bella Vida Santa Barbara

Christine Keeling

Long Haul Spa

Therese Clark

Lady Suite Beauty

Leo & Cat

Bushflow Herbals

Ebyan Noor

Butter Skin

Rhoda Malia

My Happiness Journal

Jose Chiriboga

Remu Apparel

Juliana Fraser

Juicy Bod

Cory & Georgia

Balance Bottle

Janelle Han


Derek Golding


Also Included: Special Bonuses That Will Accelerate Your Results From The Challenge

What’s included when you sign up:


Find & Validate Your Product Idea Guide

This is our exclusive, next generation, product idea validation guides and cheat sheets that will boost your results during this challenge. This comprehensive resource covers everything from brainstorming and market research to product validation and launch planning.


Free Subscription to Foundr Magazine

Dive into exclusive interviews with the world’s leading ecommerce founders, where we’ve condensed their insights into actionable strategies across hundreds of pages. Previously available only to subscribers, this wealth of knowledge is now yours to explore, FREE.


Free Access to Hundreds of Deals For Startup Tools (Save up to $250,000)

You will also receive FREE access to special deals on more than 100+ essential software and services such as Stripe, Canva, Slack and QuickBooks that could save you up to $250,000 in costs.


Real-Time Support from Like-Minded Ecommerce Founders

As part of your 5-day Find & Validate Your Product Idea Challenge, you’ll join a dedicated group of like-minded ecommerce founders who’re ready to support you, offer feedback and motivate you to go the extra mile.

What You’ll Achieve Each Day During The Live 5-Day Challenge

Use our proven strategy to generate an innovative and viable product idea that leverages gaps in the market, consumer trends and sales potential.

Now that you’ve done your home work and picked the right product, it’s time to get your first few sales and gain valuable customer feedback by leveraging social media, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Once you have a product, it’s time to differentiate it to make it stand out in the market by leveraging on unique selling points, added value and a memorable brand experience.

Is your idea good enough? Ensure profitability, and scalability of you idea by assessing market size and target audiences. By the end of the session you will know if your product will sell well or if you need to improve.

You’ve gotten the learnings. Now it’s time to review key takeaways, plan your next steps and create a well-structured action plan to turn your idea into a wildly profitable venture.

Dive into advanced strategies from industry leaders and experts Gretta Van Riel, Guy Kawasaki and Shay Mitchell.

Whether you’re dealing in fashion, pet supplies, health and beauty, arts and crafts, home and garden, food and beverages, electronics, eco-friendly items, sports gear, personalized products, or kids and baby essentials, or you’re navigating through the stages of your ecommerce startup – from ideation and product validation to making your first sale and beyond – this 5-day challenge offers scores of winning tactics you can apply right away to see results.

Move from feeling confused and overwhelmed to having a great idea ready to go!

Identify trending products and position them for fast-growing markets.

Stop using short-lived youtube tips and follow solid systems that work.

Do it once and do it right so you can reap the rewards of a well-built business.

Keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result? No more.

Follow the playbook from ecommerce insiders and start profiting from day one.

Inside Our Challenge Community: Founders Celebrating Their Wins

Here’s How Our Students Have Rated Us…


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Starts on July 14th (7PM EST🇺🇸) | July 15th (9AM AEST🇦🇺)

Frequently asked questions

What is the challenge about?

The challenge is a 5-Day Live event designed to help guide you through step by step to understand how you can find the right product idea for your future ecommerce store and validate this idea so you have the confidence to get started with the

Who should attend the challenge?

Anyone looking to find out what product idea they should sell or anyone needing help with validating their product idea for their ecommerce store.

What is the date and time of the challenge?

The challenge will be live from 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time on July 15th- July 19th 2024 which is 7pm US Eastern Time on July 14th- July 18th 2024.

What will I learn at the challenge?

You will learn the exact steps that experience ecomm entrepreneurs have used to find their niche, validate their product idea, define their idea customer and set up a product that will sell.

How much does the challenge cost?

The challenge is completely free to attend live, however should you want to attend our daily VIP group coaching sessions with our ecommerce coaches or access recordings of each challenge session, please upgrade to our VIP foundr+ challenge pass right after registering for the challenge.

Can I rewatch the challenge after it’s over?

Yes if you are subscribed to our VIP foundr+ pass you will have access to the challenge recordings

What if I can’t make the challenge live?

We have our challenge recordings available for purchase for just $1 as part of our foundr+ VIP Pass.

What do I get as a challenge VIP?

As a challenge VIP you get access to our Q+A session with our ecommerce coaches, all recordings from our live 5-day challenge for you to watch at anytime plus a 7 day trial to foundr+ for just $1!

Do foundr+ members already have access to the challenge recordings and live Q+A?

Yes as a foundr+ member you will have access to all challenge recordings and our VIP Q+A


Starts on July 14th (7PM EST🇺🇸) | July 15th (9AM AEST🇦🇺)