Introducing Foundr Courses, Where Teachers are Startup Legends

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We’re about to embark on an exciting new journey at Foundr Magazine, one that’s going to give you direct access to the greatest minds in the startup space, at a level beyond anything we’ve ever offered before.

Starting now, Foundr is producing educational courses taught by entrepreneurial experts themselves. That means you’ll be able to learn from the same startup visionaries  you see in the magazine, podcast and blog, but now, they’ll be directly teaching you exactly what you need to know to find entrepreneurial success.

We think this is a logical next move for us, and that it would be a disservice if we didn’t pursue it. Ever since Foundr started, our mission has always been to equip and serve entrepreneurs with our content, whether that be our podcast, magazine, blog, ebooks, print books, or any other products.

We’ve consistently grown in this space thanks to people like you, and that’s led to our own flourishing community of successful, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and foundrs, which has been extremely rewarding to watch.

Something’s Missing in the Startup Space

As we became more embedded in the entrepreneurial world, I began to notice a massive gap in the market. While there are many educational platforms in the marketplace, there’s actually no educational platform dedicated to startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Because that’s precisely the kind of educational content we dedicate ourselves to at Foundr, it felt like a natural inclination to start producing courses for our community.

Our first course was Instagram Domination, which actually came from a blog post I wrote a couple years ago about how Foundr rapidly grew our magazine subscription base using the platform. That post was such a hit that people started asking me to do consulting for them. I always had to say, unfortunately no, because I’m super focused on Foundr. So we created Instagram Domination to meet that clear need.

That course was quite successful, but it felt like something was missing. The problem was me, or rather, that I was the one teaching the course. One of the core principles behind Foundr is that we learn from those who came before us—legends and rising stars alike. We want our audience to become much more successful than Foundr itself, and the only way to do that is to bring in as many successful people as possible to show the way.

Leading Experts, Teaching You Exactly How to Succeed

Essentially, we’re going to be doing what we’ve always done with the magazine and the podcast—inviting experts to connect with our audience—only now we’re taking it to another level with courses.

Think of it this way—when you listen to a Foundr podcast, you gain access to a brilliant entrepreneur for about 40 minutes or so. With our courses, we’re going to vastly expand that access, as these industry leaders will be actually teaching you, step by step, how to find the success they’ve found, how do what they have done, and draw from their experience at a much deeper level.

The cool thing about this is, our audience will be driving these courses. We’ll only create something to serve your exact needs as an entrepreneur. Whatever your deepest problems, frustrations, and desires, we’ll find the foremost expert through the network we’ve established over the years, and produce an extremely actionable course that gets you the result you need. We’ll keep these courses evergreen, and they’ll all delve deep into solving a particular problem, whether that means a two-hour course or a 10-hour course.

Let’s Find Entrepreneurial Success Together

This is all part of my vision for Foundr. We plan to make Foundr a household name, an entrepreneurial brand that impacts the lives of tens of millions of people, including an extensive platform of hundreds of courses.

You’re an integral part of that plan, as the source of our strength is our network. If you’re just starting out, we hope you’ll be taking our courses. Someday down the line, we hope you’ll be teaching one. We learn from each other and build our collective success.

That’s the plan for the future guys, so you can expect many more awesome courses and products coming from us soon. I’m really excited for this vision of what Foundr can become, and invite you to come along with us.


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