About Rachel & Ruben

Rachel & Ruben are two young entrepreneurs taking the world by storm by using Instagram to propel their businesses while successfully being able to live & travel different parts of the world throughout the year.

How they've used Instagram Domination

Since starting the Instagram Domination course almost two years ago, Rachel & Ruben have used the teachings in the course to continuously grow their following of their travel account while living a well-travelled life! The team duo have also utilised the private Facebook community of Instagram Domination to network and learn more about Instagram & how to crush it, with the Foundr team and other driven & like-minded course students!


Rachel & Ruben were able to grow their account from 0 to 121,000+ followers and also grow their influence in the travel blogger industry as well. They also have a successful social media agency where they help their clients grow their accounts based on the core lessons learned inside Instagram Domination.

Watch Ruben and Rachel's video testimonial:

"If you’re on the fence with jumping into the course & doing it, i would say there are a lot of evergreen strategies that will be helpful at any level of your growth on instagram (that are) still very relevant right now… "

Ruben and Rachel - Gamin Traveler

Rachel & Ruben are founders of Gamintraveler which aims to help other digital nomads towards the freedom lifestyle, by providing them with a focused collection of tactical travel guides, techniques and inspiration on how to make the most out of the digital nomad life.

Coupled with years and years of experience of traveling & also the influence they have been able to garner on Instagram (their account currently has 122,000+ engaged followers) through the course, Rachel & Ruben have been able to continuously grow their travel blog while maintaining their own creative pursuit towards the freedom lifestyle.

The Instagram Domination course lessons & teachings on how to organically fill up your follows with engaging and real followers have been able to help a multitude of students from many industries and truly helped positively impact their lives as well. Along with Rachel’s and Ruben’s mission, there’s no telling what the guys at Gamintraveler are going to achieve next.

Instagram Success Stories

Deonna Monique

Deonna’s company has had its products featured by many celebrities, and she credits Instagram Domination with helping make her a millionaire.

Austin Peterson

Austin is the owner and founder of Black Dog Traders, an eCommerce business that takes classic cruisers, and update them for today’s driver while still retaining their classic...

Jackie Damelian

Jackie Damelian is the owner of Jackie Mack Designs, an eCommerce business that sells fashionable Italian Leather Bracelets & Charms. Shop online our fashion jewellery.

Daniel Clutterbuck

Daniel Clutterbuck is the founder of Circulr watches. Through Instagram, he has been able to grow his eCommerce business...

Lucy Hoger

With extensive business career experience, Lucy is currently the CEO of a top-selling digital business magazine. After trying other business Instagram courses...

Sania Jamil

Sania Jamil is the founder of the eCommerce business, Bumble Brain Box. She also owns and helps run 3 preschools in Texas. She also runs...

Kaylee Lim

Kaylee Lim is the founder and owner of Luxella, an eCommerce business that sells Japanese beauty products direct from Japan from her online store. She has credited the Instagram Domination...

Jimmy Gunnarsson

Jimmy Gunnarsson is the owner and founder of Herb Hero Sweden, an eCommerce business that sells organic superfoods from plant to product. Jimmy started his business around the time he started playing...

Tanner Chidester

Tanner is a personal trainer based in Los Angeles and also the founder of Tanner Chidester Fitness. Since starting the course, Tanner has gone to obtain many clients through Instagram by promoting...

Rachel Pregunta & Ruben Aribas

Rachel and Ruben Pregunta have taken the Instagram Domination course and utilized the teachings inside the course to propel their travel account, personal brands...

Keane Yu

Keane Yu was able to use the lessons learned inside Instagram Domination to not just set up his media agency, but also to set himself up with free lunches!

Dr Rebecca Ray

Dr Rebecca Rey has used Instagram to grow her motivations account into a brand which focuses on making positivity a big part of your mindset and life.

Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan is an entrepreneur and local influencer; using the lessons learned inside Instagram Domination on her account to provide the best content that her...

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel runs a website that helps young people figure out how to organize their life. He also scored a six-figure book deal thanks to his Instagram following.

Dan Dynesson

Dan is the creator and host of his own podcast, Bestselling Fiction Podcast. With step-by-step lessons from the course, Dan was able to gain...

Emily Chong

Emily took her new ecommerce brand and ignited its sales thanks to the use of Instagram and influencer marketing.

Adam Chelsea

Adam & Chelsea used Instagram to launch their ecommerce store and generate hundreds of leads with one just free post.

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