[Infographic] How To Use Disruptive Innovation To Create And Dominate An Entirely New Market

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Starting a new business is always tricky. Even if you’ve done everything right there’s still that one thing that you have no control over that could always turn around and bite you when you least suspect it.

I’m talking about your competitors.

By nature, all entrepreneurs want to be the best. But to be the best, you have to beat all the rest. That’s always a hard journey. To not only come up with something worthwhile, but to be fighting off everyone else tooth and nail to get your idea out there.

But what if you could be the number one player by default, right out of the gate?

That’s the beauty of finding and establishing new markets. No one else is doing it, so you’re the number one player. You hold the competitive advantage of being the first. That’s called disruptive innovation.

To help you better understand this concept and find untapped markets for a new business, we’ve created a step-by-step infographic on how to spot opportunities for disruptive innovation.

If you’ve ever wanted to become the next Uber, the next Microsoft, or the next revolutionary product then you definitely want check this out.

Disruptive Innovation


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