FP048: How to Make $1m in 1 Week Online, The Secrets of a Product Launch with Ed Dale

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It is with great pleasure we bring you this interview with the one and only Ed Dale.


If it wasn’t for this man, Foundr wouldn’t exist. I’ve been lucky enough to learn a lot of my marketing and online business chops from Ed Dale, so I thought what better reason to bring him on the show to share with us the infamous secrets to doing a $1 million launch.


Ed Dale is the creator of The Challenge and co-founder of MagCast. He’s helped over 300,000 entrepreneurs start online businesses and is a world renowned online marketer.


He has shared so much gold with us in this episode, I don’t know where to start!


The best place to find Ed is at eddale.co


In this interview you will learn:

What it takes to create a successful digital product

The secrets to getting other people to promote your products/services when it comes to getting affiliates

What is good will, and why it matters when it comes to doing a $1m launch

The processes that Ed goes through to prepare for a $1m launch

What it takes to build a successful online business

& much more!

  • http://www.mundoexperts.com/en Jackie Damelian

    What a great interview Nathan, lots of brilliant points shared by Ed. Really enjoying your podcasts. Great work.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      Glad you liked it Jackie! Ed shared so much GOLD hey!

  • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

    Glad you enjoyed it Jackie! Ed shared a ton of GOLD!

  • Mr Genuis

    can this twitter thing work for local business, i have a roofing company and look for ways to get links!


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