FP034: Epic Marketing Strategies & Customer Development 101 With Rob Rebholz of Spaceways

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A very long time ago before I even considered starting a business, I once read that the self storage industry was a brilliant business model, and a booming industry.
Little did I know 4-5 years later I would be speaking to a disrupter of this industry.
Enter Rob Rebholz, Co-founder of Spaceways whom are currently turning the self storage industry on it’s head at a rapid pace, with the kind of growth that most startups would dream of.


Rob is an extremely savvy and interesting entrepreneur and in this interview he shares with us:

The story behind spaceways, how the idea was conceieved

Marketing 101 and the power it can bring to your business if you done properly

Customer Development, and how to find out what your customers truly want

His experiences being backed by Rocket Internet

Top web apps and tools that they are using to help manage a rapidly growing business and team

& much more!


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