FP019: The Real Battle Scars of an Entrepreneur – The Brent Grundy Story

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Brent Grundy was a man with a simple business idea who built his empire from the ground up, and became living proof that someone can go from flat broke to running a business that turns over $32 million per year, in just 18 months. But Grundy’s road to success has been anything but smooth. An unfortunate but often present component of any success story is that of hardship or failure; and Brent Grundy’s story is no exception.

After a major business setback, Grundy found himself in the unenviable position of helplessly watching on as his money, home and dreams disappeared before his eyes. With barely enough money to fill a fuel tank, he prepared himself to break the devastating news to his young family that they wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas that year; the down and out businessman had hit rock bottom.

With nothing left to lose, he decided to accept his losses and turn his life around. With a renewed focus, Grundy was sitting in a play centre one day when staff told one of the older children that she was too big to play on the equipment. It was then that an idea came to him; to fill a gap in the entertainment market that caters to adults and children alike.

Today, Grundy is the Founder and Chief Executive of Australia’s first and largest Trampolining franchise business, Flip Out, and his story continues on its way into the history books. Since opening 18 months ago Brent’s business has enjoyed unprecedented success. Flip Out has expanded to a whopping twenty-one sites across the country, employing over 350 people and drawing thousands of customers through its doors each day.

Grundy’s accountant has said that in his 22 years of being in business, he has never witnessed an opportunity that allows the franchisee to recoup their initial investment within four to five months.

The zealous businessman now has his sights set on global domination; currently building centres in Dubai, Brent expects to open in 13 more countries in the next year. He also plans to use profits to donate centres to Afghanistan and Cambodia by year’s end.

In this interview you will learn:

What it feels like to have your company sold underneth you and come back even bigger and better

The importanace of systems and how to develop them in your business

What it takes to become a successful entrepreneur

How to develop a rock solid mindset where you can't lose

The franchising business, how it works and how to start

& much more!

Flip out staff having some fun

  • http://uberontime.com UberOnTime

    This goes to show us how power we humans are. Building a business is hardwork, determination and persistence all rolled up in one. Your mind and way of viewing the world.Is most vital to developing your own being.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      Spot on! Glad you enjoyed this interview 🙂

  • David Lake

    Unfortunately Brent left us over $2k out of pocket with various excuses from “I didn’t get the email” to “my credit card got stolen”. Unfortunately you can only interview the person on face value Nathan, but there is a likely reason Brent got to where he is, and hard work is most likely only part of the story. ps. I am not wealthy, so $2k really hurt us. Drop in the ocean for guys like this though. Very sad.


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