FP018: The Life of a Bulletproof Executive – Dave Asprey Shares GOLD on Bio-Hacking, Upgrading Yourself, Entrepreneurialism and Becoming The First Human to Sell Anything Using Ecommerce

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You’re tired and exhausted after a long day. You’ve been grinding hard and your mental activity is beginning to wander. Ever wonder why you are so tired?

In this exclusive interview Dave Asprey shares all his gold on bio hacking, ecommerce, productivity and innovation.

He has spent over hundreds of thousands of dollars hacking his biology, and he shares with us his lessons learnt so you can optimize and hack your human performance.


In this interview you will learn:

Craziest thing Dave has done in his experimentation

bio-hacking - how it all started

Super charging your body, upgrading your brain

Dave's life as an entrepreneur and how he got started - how he became a millionaire by the time he was 26 - first person to sell something online

smart drugs, and tools used

& much more!


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