FP009: Leading a Billion Dollar Company (SurveyMonkey) to Success – Entrepreneurship 101 with Dave Goldberg

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Obstacles, opportunities, and the ability to operate amid them: that’s the business of business. Dave Goldberg knows. He does it every day.

After post-college stints in management consulting and the music industry, Goldberg wanted to lead. He had one problem — his young age. But he turned that obstacle into an opportunity.

“I needed to try running something, and no one, at [my] age of 26, was going to let me run anything,” he says. “So I decided to start my own company.”

That company, LAUNCH Media, was such a success that Goldberg ultimately sold it to Yahoo. He went on to become the CEO of a small company called SurveyMonkey, which has grown in size and profit under his leadership. With more than 20 million users, the company is reportedly worth more than $1 billion. In his personal life, Goldberg has two kids and is married to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.


In this interview you will learn:

Leadership 101

A key secret that Dave applies to his startup and business life that has held him in very good stead

How to build a great team

Why the SurveyMonkey business model is so successful

What it takes for a startup to succeed

& much more!


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