Behind the Scenes of Foundr’s Very First Live Meetup!

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New York, New York, it’s a helluva town! And it was recently the venue for Foundr’s first (but not last) meetup with our team and community members.

Earlier this month, an amazing mix of people from Foundr’s community—including participants in Foundr Club, Instagram Domination by Foundr, and our own staff—came together in NYC for a rowdy celebration of entrepreneurship, hustle, and good times.

Nathan Chan took some time from his annual trip throughout the United States. I flew down myself from chilly Toronto. And Tate Williams, Foundr copy editor extraordinaire, came in from Boston.

This trio assembled an awesome group of founders and entrepreneurs from across our community, taking on businesses ranging from media, to graphic design, to naturopathic medicine. Over drinks at Black Door NYC, lots of great conversations took place about who we all are, our businesses, our aspirations, and life in general.

There was even a delightful guest appearance by Natalie MacNeil, entrepreneur, YouTube star, and subject of one of our past magazine cover features. Natalie graciously shared lots of great insights on building a media business and making engaging video content for the internet.

found meet up in NYC natalie macneil

It was an epic night, and the Foundr team was amazed by the unparalleled power of spending time together face to face. We have a pretty big social media presence and we connect through hundreds of electronic interactions per day—whether emails, Tweets, or Facebook likes and comments. Lots of great insight can be gleaned from all of these, but it’s nothing like being able to have a conversation with someone in person.

This one was such a hit, we are definitely going to organize more epic face-to-face meetups. It even got us toying with the idea of organizing a mega-conference for the greater Foundr community—stay tuned!

Perhaps we had a bit too much fun, because taking group photos sort of got sidelined. But here’s a couple of pics that we did manage to snap between stories and toasts:

found meet up in NYC nathan

found meet up in NYC assya nathan tate

Assya, Nathan, and Tate


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