Foundr Is Going To Print!

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Since Foundr launched more than three years ago as a digital magazine about entrepreneurship, we’ve grown into a full-fledged media company with a top-ranked podcast, a high performing blog, and even our very own private online community for entrepreneurs!

It’s been a wild ride, and through it all we’ve been lucky enough to connect with some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington, just to name a few. We’ve also watched with great pride as more than few of our community members have built their own highly successful businesses from the ground up, in part using tools and connections picked up via Foundr.

Now, after three years of being a purely digital company, we’re once again charging into brand new territory, embarking on something that everyone here at Team Foundr is very excited about. That something is Foundr’s first-ever physical book!

Introducing Foundr Version 1.0!


For the better part of a year, the Foundr team has been working tirelessly to distill what we’ve learned from world’s leading founders into one, ultimate guide on all things entrepreneurship. We pulled together all the gold we’ve collected from more than three years of interviewing business legends and inspiring up-and-comers, and organized it into an easy-to-use, gorgeously designed coffee table book.

So after years of delivering information entirely digitally, why did we decide to publish a book?

Well, one thing we’ve learned over these years is that, while there’s more information out there about starting a business than ever before, there is a ton of it. There’s just too much noise out there and it can be extremely difficult to know where to find the best information and what you can trust.

Foundr has always been devoted to finding that core knowledge, the most dependable resources and tools, and hand delivering it all right to our community. And while we believe we’ve done a consistent job of hitting that target, even the Foundr blog and magazine archives can be a lot to take in.

We thought, what if we could create a concise, well-organized handbook of sorts based on all that we’ve learned so far—we’re far from done after all, hence the V1.0 title—something useful and visually beautiful that our readers could keep handy on a nearby shelf to reference at any time, or casually browse when they need a little inspiration.

That’s how it all started, and it’s why we’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into creating this essential guide, exactly for people like you. We carefully curated and structured it to make sure it’s a book that can very easily translate into action. It’s a pragmatic, no-nonsense guidebook that gets straight to the point and is filled with practical advice for every type of entrepreneur out there.

What’s in a book?

Creating a book seemed like the perfectly logical next step for us as a brand.

But it was important to us that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right. That means the goal was to create something worth owning, saving, and sharing. We wanted to publish a one-of-a-kind, must-have product that anyone would be proud to have sitting on their shelf or table, in the office or at home. We wanted to create something that you could actually hold, something that represents our shared mission as a community of entrepreneurs.

While we are obviously very proud of all the digital goods we’ve cooked up so far, there’s just something different about having a book. While you can easily share one our articles or podcast episodes to a friend, what you don’t get out of that experience is that feeling of ownership over it.

We don’t want Foundr to be something that you just interact with through a screen. We want to give you something you can actually hold, show off, share with a friend—your own piece of what we’re building together.

What’s in it?

To put it simply, what you’ll get out of Foundr Version 1.0 is the best advice we’ve received from the very best entrepreneurs around!

If you’ve gotten value out of Foundr in the past, you’re definitely going to love this book. But if you’re still not convinced, here’s what you can expect:


Lessons for every stage of your entrepreneurial journey

Foundr Version 1.0 features 7 comprehensive chapters covering topics like starting a business, building a team, raising capital and more, as told to us by more than 30 game-changing entrepreneurs! This isn’t just a collection of interviews where you have to sift through each one to find the information you need. We’ve broken it down for you by the different stages of the entrepreneurial path, to save you time and make sure you get what you need fast, whenever you need it.


Actionable tips, strategies and advice from the best in the world

For the past three years Foundr Magazine has interviewed successful entrepreneurs who have disrupted every industry possible, from food to media to meditation! We’ve excerpted and highlighted key nuggets of advice that you can use as a reference, or to browse. Even someone casually flipping through can easily pluck choice words of wisdom from business legends.


In-Depth, Actionable Case Studies – No Fluff!

Find out why and how the best in the world got to where they are today. We take a look at not only multi-million-dollar companies, but companies that have changed the world as we know it, and put them under a magnifying glass, one by one. These case studies encapsulate how these industry leaders actually did it. We highlight for you that pivotal moment, that perfect step (or misstep) that made them what they are today.

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We need YOUR help?

Long story short, we want to get this book into your hands as quickly as possible!

But in order to do that we’re going to need your help.


In order to make the best book possible, we’re going to need some help, which is why we’re turning to Kickstarter and to the amazing community of entrepreneurs that we’ve built over the past three years.

The reason we’ve turned to Kickstarter is because we need help with the actual production and distribution costs that come with creating a physical product. While we’ve done everything we possibly can to make sure that this book is as great as it can be, from writing and polishing the manuscript to finalizing all the design and artwork, we need support to get this book into your hands.

Foundr wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our community, and this book is a testament to that. We want to have you be a part of this exciting new adventure we’re undertaking.




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