Connect With Anyone. Seriously, Anyone. Introducing Influencer Magnet, Foundr’s Latest Course

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At Foundr, we’ve built our entire business on being able to get in touch with, and interview, hard-to-reach people. If it wasn’t for the fact, as an unknown, we managed to land an interview with Richard Branson back in 2013, the Foundr story would have gone very differently than it did.

Being able to connect with people, no matter who they are, has been an essential part of Foundr’s growth. Not only to land interviews with major influencers, but also to help us set up partnership deals, learn from people more experienced than us, and build a huge network.

As a result, every day we receive at least one email where someone asks us, “How’d you manage to interview so and so entrepreneur?”

That’s why we’re very proud and excited to reveal our latest online course: Influencer Magnet!

Connect with Anyone thru the influencer magnet course

What’s Influencer Magnet all about?

“Your network is your net worth” – Porter Gale

Put simply, Influencer Magnet is the culmination of all our knowledge about finding, reaching, and connecting with hard-to-reach people.

While in the early days we relied on raw tenacity, over five years of trial and error we’ve created a system that works every single time. In fact, our newest team member was able to land our interview with Mark Cuban using this system and they’ve only been with us for a few months! It’s a methodology that we absolutely swear by.

Over the course of four modules, we break down our entire system for you, step-by-step. We cover how to find the right type of influencer to connect with, the various tactics we use to find their contact details, and we even give away the exact email templates and tools we use on a daily basis.

A lot of courses are taught by educators who have never achieved any real results. But not Influencer Magnet—we are living proof that this works and we guarantee that everyone can benefit from it. Just look at the magazine’s archives.

Foundr magazine archives.

But how do I know it’ll work for me?

Let me make this easy for you. If you’ve ever thought:

“I just wish that I’d be able to connect with X.”

Then Influencer Magnet is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a podcaster looking to interview someone, or you’re looking to get in touch with a high-profile investor, or even if you’re just looking to expand your network. No matter what your goal is, our system is designed to allow you to get in touch with anyone.

And before you go ahead and claim that we’re only able to get in touch with so many hard-to-reach people because we’re Foundr…

Let me remind you that we weren’t always the Foundr you know today. When we first started we had zero contacts, zero resources, and zero experience. But we still were able to land that interview with Richard Branson, and many more. You don’t need a huge brand, or a large audience in order for this to work, because we didn’t have that either when we first started!

What are you waiting for?

If you want the ability to connect with the influencers in your industry, then you’re going to want Influencer Magnet.

Don’t wait any longer!

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