At Long Last, Foundr Version 1.0 Is Now Open to The Public!

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A little over a year ago we came up with the crazy idea of printing our first ever print book.

The goal was simple: Create the ultimate guide on all things entrepreneurship, based on our hundreds of hours talking to some of the greatest founders in the world.

A book that would be at home in the offices of high-powered CEOs, and the bedside tables of aspiring entrepreneurs alike. We wanted to create something that would teach everything you would ever need to know about starting and building a successful business, providing value no matter who you are or what industry you’re in.

And let me tell you, we had no idea what were getting into! But today, I am very proud to say that we believe we’ve achieved that goal.

Foundr Version 1.0

Back in the beginning, we took to Kickstarter to see if anyone would be interested in such a book, and the answer was a resounding yes. Not only did we manage to reach our fundraising goal, but we blew way past it and raised over $200,000 in funds, which allowed us to produce this body of work and get it into the hands of entrepreneurs everywhere.

For several months, we put everything we had into making this book a reality. We distilled everything we’ve learned from some of the best in the world, and combined it with beautiful design and high-quality materials, to create this one-of-a-kind guide to all things entrepreneurship.

And after all of that meticulous preparation, and the fulfillment of our hit crowdfunding campaign, we’d like to officially invite you to join the hundreds of entrepreneurs out there benefiting from Foundr Version 1.0.

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Only the Best

One thing that we’re acutely aware of at Foundr is that there’s just so much noise out there in the world, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. You can ask 10 different people the best way to build a business, and you’ll get 10 different answers. The questions of who to trust, whether or not their advice is valuable, and what information can be considered reliable, is dizzying.

Trying to find the knowledge and information that’s actually relevant to you is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is why we’ve poured over every single interview we’ve ever done to find the most timeless, the most relevant, and the best lessons that each entrepreneur had to offer. We’ve done the hard work for you, separated the wheat from the chaff, and painstakingly made sure that every word printed within the pages of Foundr Version 1.0 is valuable to you and your business.

Want to learn how to come up with your best ideas ever? How about finding out what the likes Seth Godin and Steve Blank have to say about it.

Interested in taking your marketing to the next level? You’re in luck, because we’ve got exclusive tips and strategies from marketing gurus like Gretta Rose van Riel, Darren Rowse, Marie Forleo, and so many more.

What about how to find investors, or the best way to bootstrap a startup? Founders of multimillion-dollar companies like Indiegogo, Xero, and AOL, just to name a few, have you covered.

With seven comprehensive chapters covering every stage of building a successful business—like handling finances, building a team, and managing the entrepreneurial life—we’ve got everything covered in Foundr Version 1.0. Passing on this book is like passing on an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best in the world. That’s what we’re offering, and that’s what you’ll get.

Click Here To Get Your Copy of Foundr Version 1.0!

So What’s Next?

Your part is easy. To get a copy of Foundr Version 1.0 in your hands, all you need to do is click here:

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