78: Dominating Your Customer Acquisition Channel (SEO) with Raj Sheth

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No matter how you crunch the numbers, starting your own business is expensive.

In fact one of the first crossroads moments you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur, among many, is trying to figure where you’re going to get that funding. Do you self-invest and bootstrap it? Or do you start talking to investors?

Raj Sheth goes deep on that issue in our interview today, as he openly talks about how he and his co-founders funded their way to the top with Recruiterbox.

Nearly five years since its launch, Recruiterbox is used by more than 1,500 customers, with next-level businesses like Groupon, Couchsurfing, and Crunchbase praising the SaaS that Sheth has created.

In one of our most insightful interviews to date, Sheth talks about the lessons he’s learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey, from being the founder of two failed startups, to using SEO as a source of customer acquisition.

In this interview you will learn:

Bootstrapping 101: How to start a software business on a tight budget

The importance of having a well-rounded founding team

Do's and don'ts of building any kind of software product

Top strategies on how to utilise SEO with the right kind of content

What to do to get your name out there and have top-level influencers and companies use your platform

& much more!

  • Michael Balicha

    this was the first podcast i ever listened to and i listened all the way through. Raj you are the man and Nathan – thank you for providing this interview. Raj addressed essentially all major key factors i feel entrepreneurs must focus attention on. The insights on forecasting and scaling the business to then working it in reverse to determine the evaluation and understanding what is best fit for the growth of the business strategy and operations was just pure gold. The attention to detail when hiring the right fit aka problem solver and then identifying their key activities and “empathy” characteristics is 100% accurate in my experiences as founder of a b2b startup. I find what entrepreneurs need more nowadays including myself is some sort of affirmation that the critical thinking they endure and the critical decisions they face is simply part of the challenges and curve balls along the way. This alone is an anti-anxiety pill to swallow right off the bat. But we put ourselves in this situation because we love it! – and that was just awesome insight for Raj to include, love what you do because it will take years before it manifests. This is all my current state and what i am going through as a startup entrepreneur with 2 businesses. I am all for the support and helping one another up. Wishing my fellow entrepreneurs much success! #CollaborativeFuture

    • Agreed 100% as entrepreneurs it’s important for us to find our way! Raj certainly helped our community with that!

  • Jalal N Zaitouni

    You are great Nathan, thanks for this amazing interview. And big thanks to Raj for the valuable info.

    • Thanks for the kind words @jalalnzaitouni:disqus – Glad you enjoyed this one!


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