69: How to Launch Your Startup in 7 Days and Build a $1m Business with Dan Norris of WPCurve

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Building a startup is hard, from generating an idea, to developing an MVP, to launching a product, and eventually growing a business. It’s just really hard.

But what if I told you that it’s entirely possible to launch a startup in 7 days and build a profitable business almost instantaneously? Sounds crazy right?

Well tell that to Dan Norriss of WP Curve who went ahead and did just that.

After seven years of trying his hand at various business, it wasn’t until 2013 that Dan struck gold with WP Curve. A worldwide team of WordPress developers providing constant support for small business of every kind 24/7. Today he impressively manages a worldwide team and just started his craft beer brewery, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

He shares with us the lessons he’s learned through his career as a serial entrepreneur and as an award-winning content marketer. Teaching us everything from the importance of content marketing in today’s world of startups to managing a remote team and what it’s like to be in the modern tech industry.

In this interview you will learn:

How to start your own website from scratch

The importance of getting all the opportunities to get press release in launching your ideas

How to manage a huge remote team around the world using different online tools

What content marketing is and how to build and grow a business with it

Why you should be producing awesome evergreen content

& much more!

  • Bianca

    Hey there Nathan + Dan! This is timely — I just bought this service yesterday. It’s a fantastic idea. Listening to the podcast now. Thank you for all you do to contribute. xx

    • http://wpcurve.com/ Dan Norris

      Great to hear Bianca 🙂

      • Bianca

        Buying your book now. 🙂 Does it go much into writing content yourself vs hiring a few contributors? I’ve been writing my own content for 4 years, so my site has a very personal angle. But I feel like to really grow — I need content a few times per week. Something I can’t (don’t want to) sustain solo. I own a travel company.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      You’re most welcome @disqus_GieG8xpz1D:disqus – @thedannorris:disqus shared so much GOLD with us hey!

  • Eric Liang

    When I saw the title in the email, it reminded me of the book – The 7 Day Startup: You Don’t Learn Until You Launch. Then I realized Dan Norris’ name and bam! lol.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      BOOM! Hope you enjoyed the interview @disqus_5hegAvasFq:disqus

  • Meindert Van Der Veer

    Great interview, thank you for sharing. Definitely going to subscribe.

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      You’re most welcome @meindertvanderveer:disqus – You definetly should subscribe!

  • ThisGuy Notts

    nice interview Nathan, have been stuck on here listen to different podcasts. thanks

    • http://foundr.com/ Nathan Chan

      Thanks @thisguynotts:disqus – Hope your learning a ton my man and most importantly taking action on what you’re learning 😉

  • http://www.anthonyjerdine.org Anthony Jerdine

    Excellent interview Nathan, thank you for this share

  • Luiz Lemos

    Very good! Keep going!


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