62: The $100 Million Dollar Man, Chris Strode from Invoice2go

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All the most successful ideas in the world were when entrepreneurs realized that there was something about their current life that they wished could be done a little easier. The only difference between entrepreneurs and regular people though, is instead of just complaining, they go ahead and built it.

For founder Chris Strode it all began because he wanted make the lives of small business owners a little easier back in 2002. Today Invoice2go is one of the highest grossing business app on the market, and the number one invoicing app worldwide for small businesses.

In this interview you will learn:

Exactly what it takes to bootstrap your way to $100 Million

How to create a brilliant product by identifying a personal problem

The importance of finding, and defining, your perfect customer

How to grow a business as a one-man startup

The key to persevering when the odds seem stacked against you

& much more!

  • Omar

    Duuude, I am impressed on what you do as foundr. Also very pleased you do these interviews. I recently joined your email list and I will be tuning into your stuff more often and as much as I can. Thank you Nathan. And thank you Chris for that great interview. Good stuff!

    • Thanks Omar, you’re far too kind! At foundr we’re here to help and serve entrepreneurs however we can!

  • Dennis Wat

    Great Interview! Really helpful and inspirational. Thanks both of you!

    • Thanks @denniswat:disqus – Was a great one for sure!!

  • Joe Minock

    My first listen… Wont be the last. Really appreciate the conversation. No bs, all value.

    • Glad you enjoyed it @adrenalinejoe:disqus – NO bs and all value is the only way 😉


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