59: How to Create an EPIC Physical Product (PAX) which is sold over 500,000+ times with James Monsees

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PAX Labs is changing the way we look at smoking. The beautiful elegance of the product is restoring luxury to the vaping world. But, developing a product that essentially sold itself for the first two years required an innovative approach to need finding.

In this interview you will learn:

What goes into developing a product so innovative that it is its own category

The T-Shaped principle when it comes to building an effective and harmonious team

How to use personal experience to develop a product that achieves immediate market response

Secrets in finding that sweet spot between the product and market to achieve epic growth

The ``lights out`` approach to mass-producing with affordability, scalability, and expertise

& much more!

  • Aurorah

    Gosh! The opening answer to your question did it for me! WILL! Ultimately it has to be your WILL that causes your success. Thanks once again Nathan for such a powerful and awesome interview!

    • You’re most welcome @disqus_cCkJEoC09B:disqus – WILL is EVERYTHING hey! Glad you enjoyed this one 🙂

  • Dawn Davis-Lawrence

    Love what you do Nathan! It’s so important; by way of encouragement and information to narrate the entrepreneurs journey which led to success. Great interview, loved!!

    • Thank you so much @dawndavislawrence:disqus – Agreed 100%! It’s all about telling the story, but going deep and providing actionable and tactical based advice 🙂


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